How To Install & Open APK Files On iPhone | Get Your Favorite Apps

What is an APK file & how to run it on your iOS device?

How To Install & Open APK Files On iPhone | Get Your Favorite Apps

For the iPhone, we usually get our apps from the App Store. But what if you find a cool app that’s not there? Well, that’s when things get interesting. That’s why users may seek to sideload applications from sources outside the official marketplace. Fortunately, APK files provide a viable solution to this problem, allowing users to access and utilize applications that fall beyond the scope of the App Store.

In this guide, we will discuss the step-by-step process of downloading and installing APK files on iOS, when users encounter limitations within the official app marketplace. So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

What Is An APK File?

APK aka Android Package is a widely popular file format used by Android operating systems. These files are exclusively used to install applications and games on Android devices only.

Can You Download APK Files On iPhone?

Well, technically speaking APK files cannot be used on iOS devices and there are a couple of reasons for the same. Firstly, iOS is a closed platform (this means, Apple has entire control over both the software and hardware). Secondly, APKs are programmed in different languages that Apple devices don’t support. Thirdly, these types of file formats require a variant of a ‘Java type’ run process which Apple products aren’t compatible with.

However, with a few hacks, you can install and run APK files.

Is It Safe To Install APK On iOS?

Generally, APKs aren’t subjected to the same security protocols as those apps that are available on the Google Play Store. They might contain malware or viruses.

But if you are keen to install an APK file on an iPhone, you can either choose to jailbreak your phone or look for the iOS equivalent (IPA) of that APK file.

How To Install & Launch APK on iOS?

So, without any further ado, let’s look at some of the best approaches to using an APK on an iPhone.

METHOD 1 = Download The APK

Before following any of the steps mentioned below, download the iOSAPK or equivalent app on your iPhone. Next, follow the steps mentioned below –

(a) Prerequisite Tweaks

Ensure you are running the latest iOS version on your iPhone, if not update it.Then, make the following tweaks to your iOS device –

Step 1 = Go to Settings > Battery

Go to Settings

Step 2 = Ensure that the Low Power Mode is turned off. Also, ensure that your device has an adequate battery.

Low Power Mode

Step 3 = Go back to the Settings and tap on General > Background App Refresh and again, tap on the option of the same name.

Background App Refresh

Step 4 = Select either Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi & Cellular Data.

Step 5 = Head back to General and tap on About. Check the iOS version (You should have a minimum of iOS 11, if not update your iOS device)

Step 6 = Go back to the main Settings, and scroll down to Safari.

Step 7 = Tap on Advanced and ensure that JavaScript is enabled. This step will ensure that you can download apps from any place without any issues.

(b) Download the APK of The App

Step 1 = Open your web browser. In most cases, it should be Safari but, you can choose other browsers of your choice like Google Chrome, Opera, etc.

Step 2 = Go to

Step 3 = Search for the app that you want to install on your device in the search bar.

Step 4 = Download and install the app by tapping on the down arrow button. Wait for the process to complete.

Step 5 = Complete the additional plug-in files task to finish installing your app.

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METHOD 2 = Use An Android Emulator To Install APK on iOS

Android emulation tools are powerful utilities that are used to convert any device into an Android Operating System. This way, you can have your iPhone behave like an Android and install those APKs. But before proceeding, you need to fulfill the following system requirements to run an emulator:

  • Your iOS device must have a 64-bit processor
  • An updated SDK Manager
  • A pre-installed Cydia

Once you complete these perquisites, the next step is to choose a good Android emulator that can transform your iOS into Android. Some popular choices are:  i Android and BlueStacks Android Emulators. Now, you can follow the step-by-step instructions to run the emulator:

STEP 1 = Launch the Cydia app and hit the “Manage” option.

STEP 2 = You will see the following options – Package, Sources and Storage. Tap on the Source button!

STEP 3 = All the sources of Cydia will be shown on the screen. You need to find


STEP 4 = At this step, you need to add this source to your iOS device.

STEP 5 = This will appear on your phone as other applications. You need to open it and look for iAndroid.

STEP 6 = That’s it! Install the iAndroid app and enjoy your new operating system by replacing the iOS.

Now you can download the APK files on your iOS just like you do it on your Android device.

METHOD 3 = Perform Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking your iOS will simply modify the file system of your device. This way you will be able to install custom applications on your device without any hassle. But it is important to note that jailbreaking your device will forfeit the warranty and extended warranty or care package you have purchased. There are a couple of disadvantages of jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad. Hence, proceed at your own risk!

How Do I Open an APK File on My iPhone?

Under normal circumstances, it is not possible to open an APK file on an iOS device. However, as can be seen from the post above, there are several workarounds in which you can install APK files in a format suitable for your iOS device. Once you have installed the app, you can open it just the way you would open other apps on your iOS device.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, downloading and installing APK files on an iOS device can be a cumbersome process, but it is not impossible. By following the instructions provided in this article, you can easily get this task done and unlock the full potential of your device. Just remember, that installing APK files from different unknown sources may pose a security threat. Hence, it is recommended to only download files from trusted platforms or the official App Store. With the right tools and techniques, you can explore a wide range of apps and games on your iOS device and take your user experience to the next level. 

Do let us know if you know some other technique to download apps on iPhone. 

Happy exploring!

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