7 Best QR Code Scanning Apps For Android or iOS

7 Best QR Code Scanning Apps For Android or iOS

Isn’t it 2020 the year of QR Codes? Lately, QR Code Scanners are widely adopted by various customers and businesses. These Barcode Scanners are used for making payments, reveal product-related information, utilize discounts/rewards and share info.

Today almost all latest devices with Android 9 and iOS 13 have built-in advanced QR code scanners, so usually third-party apps are  not required.

However, if you don’t have latest smartphones, or want to try dedicated third-party utilities to scan QR code on Android or iOS,  you can try using  the below mentioned Best QR Code Scanning Apps for Android & iPhone.

Top 7 Best QR Scanner Apps

All the listed QR Code Scanners are free to use & have great user ratings. So, you can undoubtedly rely on any of them.

QR Code Scanning App Available on Average Rating Price
NeoReader Barcode Scanner App Store and Google Playstore 4.1 Free
Kaspersky’s QR Code Reader and Scanner App Store and Google Playstore 4.5 Free
Bar-code reader App Store and Google Playstore 4 Free
QuickMark barcode scanner App Store 3.9 Free
QR Code Reader by Scan App Store and Google Playstore 4.4 Free
QR Droid Private and QR Droid Google Playstore 4.5 and 4.3 Free
QR & Barcode Scanner- Gamma play Google Playstore 4.5 Free

1. NeoReader Barcode Scanner

NeoReader is a universal QR code reader and scanner, which works excellently to scan all type of barcodes like QR codes, Data Matrix, UPC, EAN, PDF 417 and Code 128. It is one of the top players among all “Best QR Code Scanner apps for iPhone and Android” in the market.


  • Easy detection
  • Create your own QR codes
  • Easy sharing options
  • Maintains a detailed history
  • Uses both front and back camera
  • Easy to use QR Scanner

NeoReader Barcode Scanner

2. Kaspersky’s QR Code reader and scanner

Kaspersky is famous for its security features which ranges from Internet threats, anti-virus, and office security solutions. It is an international product that aims to make QR codes safe for smartphone applications.


  • Ensures safety checks
  • Prevents malicious content
  • Keeps a history
  • Automatically saves the data
  • Rated as one of the Best QR Code Scanner Application for both Android & iPhone

Kaspersky’s QR Code reader and scanner

Download for Android 

Download for iOS

3. Bar-Code reader

Bar-Code Reader is another excellent QR Code scanning app which is easy to use for both professional and personal purposes.


  • Easy sharing of the scanned codes
  • Supports copy/paste feature
  • Best for both professional & personal uses
  • Oblique positioning can result in unsuccessful scans. Try to align the camera right

Bar-Code reader

Download for Android 

4. QuickMark Barcode scanner

QuickMark Barcode scanner is a free and average rated as 3.9 stars on  both Play Store and App Store. The product aims at improving local searches. It supports multiple formats such as QR Code, Data Matrix, Quick Code, Data Matrix, Code30 and many more.


  • Easy access to weblinks
  • Users can make calls, send emails, add contacts and navigate locations
  • Reduces the number of clicks
  • Also scans from images

QuickMark Barcode scanner

Download for iOS

5. QR code reader by Scan

QR Code is a great QR Scanner that works effectively to point &shoot to scan the codes easily. It is one of the most famous & useful applications for scanning QR Codes. The app has +50 million downloads.


  • Lite app
  • Free QR Scanning Apps with a few  ads
  • Can scan traditional barcodes
  • Easy to use
  • Supports both front and back cameras

QR Code reader by scan

6. QR Droid Private and QR Droid

These apps are developed by DrodidLa developers. The only difference among both of these applications is the “number of permissions” required to use the QR Code Scanner App.


  • Create QR codes for sharing contacts
  • Organized and easy to access
  • Keeps the detailed history
  • Comes with a QR Droid widget for instant on-screen access

QR Droid Private and QR Droid

7. QR & Barcode Scanner – Gamma Play

QR & Barcode Scanner by Gamma play is a “point-to-shoot” scanner that instantly decodes the QR Code in a single tap.


  • Efficient at scanning
  • Provides history
  • Automatically identifies actions

QR & Barcode Scanner - Gamma Play

While deciding to choose the Best QR Code Scanning app for your Android or iOS smartphone, we suggest you check two simple yet important things: speed and readability.

Hope this information helps and provides insight to make the ideal choice while looking for “Best QR Code Scanning Apps for Android or iOS.”

Leave us a comment below and let us know which one your favorite app is to scan QR codes.

Thanks for reading!

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