A Quick Detailed Comparison of Movavi Vs. Filmora

A Quick Detailed Comparison of Movavi Vs. Filmora

Whenever we ask someone about the best video editors, Movavi and Filmora always top the list because they are quite good for beginners and professionals as well. When I compared the prices both were reasonably priced and offer a free version as well. However, when someone asked me which one is the best among Movavi and Filmora. I got confused and the only solution was to compare each one based on their different characteristics. This blog covers a detailed comparison of Movavi vs. Filmora for video editing. So, let’s get started.

Quick Details: Movavi vs Filmora

Download Filmora Video Editor

Download Movavi Video Editor 

1. Ease of Use

Movavi and Filmora
Source: Movavi

Movavi and Filmora are both considered best for editing videos especially for beginners. However, if you ask me which one I picked per ease of use, it would be Movavi here. The reason being, Filmora is more designed by professional editors, to use it one should know all advanced tools.

Herein, Movavi is easy to use with all preset effects. The interface is simply designed and effective for a first-time editor or beginner like me. Moreover, the layout is pretty understandable. Some best tools in Movavi are clip trimming, transitions for applying transitions, effects for applying graphics, and videos for both video and audio.

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2. Preset Effects

Preset Effects
Source: Wondershare: Filmora

Based on the customer reviews, I have concluded that Filmora has better-preset effects when compared with Movavi. Movavi also has preset videos that enable you to edit your videos with transparency in the background. However, Filmora offers preset effects in an enormous way that significantly helps to improve your videos.

There are over 245 preset effects in Filmora’s interface. What I loved the most is that they also have third-party preset effects which are easily downloadable like Filmstock, Videohive, and Elemental. Hence, the winner of preset effects has to be Filmora.

3. Usage

Source: Movavi
Usage 2
Source: Wondershare: Filmora

There are a lot of tools in Movavi that are available in a straightforward manner which is great for beginners. Movavi gives you access to color-adjusting, cropping, zooming, animating, concealing, and whatnot. The best part I loved about Movavi is that they have editing tools like Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

Talking about Filmora, it also has a user-friendly blend of editing tools for beginners and professionals as well. The quality of Filmora is equivalent to Movavi. Filmora has a stabilization tool that offers better editing ideas to the beginner. All these advanced tools and better quality video editing shows that it’s a tie between Movavi and Filmora in this section.

4. Titles/Text

Title and Text
Source: Movavi

Filmora and Movavi have a lot of preset titles. Filmora allows us to create titles with various editing tools like leading, color, size, font, and spacing. Overall, they make your videos more fun and exciting.

Meanwhile, Movavi also comes with customizable texting effects that help you to set your title more excitingly. If you wish to do something unique with the titles of your video then you must opt for Movavi. However, when I compared both video editing tools, Filmora offered more exciting tools and fonts. So, the winner is Filmora.

5. Pricing

Filmora – $39.99/year

Movavi – $79.99/year

Both editing tools are placed in different packages. talking about the features of Movavi, packages begin from $39.95 with 6 layers of audio and video. For $59.95, you get access to 99 layers which are better than the above package. The most professional package is priced at $99.95.

Meanwhile, Filmora is priced at $59.99 for basic editing. It also offers you splitting monthly payments for $7.99. It also allows you to use the subscription on multiple computers. Overall, Movavi is the winner of the pricing category as it has more packages according to the editing tools which is far better than Filmora’s pricing.

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6. Workflow

Source: Movavi

Talking about Movavi, it has three primary interfaces wherein you can stabilize, trim rotate and edit the videos easily. It also enables you to export videos from the video-editing interface.

Meanwhile, Filmora’s workflow is customizable which is easy for beginners. You can also visit the Wondershare website to learn extensive tutorials on video editing through Filmora. Overall, it is easily available and accessible. For me, Movavi is the winner here as it is suitable for beginners and professionals as well.

Final Thoughts

Movavi and Filmora are both the best video editing software wherein Filmora is more specifically designed for professionals. Meanwhile, Movavi can be used by beginners and professionals both due to its beginner-friendly interface and tools.

Overall, I recommend Movavi as the better video editing software due to its ease of use, workflow, and usability. If you’re a beginner, then you must opt for Movavi.

I hope this blog helps you to understand the detailed comparison between Movavi vs Filmora. For more such tech content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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