10 Best Unblocked Browsers To Open Blocked Sites (Free & Secure)

Unlocking Online Freedom: Your Guide to Best Unblock Website Browsers!

10 Best Unblocked Browsers To Open Blocked Sites (Free & Secure)
Blog Summary: The blog is about the best unblocked browsers for accessing blocked sites in 2024. The article further explains why some websites are blocked and how unblocked browsers can bypass these restrictions using their built-in proxy servers or VPN features. UR Browser stands out in the category and is known for its fast VPN servers that allow accessing blocked sites from 50+ locations. Keep reading to find the most suitable option! 

Have you ever tried to visit a website only to find out that it is blocked by your internet provider, government, or workplace? If yes, then you know how frustrating and annoying it can be. You may wonder why some websites are blocked and how you can bypass these restrictions and access any website you want.

Why Websites Get Blocked?

  • Censorship: Governments and organizations restrict websites with content they deem inappropriate. Critical views on policies or dissenting opinions often lead to social media, news, and streaming platforms being blocked.
  • Geo-restrictions: Licensing agreements, legal matters, and business strategies lead some websites to offer content exclusively to specific regions. So, you might not be able to access and view the contents of these respective websites.
  • Security: Malware, phishing, and cyber threats prompt Internet providers and network administrators to block specific sites to safeguard users from potential harm.

Blocked sites hinder your access to information, entertainment, and services. However, there’s a solution – unblocked browsers.

What is an Unblocked Browser and How Does It Work?

Unblocked browsers are your passport to restricted websites. They work by utilizing proxy servers, acting as intermediaries between your device and the blocked site. This swaps your IP address for another one, tricking the site into thinking you’re accessing it from an unblocked region. Moreover, unblocked browsers encrypt your data, securing your online activity.

Numerous unblocked browsers cater to different platforms. Some are free, while others require payment. To simplify your choice, here are the top 8 unblocked browsers for accessing blocked sites in 2024.

Top 10 Browsers To Open Blocked Websites Without VPN

Curious about how to open blocked websites using a proxy browser unblocker? Keep reading!

List of Contents

  • 1. UR Browser
  • 2. Opera One
  • 3. Tor Browser
  • 4. Proxyboost.Net
  • 5. Google Chrome
  • 6. Microsoft Chromium Edge
  • 7. Aloha Browser
  • 8. Blue Proxy: proxy browser VPN
  • 9. Ultrasrurf
  • 10. Puffin Browser
  • Wrap-Up: Picking the Right Unblocked Browser (2024)

1. UR Browser

UR Browser is among the best unblocked browsers for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. It’s fast, secure, and user-friendly. With its built-in VPN feature, you can choose from over 50 global locations to unblock almost any website. It also offers customization options like themes, icons, wallpapers, and extensions. ur-browser

Key Highlights:

– Fast, secure, and customizable web browser.

– Built-in VPN for accessing blocked sites from 50+ locations.

– Virus scanner to protect from malware.

– Customization with themes, icons, wallpapers, and extensions.

– Privacy features: blocks cookies, trackers, and ads.

– Curated news, videos, games, and music on the homepage.

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2. Opera One

Opera One is an excellent unblocked browser for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Powered by AI, it enhances your browsing experience. It comes with an integrated VPN for accessing blocked sites from different regions, an ad-blocker, and a sidebar player for music and video streaming. You can also save and share content with its pinboards.


Key Highlights:

– AI-powered browser for enhanced browsing.

– Integrated VPN for global access to blocked sites.

– Ad-blocker to eliminate annoying ads and trackers.

– Sidebar player for streaming music and videos.

– Pinboards for organized content collection.

– AI assistant for recommendations based on history.

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3. Tor Browser

Tor Browser, trusted and widely used, is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. It prioritizes privacy and anonymity. It uses the Tor network, routing your traffic through multiple layers of encryption, making tracking nearly impossible. You can even access the dark web.


Key Highlights:

– Privacy-focused browser using the Tor network.

– Access dark web and uncensored sites.

– Strong security with encryption and obfuscation.

– Traffic routed through volunteer servers for anonymity.

– Circuits feature to control traffic paths.

– NoScript for script control on websites.

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4. Proxyboost.Net

Proxyboost.Net is a web-based unblocked browser that you consider using in 2024. Simply enter the URL you want to visit, and it fetches the site through different proxy servers, all without installing any software. Your data is encrypted for privacy, and you can select proxy servers from various countries.


Key Highlights:

– Web-based browser for accessing blocked sites.

– Use URL search box to fetch and display websites.

– Choose from proxy servers in various countries.

– Encryption for privacy and security.

– Ad-blocker to enhance browsing.

– Supports SSL websites with HTTPS.

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5. Google Chrome

Google Chrome, popular on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, can serve as an unblocked browser through extensions. These small add-ons provide extra functions. You’ll find various extensions like VPNs, proxies, and unblockers in the Chrome Web Store. chrome

Key Highlights:

– Google’s browser with autofill for forms.

– Sync across devices for bookmarks, history, etc.

– Extensions from Chrome Web Store for added features.

– Translate web pages with one click.

– Incognito mode for private browsing.

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6. Microsoft Chromium Edge

Microsoft Chromium Edge, available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, offers speed, security, and compatibility. Built on the Chromium engine, it includes a VPN for accessing blocked content and an ad-blocker. Their collections feature helps organize and share web content as well. Interesting, right?


Key Highlights:

– Improved Edge based on Chromium engine.

– Built-in VPN for region-restricted access.

– Ad-blocker to remove unwanted ads and trackers.

– Collections for easy content organization.

– Immersive reader for distraction-free reading.

– Vertical tabs for efficient tab management.

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7. Aloha Browser

Aloha Browser, unique to iOS and Android, is a private, secure browser that doubles as a file manager and media player. Its built-in VPN unblocks blocked sites, and its ad-blocker enhances browsing. Play music and videos from various sources and manage downloaded files.


Key Highlights:

– Private and secure browser for iOS and Android.

– Built-in VPN for accessing blocked content.

– Ad-blocker to remove intrusive ads.

– Media player for music and videos.

– File manager for secure downloads and sharing.

– VR player for immersive VR videos.

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8. Blue Proxy: proxy browser VPN

For Android users, Blue Proxy: proxy browser VPN is a simple web-based unblocked browser. It hides your IP, encrypts data, and blocks ads, providing enhanced security and a better browsing experience. Just enter the URL you want to visit and tap “Go”, you will be redirected to the desired results.


Key Highlights:

– Web-based browser for Android using a proxy server.

– Use the search box for website access.

– Choose proxy servers from different countries.

– Encryption for data and traffic privacy.

– Ad-blocker to enhance browsing.

– Supports SSL websites with HTTPS.

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9. Ultrasrurf

Ultrasrurf is a free and open-source browser-based proxy and VPN service that provides the ability to surf the Internet, and access geo-restricted sites without leaving any digital footprints. The unblocked web browser was initially designed and launched in China to help them bypass censorship. However, it has since expanded its user base to encompass millions of users across more than 180 countries worldwide.

Ultra Surf

Key Highlights: 

  • Does not require registration. You just need to download the extension for your browser. 
  • Uses a powerful engine that optimizes web pages to reduce overall loading times. 
  • A homepage that shows the latest news, weather & personalized recommendations. 
  • Provides the ability to change the theme and appearance of your browser. 
  • Can bypass the Great Firewall of China and allows you to access blocked websites. 
  • It encrypts your traffic and hides your IP address to keep your online security intact.  


10. Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser is a unique web browsing platform that uses cloud servers to ensure that web pages load faster. It comes with a built-in VPN and a dedicated AD blocker to help you access blocked websites without getting tracked. The unblocked browser is known for its solid capabilities to save data and bandwidth while surfing the Internet. We’ve jotted down below some of its major highlights: 

Puffin Browser

Key Features: 

  • It securely encrypts your traffic & hides your original IP address from the websites you visit. 
  • The browser blocks all types of ads, trackers, cookies, and other threats. 
  • Ability to bypass the Great Firewall of China & other countries with strict censorship. 
  • Puffin Browser has a “data saving” feature in its Mobile Application. 
  • Fast and customizable web browser with many features to enhance your experience. 


Wrap-Up: Picking the Right Unblocked Browser (2024)

In 2024, these top unblocked browsers are your ticket to unlocking blocked websites. They help you get around restrictions like censorship, geo-limits, and security barriers. But remember, not all these browsers are equally good, safe, or speedy. Some might even have problems like slowing down or not protecting you well.

So, before you choose one, make sure you do some homework. And when you’re surfing sites, you’re not sure about, be careful to stay safe.

If you ask for our recommendation, among these choices, UR Browser really stands out. It’s fast, secure, and lets you make it your own with different looks. Its VPN and virus scanner add an extra layer of protection.

We hope this blog post taught you how to use these special browsers to get on any site you want. If you have any questions or thoughts, share them in the comments below.


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