5 Best Music Player for Android in 2024

5 Best Music Player for Android in 2024

With the rising of music streaming websites and apps, not many people pay a lot of attention to Music Player apps for Android. All you want is just a few keystrokes away on a music streaming platform.

However, there are many old school people like me who like to first download the songs and then listen to them in their times of peace. For my old school fellas out there, here are the Best Music Players for Android to help provide you with an easy to use and feature packed solution to listen to your favorite music in your own quiet time.

Here Are the Best Music Player Apps for Android in 2024

1.  AIMP


Price: Free

AIMP is a free music player for Android. It is fairly powerful and has a pleasing to use interface. It supports most of the common and advanced audio formats like AAC, APE, DFF, DSF, FLAC, IT, M4A, M4B, MO3, MOD, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPC, MPGA, MTM, OGG, OPUS, S3M, TTA, UMX, WAV, WEBM, WV, XM.

AIMP supports Android Auto and other custom car PCs. AIMP App comes equipped with 29-band graphic equalizer to help you achieve the sound quality you desire.

The Music Player App supports lyrics. Also, users can set up a sleep timer to make the player sleep automatically. It also contains the features like cross fades and mix multi-channel audio files to stereo.

With all these features, AIMP has managed to portray a simplistic and user-friendly interface. Hence, AIMP deserves to be on the top of Best MP3 Player for Android.

Download AIMP Free Music Player for Android.

2. BlackPlayer EX Music Player:

BlackPlayer EX Music Player

Price: Free; $3.49

BlackPlayer is a partially free music player for Android. It is an aesthetically pleasing music player in its essence. Though it is slightly less advanced than AIMP, it still has more features than a person would ever need.

It supports all the common audio formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, M4A. You can view and edit the embedded lyrics in ‘.lrc’ files. It also offers customizable themes and different color combinations to suit your taste.

Similar to AIMP, it also features a Sleep timer and crossfading for a pleasurable user experience. It supports Wear OS and Android Auto too. With all the given features packed in a minimalistic interface, this app is definitely one of the best music players for Android.

Free: Download BlackPlayer Free Music Player for Android.

Paid: Download BlackPlayer EX Music Player for Android.

3. DoubleTwist Music Player:

DoubleTwist Music Player

Price: Free; $5.99-$8.99

DoubleTwist is another great Music Player for Android. Though there is no information about the types of Audio Files it is able to play, DoubleTwist music player app plays all the popular codecs as confirmed while testing.

The free version of the app has all the basic functionality together with Chromecast and Android Auto support. However, the upgraded version provides the access to 10-Band Equalizer and Apple AirPlay support.

The User-Interface of DoubleTwist is pretty simple, minimalistic, and pleasing to watch. DoubleTwist is also widely used to listen to podcasts and connect with online music. In our testing, DoubleTwist Music Player turned out to be a great paid/free music player for Android.

Download DoubleTwist Music Player App for Android

4. Musicolet


Price: Free

Musicolet is a totally free music player for Android. This app is all about No-BS. Small .apk files and a tidy interface with light weight impact on the Phone is at the heart of Musicolet.

It also provides Embedded Lyrics and .LRC support. Musicolet, for the people who want to just enjoy the music without any extra nonsense features that aren’t, in any way, useful, is the best free music player for Android available in the market.

Download Musicolet Free Music Player for Android

5.  Neutron Player

Neutron Player

Price: $7.99; Free-Trial Available

Neutron Player is a creative audio player for Android. The idea is to render audio in 32bit and 64bit independent of the Operating System. It helps make the video sound better. Another great thing about Neutron Player is that it supports a wide range of file formats.

Also, it offers 4-60 Band Equalizer and Graphic Equalizer mode with 21 Presets. When it comes to details and customization, Neutron Player is the king. The list goes long of its features. Because of utmost reliability and sheer number of features makes this app one of the best Music Players for Android.

Download Neutron Music Player for Android

So, these all are few of the best Music Players for Android Available in the market. These audio players for Android can surely enhance your listening-experience if you are a music lover. Do let us know about your favorite out of these, we love hearing from you.

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