5 Ways to Retrieve Deleted Texts on Samsung Phone [2024]

5 Ways to Retrieve Deleted Texts on Samsung Phone [2024]

From bank transactions to meeting links, an abundance of important information is shared via text messages on Android phones. This information includes texts,  photos, OTPs, locations, and more. But if you have accidentally deleted a text, it can send you into despair. Therefore, to help you out, we will explore 5 ways using which you can easily recover deleted messages on Samsung phones.

What Scenarios Lead to Severe Data Loss on Samsung Phones?

Text messages undoubtedly play a significant role in our daily lives. But occasionally, some events can cause a loss of texts on your device. There are a number of causes that lead you to this situation. It includes:

  • Malware attack or system crash.
  • Accidentally deleting texts.
  • Broken or damaged phone.
  • Forgetting the phone’s PIN or password.

Things to Know Before Restoring Your Text Messages

Even after you delete text messages, your device still stores data on your smartphone. Your erased data is still present on the phone’s hard disc, and it is possible to recover it. There is a catch, though. Stop sending new messages and taking pictures or videos. Any fresh material replaces the destroyed files permanently. Once the file address is replaced, you will not be able to restore your messages.

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How to Retrieve Deleted Texts on Samsung Phone?

Be it unintentionally or a work of malware attack, Samsung smartphones allow you to recover deleted messages before they are permanently removed or overwritten. There are different methods for it, and we will cover them all in-depth and step by step. Here is how you can restore text messages from Samsung phones.

Method 1: Restore Text Messages from Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is directly integrated into every Samsung account. Your device backs up your data and keeps it up-to-date across all Samsung devices. Your device also backs up your texts in the Samsung Cloud. If you have accidentally deleted your texts, you can access Samsung Cloud to restore them.

Note: If you have not logged in or given permission, this method will not work for you.

Step 1: To retrieve deleted texts on Samsung, first, open the Settings app on your smartphone.

Phone settings

Step 2: In the Settings menu, scroll down and tap on Accounts and backup.

account and backup

Step 3: On the next screen, find and tap on Restore data listed under Samsung Cloud.

Samsung cloud

Step 4: Next, select the Messages to restore them. Besides texts, you can also select call logs, contacts, and more to restore them at your will.

Recover data

Step 5: Tap on Restore to recover deleted messages on Samsung devices, and then follow the on screen progress. Once completed, open your Messaging app to read the texts.

restore data

Method 2: Restore Text Messages from Samsung Smart Switch

This method involves using a Windows computer. You can retrieve your messages using Samsung Switch if you already have data saved up on it. To retrieve deleted texts on Samsung, you must first download the Samsung Smart Switch software on your PC. It is an official Samsung-specific data transfer solution that backs up data on your old Samsung phone and moves it to a new one.

Step 1: Connect your Samsung phone to your computer via a USB cable and then launch Samsung Smart Switch.

Retrieve data

Step 2: On the next screen, click on Restore.

Recover text

Step 03: The software automatically locates your messages in a backup on the computer. If not, pick the backup file manually to import it from your computer by clicking on the Manually select file.

Recover deleted text

Step 4: After clicking on Restore, wait for a while to complete the restoring process. Once the process completes, you can access and read your deleted texts.

Restoring data

Method 3: Retrieve Deleted Texts Using Samsung Messages Recycle Bin

Once a message is deleted, a Samsung device stores it in the recycle bin. It is where all deleted messages are retained for 30 days. After 30 days, your deleted messages are permanently erased if you do not recover them within that time frame. Here is how you can restore them from recycle bin:

Step 1: Launch the Samsung Messages app on your device.

Go to message

Step 2: On the next screen, tap on the three-dot menu.

Restore deleted text

Step 3: From the given options, tap on the Recycle Bin.

Get back deleted text

Step 4: Here, you will find all the messages deleted in the past 30 days.

Recycle bin

Step 5: Select a message you want to restore by long-pressing and then tap on Restore to retrieve it.

How to recover texts

Method 4: Recover Deleted Messages on Samsung Using Third-party Applications

If you can not restore the deleted messages using Samsung applications, you can use one of the third-party applications instead. Quick and convenient, these applications allow you to easily retrieve deleted Samsung messages. The apps also simplify syncing text messages on the phone or to other Gmail accounts. Two of those best apps are: SMS Backup & Restore & Dr. Fone – Data & Photo Recovery.

Another way is to use third-party data recovery tools for PC or Mac. The tools allow you to retrieve all kinds of data, including messages, photos, videos, documents, and more. Having exhausted all other options, these tools come to your rescue when you need them most. One of the best tools available online is Tenorshare UltData. Besides text messages, it also lets you recover WhatsApp and WeChat messages.

Restore whatsapp data

Method 5: Retrieve Deleted Samsung Messages from Your Service Provider

We advise contacting your service provider if you cannot restore your deleted messages using the above five methods. Your service provider maintains a record of all your texts along with the date, time, and people with whom you have exchanged messages. This does not, however, ensure that you will get the text message’s exact contents. While certain service providers may retain your whole texts, some may not.

Final Takeaways,

Whether on personal or professional grounds, loss of text messages can sometimes put you in a state of dark or danger. This makes it essential for you to restore the text messages so that you can know their contexts and fulfill their needs. In this tech-savvy world, you can easily restore them at your will with the right tools like SMS Backup & Restore, Dr. Fone, or Tenorshare UltData. These tools will not only help you restore deleted messages but also back them up with ease.

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