Why you should Turn ON Airplane Mode in Airlines?

Why you should Turn ON Airplane Mode in Airlines?

You must have used airplane mode on your smartphone but are you aware of what is airplane mode, or what does airplane mode do? What happens when your phone is on airplane mode? We generally hear announcements to turn on airplane mode when we are on a flight. Ever wonder why?

Here in this article, you will get to know all about airplane mode and the logic behind turning your phone on airplane mode when you are on a flight.

What is Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode, also known as Aeroplane mode, Flight mode or Offline mode is a special setting on smartphones and other mobile devices that disables connectivity of cellular voice and data signals, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth connection, GPS connectivity, and other location-based services. This suspension of radio-frequency transmission by the device disconnects your device from all communication modes available on a smartphone or computer.

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What Does Airplane Mode Do?

Airplane mode disconnects your smartphone with any mode of communication that transmits radiofrequency. Your phone gets disconnected from all communications and can only be used to browse your gallery or files saved on your device. You can’t get new feeds on any of the apps or use your Bluetooth headset until you turn ON the Bluetooth service. Phone calls, text messages, internet connectivity or any other communication is bared when you turn on airplane mode.

What Happens When Someone Calls You on Airplane Mode?

Ever wondered what happens when someone calls you on airplane mode? Well, I have tried this in different scenarios. if you turn on airplane mode when your smartphone has no signals, the caller will hear “The number you are calling is not reachable”. However, if you have got proper signals and you turn on airplane mode, the caller will hear “The number you are trying to call is switched OFF.”

“Please Note: Airplane Mode is also used to save battery life when you have limited resources left.”

Why You Should Turn Airplane Mode ON While Traveling in a Flight?

When we use our smartphone, it transmits a high volume of radiofrequency. When you are on a call or use Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi connection, voice or data travels from your device to the network. This hampers the quality of radio connectivity and interrupts the flight control system to communicate with the control center. With such interruption, you may be responsible for shattering disaster to the whole flight.

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Seeing this major reason, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) got this rule to turn on airplane mode when you are on a flight so that the flight controls system is not interrupted with the radio frequency generated by your smartphone. As per the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) most of the major accidents during the take-OFF or landing occur due to disorder in equipment functionalities interrupted by radio signals immitted by smartphone devices.

“Please Note: Video Call or Live Streaming is strictly prohibited while on a flight.”

Is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Equally Responsible?

Airplane mode is designed in such a manner that it disconnects your network as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. These all connectivity modes transmit high radio frequency until airplane mode is not turned ON. During the Take OFF and Landing time, all of these connections should be turned OFF by using airplane mode. When the flight is on its altitudes, then you may turn on Bluetooth to connect your speakers or use Wi-Fi provided by the flight connections. These are highly paid connections.

How to Turn ON Airplane Mode?

Well, everybody knows how to turn on airplane mode still for those who are new smartphone users, here are steps to turn on airplane mode.

There is no rocket science to turn on airplane mode on your smartphone. It’s just a simple switch that needs to be turned ON or OFF to get your phone in Airplane Mode.

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Airplane Mode on iPhone

To turn on airplane mode on iPhone, you simply need to slide up the notification bar and tap on the airplane button. This will enable airplane mode on the smartphone and disable the network, Data, Bluetooth and other connectivity services from your device. To turn it back off, slide up the notification bar and tap on the Airplane Mode once again and it will disable the airplane mode and all the connectivity settings will restore including the network.

Airplane Mode on Android

To turn ON airplane mode on the Android device, you will need to slide down the notification bar and tap on the airplane mode. This will turn off all the connections and airplane mode will be active. Tap on it once again when you want to disable airplane mode from your smartphone.

“Please Note: You can turn ON Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection even if the phone is put on Airplane Mode.”

airplane mode on Android notification bar

Many international flights or government planes have got network signal jammer to avoid any sort of interruption during the flight. They have also incorporated Public Wi-Fi for passengers to use internet or drop text messages in an emergency, but those services are costly and may range between $20 to $50 per hour.

Summing Up

In this article, we have covered what is airplane mode, what does airplane mode do and why you should Turn Airplane Mode ON while traveling on a flight. We have also covered what happens when your phone is on airplane mode and what a caller will listening while dialing your number.

It is advisable to use airplane mode especially when you are traveling on a flight. So always turn on airplane mode for your own safety and contribute those minutes to the society. Please like and share this article if it was meaningful to you. Also, drop a comment if you want to add on anything to the information provided.

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