How To Send Messages Using QR Codes

Let’s Start Chatting Secretly

How To Send Messages Using QR Codes

From making an online transaction to connecting yourself to someone’s WiFi connection, QR code has become quite a famous thing. QR stands for “Quick Response” that’s been used by millions & millions of users all around the world & the numbers are continuously growing (as per the studies & surveys).

Send Messages Using QR Codes

Now that everything from personal lives to professional lives has come on the internet, everyone wants to be connected instantly. And one of the best ways to be connected with anyone around the world is, messaging. Even though calling functions won’t work sometimes, the messaging always works. & that’s why, let’s check the ways to send messages across using quick response:

How to Send Messages Using QR Codes

Additionally, there are as many tools as you can count on the internet today that can help you create text-enabled QR codes. One of those easiest & simplest ways is to go for FREE QR Code Generator service. In order to use the QR code for sending messages, there are a few prerequisites that need to be taken care of as below:

  • You need to put in the Text-enabled number (you can use any of the complimentary number service platform like SimpleTexting)
  • A message that will auto-populate once someone scans the QR code (the secret message you are planning to send to the receiver)
  • Call-to-action (the plan to send the message across)

Now that we have got all the things we needed, let’s start the process of sending messages using QR code scanner:

  • Visit QR Code Generator website & choose the type of code you are interested in (in this case, choose SMS/Text).

How to Send Messages

  • & don’t forget to put in the message/keyword in the message section for the receiver to be read.

Send Messages with QR Codes

  • Once you have put in all the information that was needed, click on the SAVE icon on the right side of the page & download the scan.

Send Messages

  • It may happen that the QR code you downloaded is in a ZIP file so you can extract the code & convert it into a jpg file.
  • Now comes the Call-to-action wherein you will be sending the QR code to the person whom you want to share the secret message with. You can easily send them the QR code via email or simply send the code via another image-transfer-media.
  • What the receiver needs is the QR code reader application on his/her device (in case you don’t have on your cell phone, download one from the Google Play Store).
  • Here, you will need to tell your friend or the receiver to scan the QR code that you have sent.
  • Once the receiver scans the QR code via the scanner, the receiver will be able to decode the message. In return, the receiver can also create a secret message QR code via the same app (QR Code Generator) & you can decode the way the receiver did in the first place.

So what are you waiting for then? Let’s start using this extraordinary concept (QR code) & send the secret messages to your friends via QR Code Generator app. Just remember that the receiver must have an QR Code scanner app in his/her cell phone.

Wrapping Up

The Quick Response concept has become more popular than ever because everything has come online in today’s world. The sender needs to create the QR Code via any of the QR Code generator apps & after putting in every info, download & extract the file in jpg format.
Don’t forget to let the receiver know to check his/her email or the image transfer media platform. Go through the above steps & don’t forget to ping us in case you find any difficulties while creating your code & sending the secret message.

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