Is Incognito Mode Safe? Find Out Here!

Is Incognito Mode Safe? Find Out Here!

Everyone has their own way to enjoy private browsing mode. We may surf a new job from the job portals or the latest series of Kylie Cosmetics on the new incognito window while working.

But what do you think is incognito mode safe? Ahm No, it’s not. You may be surprised by knowing that browsing in chrome’s private mode is not safe anymore, no matter how much you thought of it.

incognito mode safe

With the help of this blog, we will share the ways through which you can be tracked by private browsing on chrome or by another anonymous browser.

Is Private Browsing Mode Safe. Lets find out:

1. Browser Fingerprinting Are There!

Browser Fingerprinting Are There

If you think that private browsing on chrome is safe and no one will know about your intentions? I am sorry but you are absolutely wrong! Until and unless you have enabled Browser Fingerprinting on your PC, you are not Safe!

What is Browser Fingerprinting?

What is Browser Fingerprinting

The procedure of monitoring your daily online tracking with the accurate method is known as Browser Fingerprinting. With this method, the website has information about active plugins, languages, operating system, time zones and active settings. You can check your private browsing mode through this Am I Unique. Scared enough?

Before Entering into private browsing mode, make sure to check you could be tracked or not, mainly when you are at the workplace. Stop searching for a new job when you are at work!

2. Browsing History Can be Tracked Anytime (Chrome’s Private Mode Too)

There is no option to clear browsing history on the new incognito window correct? While browsing your favourite content on chrome’s private mode, you might think no one will never get caught your devilish ventures.

Chrome’s Private Mode Too

Do you know the ISP?

ISP stands for  (Internet Service Provider), that helps you with internet access. Whether it’s a home or company ISP is accessible from anywhere.

Coming back to the point, ISP or network admin has all the internet data from tip to toe. By the way, Google has complete access to your browsing history. Unfortunately, private browsing on chrome is not at all safe!

So if you are done with watching “Friends!” on an anonymous browser and thinking no one will ever get to know about this? Knock your network admin’s door, he will give you all information about what you have watched or searched in private browsing mode.

3. IP Address Remain Same On The Anonymous Browser

When it comes to private browsing mode, we may ignore the fact that the IP address remains the same on the anonymous browser. IP gives all the information to your ISP or network admin and yes they can track your online activity anytime! In this situation, you can take help from the VPN.


These VPN helps in secure browsing, but that doesn’t mean you can hide or surf private browsing on the chrome.

Is incognito mode completely safe through the VPN, what are your views? Share them with us in the comment box below.

4. Websites Know You!

When you enter the private browsing on chrome, the traffic doesn’t own any other encryption. Websites can easily track down your path and trace where you’re connecting from.

Websites Know You

Hence surfing on these anonymous browsers can show geographical locations. These Websites also track you with HTTP Referrer, Cookies, Tracking Scripts, Digital Fingerprints.

Alas! You are not safe in the new incognito window.

5. Hold On! Browser Extensions Monitors You

Browser Extensions Monitors


Well, no one has ever thought these browser extensions could monitor you. But sadly yes, these extensions know everything that ever you are doing on the new incognito window. When you are out of private browsing on chrome, the browser extensions stores all the information and do the same in the private browsing mode.

Like these notorious extensions, malware programs also track you down as they don’t ask for permission. Have you heard about Keystroke logging? It is a keyboard capturing. Amazed? Yes, you can be monitored by the actions of key struck on the keyboards.

That’s All Folks~

If you are planning to catch some glimpse of Avenue 5 or plan to switch jobs, don’t surf anything in private browsing mode. We have shared top ways by which you can be monitored by private browsing on chrome or by another anonymous browser.

Is incognito mode safe? I hope you will get the answer through this blog. Have you ever been caught while surfing in a new incognito window? Share your tale with us in the comment section below.

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