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10 Best Uninstaller for Mac to Remove Apps in 2021
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10 Best Uninstaller for Mac to Remove Apps in 2021

Check out this list of the best uninstall managers for Mac 2021 for optimal performance.

Manually uninstalling apps on Mac is a time taking and a tedious process. Therefore, having a reliable uninstaller or uninstall manager for Mac is a bliss. To manually uninstall one or more apps, you have to first locate the Finder, navigate to the application, and then drag it to the Trash. While having a smart uninstaller app eases down the process and completes uninstalling multiple programs and apps in less than a minute. Not only this, these amazing uninstallers for macOS does not leave any app traces behind.

Isn’t it amazing to have a smart solution to get rid of unnecessary apps on your Mac? Well, of course it’s a yes! We have listed here the top rated uninstallers for macOS.

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Best Mac Uninstallation Software To Remove Apps in 2021

List of Contents

  • 1. CleanMyMac X
  • 2. Advanced Uninstall Manager
  • 3. CCleaner For Mac
  • 4. Nektony App Cleaner And Uninstaller
  • 5. Hazel
  • 6. Disk Doctor
  • 7. AppDelete
  • 8. App Zapper
  • 9. AppCleaner

1. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X uninstaller

In the list of uninstaller managers, CleanMyMac X tops the list. It is an amazing cleaning and optimization tool for Mac. Along with this, it also uninstalls apps on macOS in no time. Additionally, CleanMyMac X app for macOS removes malware, if any and clears out all the system space. Once this app is run on your device, sit back and relax. It will clean all the unnecessary clutter from your device, making it run faster and smoother


  • Cleans and optimizes your device for any malicious files or junk or browser traces.
  • Maintenance section is an add-on.
  • Ensures your system runs smooth and speedy.

2. Advanced Uninstall Manager

Advanced Uninstall Manager

Click Here to Download Advanced Uninstall Manager

The first position is Advanced Uninstall Manager developed by Systweak Software. This amazing utility lets you smartly get rid of all unnecessary and unwanted apps and programs within a quick snap of time. This app lets you save time and space both at a time. All you have to do is drag and drop the application you want to remove to this uninstaller and that’s it. You can further use this app to disable login items to save much of your boot time.


  • Quickly uninstall apps and programs.
  • Does not leave any leftovers on your system.
  • Scanned results are categorised for easy review.

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3. CCleaner For Mac

ccleaner for mac

In the list of top 10 uninstall managers for macOS, CCleaner stays within the best 5 uninstallers for Mac. This amazing utility is well known across all the devices be it Mac, Windows or smartphones. It is known for its awesome features and optimization techniques that manages, analyzes, and cleans all the redundant files taking up huge space. Under the Tools head, you’ll find Uninstall as an option. Choose the required apps and programs you wish to remove and click on Uninstall. That’s it.


  • Quick find and uninstall multiple apps and programs within a quick snap.
  • Very renowned and reasonable macOS utility.
  • CCleaner finds and deletes unwanted cookies, logs and much more.

4. Nektony App Cleaner And Uninstaller

Nektony app cleaner and uninstaller

The number fifth is Nektony App Cleaner And Uninstaller. This amazing utility tool lets you quickly get rid of unnecessary apps and programs that are hogging up space on your device. It removes apps and programs swiftly keeping in mind the content therein. It even scans and detects for any leftovers of the previously deleted apps and removes them when required. Also, it helps in removing cache, app support files and much more for your Mac’s better and faster performance.


  • Completely removes the app on your Mac safely.
  • Manages system and browser extensions.
  • Disable startup programs and remove app leftovers.

Download here

5. Hazel


Next in line is Hazel, an automated organization for your Mac. Hazel keeps an eye on whatever folders  you have on your Mac and organize them as per the rules created by you initially. It moves around the files based on their name, size, date, or type. Additionally, it lets you create condition based rules to automate certain actions on your macOS. It works quietly on your system while deleting apps that are no longer required with its attached belongings.


  • A quiet yet swift application for Mac users.
  • Once the app is downloaded, you get to save your time uninstalling apps one by one.
  • It is said to be your personal housekeeper for macOS.

Download Here

6. Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor is yet another one in the list of best uninstallers for Mac. This wonderful cleaner app for Mac lets you free up tons of disk space by removing a lot of unneeded files from your hard drive. With its effective app uninstaller, you get a chance to remove unwanted apps from your macOS. Disk Doctor is a saviour and lets you save space by clearing caches, logs, browser data and more. Disk Doctor has a new UI design and lets you navigate through the app easily and conveniently.


  • Remove files from the categories such as- application caches, logs, and browser data etc.
  • A simple and easy to use user interface.
  • Finds and removes unneeded files and programs.

Download Here

7. AppDelete


AppDelete is yet another popular uninstall manager for Mac that allows you to swiftly remove unwanted apps and eliminate associated files. AppDelete is an uninstaller that will not only remove the applications but also it’s widgets, preference panes and a lot more associated files. The items deleted will be moved to trash and arranged in a folder so that lately you can review what was deleted. To completely remove the items from your device, ensure that you delete them completely from the trash.


  • AppDelete has an undo feature that can be used to restore files that have been accidentally deleted.
  • Simple to use and understand app uninstaller for Mac.
  • Helps in improving your Mac’s health without permanently losing data.

Download Here

8. App Zapper

App Zapper

Not to miss App Zapper is yet another amazing and leading uninstaller for Mac. This aims at a clutter free macOS and hence, lets you pull applications from your drive to its interface and then look for its related files. It is a simple drag and drop game. Once you select an application, it will automatically look for its related support files. Select unwanted apps and its support files and click ZAP to remove all of them in a go. App Zapper also has an UNDO feature that lets you get back the accidentally deleted apps or something important.


  • You can uninstall applications along with its widgets, plugins, settings, junk files, and more.
  • Straightforward and powerful uninstaller for macOS.
  • Unzap files that are deleted accidentally using its Undo

Download Here

9. AppCleaner


Last but not the least, AppCleaner is a small application that is not only a superb uninstall manager for Mac but also finds and removes smallest files and safely removes them from your device. To start using this popular uninstaller for Mac, you have to simply visit its website, click on Install, launch it and drag the apps to its interface that you no longer require. This easy going app makes deleting applications easy and smooth for all.


  • Scan your entire system to preview all installed applications.
  • Uninstall lesser used apps easily along with their service files and other traces.
  • Provides in-app help for the users.

Download Here

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What Is The Best App Uninstaller For Mac?

So, these were some of the best and top rated uninstallers for Mac. Almost all of these apps promote drag and drop as a feature wherein you drag an application to the uninstaller interface and click on the uninstall button. If you are looking for a smooth uninstaller, Advanced Uninstall Manger is a good to go option while if you want a complete utility we suggest you to opt either for TuneUpMyMac or CleanMyMac X as these utilities are powerful and owns all of those features that are required to keep your Mac safe and healthy. Using a dedicated uninstaller app for Mac will help you enjoy an easy life with less hassles and least cluttered device.

Which uninstaller for Mac are you currently using? Or which one of these you find the best from the list above? Do share with us your opinion in the comments section below.

We hope you found us helpful. Keep reading Tweak Library and do not forget to follow us on our Social Media Platforms.

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