Best Offline Navigation Apps For Android

Best Offline Navigation Apps For Android

There was a time when we used to take out paper maps and search for directions to reach places. But with the introduction of GPS and navigation apps, the perspective of traveling has changed.

Despite having such map applications, what if you get lost in a new area and there is no proper internet connection? Don’t panic, you can use offline maps app, and there is no way to rely on Wi-Fi or internet service.

Even, there are various offline maps or navigation apps are available on the Google Play Store. In this article, we have hand-picked the best one for you.

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Best Free Offline Navigation Apps

1. Google Maps

Android navigation app

When it comes to navigating, the very first name that strikes our mind is Google Maps! Our list of free offline navigation apps for Android is incomplete without this app. Now you can roam anywhere with the help of its offline navigation functionality. Google Map will itself identify the unstable internet connection on your smartphone and will switch its functionality into offline navigation.

You can also view the indoor maps with this navigation app. Google Maps is the editor’s choice and is loved by billions!

Download this amazing Android navigation app from here

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2. Locus Map

best offline maps

If you are looking to explore the outdoor experience, you can rely on Locus Maps. This is one of the best offline maps, which is curated especially for an outdoor experience such as cycling, geocaching, hiking, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, running and so on.

This offline map app enables sound and voice navigation along with missed sound alerts when you are not connected with the internet.

This Android navigation app weighs 18 MB and owns 4.4-star ratings.

You can get this amazing navigation app from here

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3. Offline Maps & Navigation

offline maps

As the name says itself, this is another best offline map, which can be used when you are stuck in an isolated place with a poor internet connection.

No matter which place you are traveling to, this Android navigation app is already been used in almost 200 countries around the world. Additionally, if you are confused about where to park your vehicle, then don’t be, because with the help of an in-built parking assistant you can get the nearest parking spot.

This offline maps weigh according to your device and is loved by millions of users around the world.

4. Maps.Me

navigation app is the next on our list of offline maps apps. This smart app is trusted by millions of users for offline fast and accurate navigations. You can even save your favorite locations by adding bookmarks to them and can share them with your friends. If you are planning to rent a bike in a new place and worried about the traffic, then don’t be! Because with this navigation app you will get the traffic data with and fastest driving routes.

Note- Traffic data is available for 36 countries only.

This amazing offline map is admired by millions of users and boasts 4.5-star ratings.

5. OsmAnd

offline maps app

Here we go with OsmAnd, the Android navigation app. With the help of this offline map, you can take benefit of voice and visual navigation throughout your traveling experience. You can also get the Points Of Interest around your places along with their opening hours and payment methods and so on. And, yes, with the help of OsmAnd ski maps plugin you can see the ski tracks with several other functions too.

This intuitive offline map app owns a 4.2-star rating and yes loved by its users. This Android navigation application is available on the Google Play Store, from where you can download it.

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What’s Your Take?

So, which best offline map will you prefer before traveling? If you are already using any navigation app or you have used before and it worked wonders to you, let us know in the below comment section, we will update them on our list.

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