Movavi Video Editor Plus Review – Is it worth your Money?

Movavi Video Editor Plus Review – Is it worth your Money?

Movavi Video Editor always had the potential to be a great Video Editor for Professionals, but it has recently been able to get rid of most of its irregularities and inconsistencies to make it a near perfect Video Editor for Professionals.

While on the upside, the software was always easy to learn and use thanks to its intuitive interface, the software lacked precision. But as of now, the Software is an absolute charm for New and learning video editors while also being a great option for professionals.

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Movavi Video Editor In-Detail Review

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  • Importing the Video – Movavi Video Editor Review:
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Movavi is a popular name when it comes to Software. Movavi has its fingers stuck in so many different types of software, it is harder to define it as anything else but a Software Company.

Movavi Video Editor Plus is another software for, as the name implies, Video Editing. Movavi Video Editor Plus is available for both Windows and MacOS. Though Movavi Video Editor Plus is fairly popular, it isn’t all gold here. While Movavi Video Editor’s features and interface seems highly promising, a few irregularities that come across while actually using the editor can kill the experience for a few people. Moving ahead, we will be explaining all the great features and annoying irregularities in detail to help you make a wise decision.

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Movavi Video Editor

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Movavi Pros and Cons:


Extremely Easy-to-use Interface

Comes Feature Packed

Has recently fixed a lot of minor irregularities

Permanent License

7-Day Free Trial


Minor Inconsistencies

Importing the Video – Movavi Video Editor Review:

To begin editing the video, you will first need to import the videos to the application. So, let’s begin with that. Importing Videos, like any other Video Editor, is like a breeze. You can simply import clips or images into the app by clicking on File Import.

In the earlier versions of Movavi Video Editor, all the videos were automatically arranged on the timeline instead of first giving a preview of how the files are going to be arranged. But Movavi has successfully fixed the problem as you now can preview and rearrange the order of clips in the Media Bin.

Edit videos

Users, earlier, were facing this problem with importing videos from Camcorders. But in my testing of the most recent update, the problem seems to have been resolved because I was able to easily import videos of various formats.

Hence, the experience of Importing Clips and Images to the software is great and I could hardly pin-point any error or shortcoming.

Movavi video effect

Editing the Video:

The most important part of any video editor, the editing features and ease-of-use. Movavi Video Editor has got all the features that you would require for video editing. From pre-equipped Effects and filters to a dedicated store to let you purchase a wide variety of them, Movavi has got it all.

You can create awesome virtual backgrounds for your videos, create social media friendly vertical videos, electronically stabilize the clips, Picture in Picture mode, Built-in Voice Over recorder, and much more. So, Movavi Video Editor is absolutely not lacking on the feature front.

Movavi takes extreme pride in showcasing the Video Editor as one of the most intuitive video editors available in the market. In my experience too, I found Movavi Video Editor to be far more usable in the first-go than any other professional video editor which required a lot more time and effort to master.

Video Editor

On the downside though, Frame by frame editing is a bit inconsistent. Every time you skip a frame and come back, the frame doesn’t look the same and this hinders precision. However, Movavi Video Editor lets you select frames by 1/100th of a Second and hence, a bit of up and down can’t bother even the most professional of Video Editors.

Hence, on the Video Editing front too, the software doesn’t fail to impress us.


Pricing has always been a subjective topic. On the upside, Movavi Video Editor plus has got a trial version available which you can use for 7-days before you make a decision. The 7-day trial gives a fair idea of how good the software is and should you invest in it.

Movavi Video Editor Plus has got two different versions – Subscription and Life-Time Purchase. The pricing for Movavi Video Editor Plus begins at $28.40.

Final Verdict:

Movavi Video Editor Plus is a great Video Editing tool with lots and lots of features by a well-known company. While the intuitive interface can be beneficial for all the newbies, it doesn’t lack any feature that a professional would require.

As I said earlier, it isn’t all gold here. There are few irregularities that have been identified by the users in past. However, if you aren’t from the rare group of people wanting to spend hundreds of dollars every year just to ignore little subtle inconsistencies, you will be absolutely fine with Movavi Video Editor Plus.

So, with this, I conclude this Movavi Video Editor Review. I hope you found the information helpful. If you have any query, do let us know in the comment section below. Keep Visiting Tweak Library for more such Tech-Related Reviews and guides.

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