Tips And Tricks For Safe Browsing Android Experience

Tips And Tricks For Safe Browsing Android Experience

With almost 2.5 billion active Android users, quite a large part of the world browses the world wide web on their Android smartphones. And, chances are if you are reading this blog, you are a part of those 2.5 billion users. You can imagine how much data is out there for any hacker to steal or misuse. By following safe browsing habits, we can stop hackers in their tracks.

Android Safe Browsing Tips And Tricks

1. Install A Secure Browser

Install A Secure Browser

It all starts with your choice of browser that you will be using to browse the World Wide Web. A secure browser is packed with all the features that can easily cement your security. For example, a secure browser has features like URL filtering, download protection, do not track and a lot many other security features.

Here Are Some Of The Best Secure Browsers

2. Make Changes To Current Browser Settings

Make Changes To Current Browser Settings

Making a few tweaks to the privacy settings of your browser would reap you several benefits as far as your Android browsing hygiene is concerned. Let’s take the example of Google Chrome –

To delve into the privacy settings, here are the steps to be followed –

1. Open the browser

2. Tap on three vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen

3. Tap on Settings

4. Scroll down, till you reach the Advanced section. There, tap on Privacy

5. Now, here you will see 4 settings –

  • Access payment methods
  • Preload pages for faster browsing and searching
  • Do Not Track
  • Clear browsing data

All the 4 options above can expose your data to third-party sites. Which is why it is preferable to keep the first two options unchecked, switch the Do Not Track option on and periodically Clear browsing data.

3. Use A Dedicated Browser Meant To Strengthen Your Privacy

Use A Dedicated Browser Meant To Strengthen Your Privacy

Click Here to Install Private Browser care for Android

Now, making tweaks to your browser’s setting or even choosing to go ‘incognito’ may take a few taps and a certain amount of awareness. But, how about an app which does all that for you, the moment you fire it up? Private Browser Care is one such app for you.  It doesn’t leave a spec of your last session every time it is closed. Private Browser Care is one such dedicated secure browser for Android.

  • Open as many new tabs as you want
  • Faster downloads
  • Ad-blocker blocks ads and trackers which otherwise store user – data
  • Switch between mobile and desktop mode with one tap
  • Small download size – only 4 MB
  • No extensions or add-ons to slow down extension speed

Here’s How You Can Maintain Online Privacy On Android With Private Browser Care

4. Use A VPN


Just like a VPN can help you bypass geo-restricted content on a desktop, it can do the same on your Android device as well. A VPN or Virtual Private Network conceals your online identity and lets you browse the World Wide Web anonymously. A VPN can be your line of defence when you are engaging in activities such as conducting online transactions especially over a public Wi-Fi. With a VPN on your side, a hacker or anyone for that matter find it difficult to hack into your account details. Also, with a VPN you can browse all those libraries of a streaming platform which are unavailable in your country.

So, here are some of the best VPNs for your Android device.

5. Download Applications From Only Trusted Sources

The world of Android apps is exciting and wonderful, isn’t it? There are apps spanned across several categories. And, while Google Play Store is considered to be the best and the most trusted sources to download apps, it has several alternatives too from where you can download apps. However, it is important that you download an app from a trusted source. The reason being, if you install an app from a suspicious source, you might just welcome malware into your Android device.

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6. Don’t Use The Password Manager In Your Browser

Don’t Use The Password Manager In Your Browser

Click here to Install Tweakpass on Android

Almost all major web browsers let you save your password credentials, so that you can use them for later use. Saving passwords and credentials can be a great thing if you fill forms a lot. However, saving credentials using a browser’s inbuilt password manager can make you vulnerable to deceptive websites.

Instead you can use standalone password managers such as TweakPass which are backed by stringent encryption protocols. Whether it be saving credentials, auto-filling details, generating strong and complex passwords, the best password managers for Android like TweakPass have everything on their platter.

7. Have A Robust Antivirus On Your Android Device As Well

Why should you choose an antivirus for your Android device or why you shouldn’t has for long been a matter of debate. We have been proponents of the latter. Amongst several features, here are some of the noticeable features that come with various antivirus apps for Android –

  • Real-time protection from viruses and all kinds of malware
  • Blocking malicious websites apps
  • Listing apps that can put your personal information in danger
  • Some antiviruses also come with anti-theft protection and call blocker
  • Finding lost device

Here are some of the best Antivirus apps for Android


Just like you would ensure robust safety for your desktop or laptop, you should appoint a similar strategy to have a safe browsing Android experience. Do let us know if the blog’s been of help. If you liked the blog, do give it a thumbs up and also share it with everyone you care for.

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