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Best Killer Apps for Android and iPhone
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Best Killer Apps for Android and iPhone

While the name might spark some hysteria, but Killer Apps refer to the ones which eliminate or remove apps running in background of your Android or iPhone to lower CPU use and battery. Killer apps are referred to as essential apps to make your device run smoothly and fast. In this blog, I am going to tell you about the best killer apps for Android and iPhone.

How Killer App Works

  1. Killer apps for Android and iPhone remove the app which we do not use. Killer apps save the power of the device and reduce the load of the device.
  2. Basically killer apps stop programs that run in the background until when you use them next time. It also stops the downloading in the background.
  3. Generally, whenever you close any app on iPhone or your Android phone, the killer app stops the run in the background so that your device does not get the load.

Devices with inbuilt app killers

Your android or iPhone automatically removes the apps which you are no longer using. Killer apps Android and iPhone work when the RAM is full.

Killer Apps Android– Tap on the square present on the right-hand bottom side. The window will show you all the paused and running apps. You can easily clear all the apps with buttons available on the screen.

Killer Apps iPhone– On the main screen tap on the home button twice will open a new window with running apps and paused apps. You can easily clear all the apps with buttons available on the screen.

Best App Killers for Android and iPhone in 2020

However, though we have in-built app killers in our phone, if you still feel the need of having a separate killer app for android and iPhone, refer to the below-mentioned apps:

1. Greenify


Greenify is one of the top and best app killer for your android device. Greenify puts unused apps to sleep. The app is well-designed and identifies the app to stop and save the battery’s life. After identification, the app puts all the unused apps to sleep. Therefore, Greenify is the best app to save your battery’s life and run your device smoothly.

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2. KillApps


KillApps is the app that kills all unused apps and more battery consuming apps running in the background with a single touch. Rather than killing apps on the phone, the app also improves the performance of the phone which makes it one of the best killer apps for Android. Sadly, KillApps is not available for iOS devices.

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3. Task Killer

Task Killer

Task Killer is an app designed specifically to force stop the apps running in the background. Task killer free the system of your android phone from the load. Through a task killer app, you can easily get rid of unwanted and unnecessary apps downloaded in your device. You just have to tick in the checkbox to completely terminate the apps.

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4. Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer

An advanced task killer is an app designed like a personal battery saver, speed booster, and task manager. The advanced task killer got really cool graphics with easy to use functions. You just have to simply select the apps you wish to stop and kill. The app has the ultimate unique feature of restart means you can restart the system with the app.

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5. Battery Saver- Manage Battery life and check system status

Battery Saver

Talking about the iPhone, after the built-in app killer, you can use the battery saver app. It is one of the best app killers for the iPhone with overall ratings of 4.2. The app is free to use and easy to use. Through the app, you can check the system and work of the phone. You can also check the storage status of your iPhone. Previously, there were some minor bugs which are fixed now. If you are an iPhone user, go for it.

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I hope you like this blog. Comment down and let us know about your favorite app killer for Android and iPhone. For more such tech-related content, follow Tweak Library on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading.

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