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Here’s How You Can Check Your Android Phone For Malware
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Here’s How You Can Check Your Android Phone For Malware

5 Signs To Check If Your Beloved Android Malware Smitten?

What Is Android Malware?

Before facing the demon, you should know who the demon is. So, let’s first get down to a very basic question – what is an Android Malware? Malware is short for malicious software. It’s a software or application that has all the intention in the world to sit on your device and cause destruction. So, the question is –

What Can Android Malware Do?

  • A malware in your Android device is capable of extracting your personal data; it could be your files, folders, images, bank credentials, SMSs, Social media data or anything for that matter.
  • Next up, once it has this data it can turn into Ransomware. Quite evidently, it will ask you for money in exchange of returning back the above mentioned files, folders or any other data that the malware has in its grasp.
  • You might not even realize but the malware can easily track all your activities that you are conducting on your device. This even implies that it doesn’t just monitor these activities but it can even record them.
  • It can root your device and gain privileges to the root directory of your operating system

Dealing With Android Malware With The Help Of Apps

At the time when you suspect a malware, you might wish for something that can easily help you track and remove malware. Here are some of the best Android Anti-Malware apps that will help you get rid of malicious malware on your Android device without a hiccup. Our personal favorite is Systweak Anti-Malware which scans and removes all kinds of malware from your device.

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Here are its features at a glance –

Systweak Anti-Malware – Free Mobile Phone Security
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1. Scans malware automatically Auto Detects Malware - Systweak Anti-Malware
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How To Check For Malware On Android?

1. Every Now And Then Your Apps Keep Crashing

Apps Keep Crashing - Malware on Android
Source: Techyuga

Once in a while if your apps or smartphone per se crashes, it might not be a cause of concern. We’ve already covered a great deal on why and how you can deal with app crashes (normal ones). But, if crashes keep happening every now and then without any apparent reason, it might be a cause of big concern as your Android might have a malware.

2. Ads Pop Up Out Of Nowhere

We have got several apps that have ads on them. But, that necessarily doesn’t indicate malware. Not saying that they aren’t annoying or intrusive. At least they don’t pop up just like that. Moreover, if you have a good browser installed in your Android device, chances are it’ll block the ads on its own. Now, if even after closing an app or even after the browser blocking the ad, you see ads dancing on your device every now and then, you should be worried as there could be malware on your device.

3. How Did These Apps Get Here?

Unwanted Apps - Malware on Android

There are apps that you install on your Android device and then there are apps which the manufacturer of your device installs on your device. But, then there is another group of apps that just appears out of nowhere and then you sometimes gasp in horror and wonder from where on Earth these apps came. Mind you the presence of these unexplained apps can be a sign that there is a malware on your device.

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4. Battery Drain

Bettery Drain - Android Malware

You love thy phone and have optimized battery performance on your Android device. Imagine this – In the era where the battery of smartphones can last for a complete day or even more despite all sorts of activities that you do, if you notice fast drain, what could it be?

Apart from a hardware snag (for which you’ll have to get the device serviced) it could be that your device is under the influence of a malware. You see the malware is probably doing a lot many things – using excessive data to receive and transfer communication, downloading apps or making changes to your root directory. In that process, the malware might be eating up a huge chunk of your device’s battery.

5. Data Usage That You Are Not Wary Of

The Internet has now become our second skin. We surf the web to consume a variety of content – we stream videos, listen to music, read blogs and articles, access social media platforms and upload data and what not. And, in most cases our consumption completely justifies the data that a cellular connection or broadband provider provides.

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B5ut, what if even after not consuming the internet a lot, even after not streaming HD videos or downloading movies, songs or any other content, how did your cellular data reach its limit? This is yet another sign that your Android device is smitten by malware.

Now that you know the signs of malware on Android, here how you can remove malware from your device.

In The End

Android malware can cause destruction beyond comprehension, so it is important that you take necessary steps to get rid of it. Before tackling the atrocity head on, you should know the signs and symptoms which would help you take necessary measures against a malware. For that, you can either install Android malware removal apps like the ones mentioned above or frequently adhere to habits which would keep Android malware at bay. With that we’ll conclude this blog. For more such content keep reading Tweak Library.


  1. Janny

    What if we forget to scan our device for malware? Does this app will notify us ? In how much time we must repeat the scanning process to search for any malware?

    1. Sarang Bhargava

      Hi Janny, With the help of Systweak Anti-Malware you have an option of scheduling scans which automatically scans your device for malicious software (SAM has a large database of malware definitions). You can even select scan frequency (daily and weekly).

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