Best Video Editors for Chromebook

Best Video Editors for Chromebook

Chromebooks are like web browsers that can do various similar tasks as macOS and Windows. Surprisingly, video editing too! Well, there are many video editing tools for Chromebook. But, the question is which one’s the best video editors for Chromebook.

In this blog, I have hand-picked top 8 best video editors for Chromebook to clear the confusion you might experience while choosing the best video editor for your Chromebook.

Best Video Editor For Your Chromebook

1.   Google Photos

Google Photos

If you are looking for a simple video editor for Chromebook then Google Photos is one of the best. In case, you don’t want a whole set of the editing suite. Google Photos has cutting and video stabilization features. Furthermore, you can also edit the saved version in a portrait or landscape mode.

Google photos are also available on the Web; it means you can easily edit videos.

Download Google Photos

2.   KineMaster


KineMaster is one of the other best video editing apps from Android to Chrome OS. If you are looking for a professional best video editing suite, KineMaster is for you. The app has frame trimming, multi-layer videos, brightness, hue, audio filters, color LUT filters, royalty-free music, 3D transitions, and saturation controls.

Additionally, the free version of KineMaster is also available. The premium paid version of KineMaster has a vast variety of overlays, visual effects, music, and more.

Download KineMaster

3.    YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is one of the famous video editing tools. For editing videos through YouTube Studio, you don’t require to download the extension or any other Android app. The app is quite basic. The app has basic features like cutting, trimming, blurring, and others.

To use YouTube Studio, you will require a Google Account.

To Visit YouTube Studio

4.    WeVideo


WeVideo is also one of the most popular apps in video editing. WeVideo has its official app in the Chrome Store which makes it one of the best video editors for Chromebook. WeVideo is easy to use and designed for beginner’s level too. WeVideo has a whole variety of sound effects, video effects, and transitions that are free to use. The only downside of WeVideo is the watermark presence. In case, you opt to have premium services, the watermark can be removed.

Download WeVideo

5.   PowerDirector


If your Chromebook supports apps from Google Play Store, a strong suggestion is to download PowerDirector as it is one of the popular and best video editing tools for Chromebook.

Desktop edition is also available. The special feature of PowerDirector is the slow-motion and voiceovers. PowerDirector is free but to use all the features, you will need to pay.

Download PowerDirector

6.   OpenShot


OpenShot is also one of the famous apps if you’re a Linux user. The features of OpenShot are scaling, resizing, trimming, snapping, cutting, adding watermarks and more.

OpenShot is free to use and supports various audio and video codecs, which includes AVCHD (libx264), WebM (VP9), AAC, LAME, and HEVC (libx265).

Download OpenShot

7.   Magisto


Magisto is the only app that is featured in Editor’s Choice multiple times. If your Chromebooks support Android Apps, you should go for Magisto. The app is designed for those who want to stay connected on social media and don’t have more skills in video editing.

Easy sharing is available on Magisto and it’s free but some features are paid.

Download Magisto

8.  VivaVideo


VivaVideo is available on Google Play Store; the app is pretty good for professional users. But, if you are a beginner, it is easy to use. Other than normal video editing app features, VivaVideo has to merge and splitting tools, transition tools, change the speed and reverse playback tool.

VivaVideo is free but has some in-app purchase features.

Download VivaVideo

I hope this blog was helpful enough to choose among the best video editors for Chromebook. We would love to hear from you. Comment down and let us know about your favorite video editor for Chromebook.

Thanks for reading.


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