Why You Should Choose An Antivirus For Android

Why You Should Choose An Antivirus For Android

Whether or not you need an Antivirus for Android phone has been a matter of debate for quite some time now. While many bluntly deny having one for their phones, there are several others who like to play it safe and don’t mind spending some memory or even money on an Antivirus for Android phone.

Antivirus for Android
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There are countless questions that come to one’s mind when it comes to Antivirus especially for Android. Is it safe? Will it make my smartphone slow? Will it delete important files from my smartphone? Followed by several other questions.

Do We or Don’t We Need an Antivirus for Android?

Let’s try to have holistic purview of whether you should have an Antivirus for Android phone or not.

One of the reasons why you would probably oppose to have an Antivirus for Android phone is that it might take up significant space on your phone or it might just blacklist or whitelist to flag apps without pondering much on their source code. You might even be scared that the Antivirus per se would be able to intrude your phone.

It quite possibly could happen but with Anti-Malware apps like Systweak Anti-Malware, you get what you ask for, complete protection with no strings attached.

Systweak Anti Malware - Antivirus for Android


Here are some of the features of this user-friendly app-

  • It updates its databases continuously

Which means criteria for an app to get through your phone (even if it’s from Google Play Store) is stringent. Its database is continuously updated, it thereby is able to identify and remove the latest threats.

  • It conducts an in-depth and quick scan

Systweak Anti Malware automatically Detects Malware


The app quickly scans your phone in and out for any impending malware and other dangerous applications and blocks them instantly. Not just the external memory but it even checks your SD card and internal memory as well.

  • Prudent protection

If the app you are installing is harmful, Systweak Anti-Malware will warn you instantly. It even makes you aware of all the applications on your phone that can cost you.

  • You can whitelist trusted apps

You have the option to manually whitelist all those apps that you think have been installed from trusted sources.


Likewise, there are several Antivirus for Android can help you get rid of Malware in no time at all.


Situations When You Might Certainly Need Antivirus For Android Phone

  • If you have decided to root your phone for more control. You must know that with more independence that rooting provides you, you expose your phone to countless threats. That is when you would most certainly thank an Antivirus app for saving your phone from any malware.


  • While Google Play Store maybe your one-stop shop for installing apps, you might once in a while choose to download APK files from other non-Google verified websites too. Also, hackers keep on developing malicious apps that might even pass through Google Play Store or that might deceive you into believing that the app is genuine. This is where the need for antivirus for Android


Here are a few ways you can avoid downloading fake apps.

  • If you use your phone for storing a lot of confidential official data, if your phone is a storehouse of your passwords, banking accounts and other financial details, it definitely makes sense to have anti-virus.


What Should You Do To Stop Virus From Touching Your Android?

  • Download all security updates and patches

Android prompts you to update apps and download patched time and again. You should not ignore them and perform a pending update.


  • See to it that you are installing apps from a reliable source only

The source of an app is as important as the app itself. An app from a suspicious source would for sure bring virus, malware and spyware. As a first step, you should make it a point to install apps from trusted sources only.

Additionally, you should also make it a point to check for what permissions an app is asking from you.


  • Google Play Protect Should Be Kept On:

This is an inbuilt protection system provided by Google. Through Google Play Protect google scans the apps before you install them from the Play Store. For turning it on follow the path mentioned below –

Settings > Security > Play Protect


  • Avoid Visiting Malicious Websites

If you are seeing suspicious pops, malvertising, unusual links or what not on a website or if you are apprehensive about visiting a website or getting hints that a website is dubious, it’s better not to visit that website at all.

Moreover, refrain from furnishing any details that reveal your identity. While you can consciously choose not to reveal your identity, your personal information stays on internet browsers, emails, cookies and registries.


Also, there are websites that keep track of your browsing behavior and data without you even knowing it. If that scares you, here’s how you can delete your personal data from the internet.

Now since you have read the blog and know that despite being careful, apps and software in your phone can still invite viruses and malware, you may at your disposal, choose to have or not to have an Antivirus for Android phone.

How important do you think antivirus applications are for your Android smartphone? Do you have better ways of protecting your phone? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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