Maintain Online Privacy On Android With Private Browser Care

Maintain Online Privacy On Android With Private Browser Care

In this almost-everyday-technology-transforming era, keeping your internet stuff private has become a necessity. From making an online transaction to sharing any specific post, you have no clue when something can be used against you. That is why it’s good to keep your browsing history private.

Maintain Online Privacy

There can also be various reasons to keep your browsing history private that will vary according to the users. And it’s a good thing to keep the history as private as possible because you won’t be leaving any digital footprints behind. So let’s start using Private Browser Care app on your smartphone & keep the history private to you:

Keep Browsing History Private With Private Browser Care App

Since privacy is one of the major concerns anyone can have while surfing on the internet & just imagine if this has been taken care of. Similarly, Private Browser Care helps you create a security wall that can hide your browsing history so that no one can check that.

Keep Browsing History Private

Private Browser Care is an amazing browser designed for Android Smartphones and Tablets that guarantees the user one thing he/she most desires and that is Privacy. Besides that, Private Browser Care is free to use, convenient and ensures fast surfing. Now you can finally browse on the internet without being tracked by anyone.

To sum up this blocks-eavesdropping-tool, it lets you browse with privacy, safety, specific features, & in different modes.

How Does The Private Browser Care App Works?

In order to start using this one-stop-solution tool, you will need to download the same on your device. & once you start using it, you won’t have to clear your browsing history again (given that the app is enabled on your device).

  1. Let’s start the process by visiting the Google Play Store & download the Private Browser Care app on your device.
  2. Follow the process by downloading process completion & the installation initiation. & once the installation is complete & the app is ready to use:
  3. You need to click on the shortcut icon to launch the Private Browser Care app
  4. Here you can put in the website link you want to browse & start surfing without looking back. You won’t need to think about clearing the browsing history now.
  5. Now, after knowing that everything is working fine, you can also look for opening other new tabs. All you need to do is, tap on the burger menu (upper right corner) so that you can open new tabs. Or you can switch between the desktop and the mobile version of the website as well.
  6. & just like you imagine that your digital footprints should vanish as soon as you quit an app, similar thing happens with the Private Browser Care. Once you are done with your browsing & are ready to exit the app, automatically all the browsing data will get deleted. The deletion will include all the passwords, history, cookies, cache, and anything else related to what you have surfed. You will feel like nothing ever existed for a new person, including you.

Does The Internet Browsing History Vanish As a Whole?

Obviously, no tool or software can have that much functionality that your browsing history gets vanished from everywhere. In this case, as the tool functions, the browsing history will vanish from the tool & your device, however, it cannot be deleted as a whole.

Since you don’t have control on your internet service provider, this is what the company says about its product:

Remember, your browsing activity is never hidden from your Internet Service Provider, your Network Administrator in School or Office and of course, from the websites you visit. But other than that no person with malicious intent or marketing agency can get any information about you as no data is saved.

Wrapping Up

One of the most important factors while surfing anything online is the privacy you need so that your digital footprints won’t put you in trouble later on. With the help of the right tools, you won’t have to worry about anything you are surfing online. This is where Private Browser Care kicks in & helps you with clearing out browsing history like a pro.

So, don’t waste much of your time & download Private Browser Care app on your device to clear out your digital footprints.

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