Soundcloud The Best Music Streaming Platform

Soundcloud The Best Music Streaming Platform

Soundcloud is one of its kind audio platform that gives access to music from all over the world. One can create upload and share audio files on Soundcloud community where you’re not only appreciated for your work but are also rewarded, thanks to new updates.

Soundcloud - Audio Plateform

Music lovers use the web and the app version of Soundcloud for networking and collaborating with other artists or simply play good quality music.

With 200+ million tracks at present, Soundcloud is the biggest community for the musicians and artists, that you can be a part of. It lets you share your compositions with the world in in a hassle-free way. Being mobile friendly, you can create albums of your songs or live recordings with a single touch and instantly share it online.

What makes it different?

You can discover thousands of underrated songs uploaded by amateur and budding music artists. Offline streaming functionality also makes it one of the best music streaming apps. Moreover, it’s ad-free making it a class apart among other music streaming apps.

The best part, It’s free! All you need to do is easy sign-up and create an account for regular use as well as to avail more features like uploading tracks and communicating with other fellow users. Also, you can like, comment, follow, repost and add songs to your playlist which you can share with your friends.

Soundcloud has its free download version for Android, iOS and Firefox OS, Chromecast and Xbox where one can login with your Google, Facebook or email credentials. A user can upload content up to three hours for free. If you wish to add content for more than three hours, you can get access to subscription services like Soundcloud GO and Soundcloud Pro for more features at minimal cost.

Soundcloud GO and Soundcloud Pro

How it works?

In the app you can stream your tracks in background which is a very convenient feature Soundcloud allows its users to check the statistics of the uploaded track such as the most played track and which part of the world it’s being most streamed.

You can even designate specific users to be able to play your track while not uploading it for public. Your copyright for original tracks is also provided by Soundcloud, which limits its download if you wish.

It comes with tools for musicians to edit the files before uploading. They can trim the audio files and after uploading one can give a title, description, put relevant tags to make it easy for users to search.

Soundcloud - Trim the audio file

Soundcloud can play for you the workout jams or hip-hop dance mixes on the recommended play and leave you with relaxing music without interruptions.

How it can benefit you?

Along with showcasing your work that can be anything from sound recordings, mixtapes, audio tracks to DJ tracks. One can use this social media platform to interact with the listeners and get a feedback in the form of comments or private messages. This helps a lot in building the fan base for a rising artist.

Stepping up the game Soundcloud has started a service in a few countries where you can be paid a share of the earnings from your uploaded originals work based on certain criteria such as number of plays in a designated time.

You can easily share the tracks from SoundCloud on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. With more than 200 million listeners around the globe Soundcloud has made its mark as a unique music platform for audio files and podcast.

Benifits of sound cloud


With a music library larger than that of the Apple Music or Spotify right now, it’s the go to app for music lovers. Soundcloud also comes with embedded URLs to be shared on other platforms without any hassle.

If you are a music enthusiast, you got to have this app on your device right now. To listen to ad-free music interrupted and to get more opportunities to work on your art.

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