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Aayushi Kapoor

Aayushi is a Technical Content writer at Tweak Library. Aayushi's world revolves around technical documentation, electronic media, and softwares. She likes to make an asyncrhronous connect with her readers. Her mantra for living life is "What you seek is seeking you". Apart from tech world, she loves cooking and listening music.

best clone apps

Best Cloning Apps For Multiple Accounts (Android/iOS)

With clone apps, we can add multiple accounts to your Android or iOS phones. In this blog, we have highlighted the best cloning apps for multiple accounts for...

Top Face Recognition App For iOS and Android

Top Face Recognition Apps For iOS and Android

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Best Poster Making Apps for Android

10 Best Poster Making Apps for Android

With the advancements in technology, we know that visuals are more powerful than words. Visuals give power to emotion and ideas which last longer and leaves a great...

Best QR Code Scanning Apps for Android or iOS

Best QR Code Scanning Apps For Android or iOS

Isn’t it 2020 the year of QR Codes? Lately, QR Code Scanners are widely adopted by various customers and businesses. These Barcode Scanners are used for making payments,...


How to Share Wi-Fi Password from iPhone to Mac

Do you also face issues while sharing Wi-Fi password from Mac to iPhone or vice versa? This recently introduced feature saves the time which is consumed in typing...


Best Alexa Skills for your Amazon Echo Speaker

Did you know that Amazon Echo Speaker offers more than 100,000 skills? To get most of the Alexa abilities, install Alexa App in your phone and connect with...