Here Are The Best Ways To Reduce Data Usage on Android

Here Are The Best Ways To Reduce Data Usage on Android

Smartphone and mobile data, both are two sides of the same coin. Apart from calling and sending text messages, your smartphone requires mobile data to perform some other built-in activities.

But some users have reported that their Android’s mobile data runs out of connection without even using it. Imagine, you are having a cup of coffee and suddenly the phone vibrates and notification flashes “You have consumed data connection”!!!

Android’s mobile data

Jah! This is one of those baffling situations when you can’t do anything except searching for the best ways to restrict data on Android.

To end this quest, get the best tips for reducing data usage and to restrict background data on Android.

Smart Tricks To Reduce Data Usage on Android

Method 1- Start Switching to Wi-Fi

Yes! The best way to reduce data usage on Android is by switching to Wi-Fi whenever you can. When you are stepping into a mall, restaurant, movie theatre or a subway station Wi-Fi are everywhere.

You can simply connect your phone with the Wi-Fi connectivity and install phone updates, applications and a lot more. But wait! If you connect a smartphone with Wi-Fi for a longer period, it will drain the battery significantly. If you have the Wi-Fi connection at your place, use these Wi-Fi WPS WPA tester app for Android and save Android mobile data

Method 2- Restrict Background Data

Have you witnessed a situation when you are not using a phone, but still mobile data keeps on declining? This happens because of enabling background data feature. Many of us can’t even realize this and continue to wonder where our mobile data went?

When you restrict background data, it stops unwanted updates or other app usages on your Android device that demand background data.

You can restrict background data from the phone’s settings.

Data Usage > Cellular Data Usage > Background Data > slide it to the left to disable it.

With this trick, you would be able to save bundles of data usage on Android.

Method 3- Avoid Online Streaming Videos

Again, smartphones with media are nothing. But if you want to take care of your data on Android, try to store your favorite contents in the phone’s gallery. Whether it is videos or songs store them in local files.

Don’t rush to find out the exciting conversation on The Ellen DeGeneres Show between Melissa McCarthy and KJ Apa. Streaming this amazing show will help you to wipe out Android’s mobile data.

Method 4- Go Offline!

There are various applications available on the market that help in offering offline services. Whether it is maps or music player, you can access anything on the offline mode.

If you want to use Offline Music Apps For Android, click here. Android phone is incomplete without navigation applications, we have shared a list of offline navigation for you.

Are we missing something? Yes, it is offline Android Games and Messaging Apps without internet. We have something interesting for readers too! Get the best Reading Apps for Android and enjoy them offline!

There are various data savers for Android, available on the market that helps in managing your data on Android. I am mentioning the best data saver app below:

  • My Data Manager- Data Usage For Android

My data manager

This app helps in controlling your mobile data usage and tracks every day’s app usage on Android. You will also get a notification alert every time you run out of internet connection. Apart, you can also monitor the app’s data usage on Android.

“You can install a free app called My Data Manager, it tracks how much data you are using, and which apps are using the most cellular data.” – David Pogue, Yahoo Tech

Additionally, there is also a feature of History in this data saver app, through which you can track the exact consumption for a future data plan.

You can get this smart data saver app for Android from here

Final Words

This is how you can lower data usage on Android and can save a lot of internet data on your phone. Don’t forget to restrict background data to save data on the Android device. We have also listed a data saver app for Android through which you can monitor data and app usage on Android. However, if you are using any other data saver app, share with us in the below comment section

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