10 Best iCloud Drive Alternatives For iPhone or iPad

10 Best iCloud Drive Alternatives For iPhone or iPad

Is your iCloud space running low? Looking for alternatives to iCloud storage? The iCloud Drive is Apple’s answer to well-liked cloud storage platforms like Google Drive. Your chats, iPhone backups, and images are all stored in iCloud, and you can use iCloud Drive to store whatever items you choose.

However, even almost ten years after its launch, iCloud only offers 5GB of free cloud storage. This indicates if you’re using iCloud frequently enough, you’ll eventually require additional storage space. Thankfully, there are alternatives to iCloud that provide comparable functionality and occasionally even more storage capacity (and for a lower price).

Top 10 iCloud Storage Alternative for iPhone & iPad

In this way, if you use iCloud frequently enough, you may need additional storage space at some time. Even though iCloud+ is pay-to-use, some customers could decide to utilize another cloud service instead. These are the 10 best solutions available thus far if you’re seeking alternatives to iCloud storage.

List of Contents

  • 1. Google Drive
  • 2. Microsoft Onedrive
  • 3. Amazon Cloud Drive
  • 4. Dropbox
  • 5. pCloud
  • 6. Box
  • 7. Sync.com
  • 8. Icedrive
  • 9. Cryptomator
  • 10. Cryptee
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  • To Wrap This Up

1. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is the greatest alternative to iCloud Drive because of its automatic backups and a large quantity of free storage. You could already have access to Google Drive because it is included as complimentary with a Gmail account. Additionally, Google Drive provides 15GB of data for free and charges 1.99$ per month for 100GB of storage. Therefore, Google Drive is among the best iCloud Drive substitutes.


Size: 225.6MB
Requires: iOS and iPadOS 14.0 or later
Version: 4.2022.24201

Key Features:

  • Compatible with iOS and macOS.
  • Includes a specific app for images, and you can regularly back up your photos.
  • Google Drive files can also be color-coded for simple categorization.

Download Google Drive from here.

2. Microsoft Onedrive

Microsoft Onedrive

OneDrive has full integration with Word, Excel, and other Office programs, offering all the “anywhere” access, backup, security, and sharing capabilities you would anticipate from a company like Microsoft. Because Microsoft OneDrive supports several platforms, you may view your stored files from any location and device. The free account comes with 5GB of storage space, but you may upgrade to a premium plan to obtain more space.


Size: 293MB
Requires: iOS and iPadOS 14.0 or later
Version: 13.23.3

Key Features:

  • The ability to download files only when necessary to save storage space is known as “Files On-Demand” capabilities.
  • You may back up private data in Personal Vault, a password- and biometrics-protected storage folder.
  • Compatible with iOS and macOS.

Download Microsoft Onedrive from here.

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3. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive

Every Prime member who uses Amazon Drive receives 5GB. Remember that you have  5GB of free storage space if you already have an Amazon Prime account or are considering signing up. Additionally, you can upgrade your storage, beginning at $1.99 per month for 100GB. Using the Amazon Images or Amazon Drive apps, you may save files, photos, and videos on the free storage. Once uploaded, you may access those files on other devices through the Amazon Drive app.


Size: 72.7MB
Requires: iOS and iPadOS 10.0 or later
Version: 1.9.4

Key Features:

  • It features a built-in function for maintaining file backups.
  • Additionally, you may use it to preview server-stored documents and play music and movies.
  • You may also request that actual copies of your images be shipped to you or a special someone via the Amazon Photos app.

Download Amazon Cloud Drive from here.

4. Dropbox


The majority of the bases are covered by Dropbox, making it an all-in-one cloud storage solution even though it may not be an exact replacement for iCloud Photos. Dropbox is ideal for a flexible cloud storage solution because it accepts more than 170 file formats. The limited 2GB of free online storage is the single significant drawback of Dropbox. The 2TB storage plan costs $11.99 monthly if you want extra capacity.


Size: 222.2MB
Requires: iOS and iPadOS 13.1 or later
Version: 286.2

Key Features:

  • More than 175 distinct file formats are supported.
  • A portable document scanner.
  • Allows for automatic upload of photos to cloud storage.

Download Dropbox from here.

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5. pCloud


With pCloud, you can store any kind of file on the web and retrieve them from any device or platform at any time. This includes photos, videos, documents, music, and other data types. Your iPhone data will be secure and safe with pCloud backup, and you can restore the data in the event of loss, phone transfer, and theft. pCloud has a function called Crypto that allows you to secure your data. pCloud provides 10GB of data for free and charges 7.99$ per month for 2TB in the yearly plan.


Size: 90.8MB
Requires: iOS and iPadOS 12.3 or later
Version: 2.25.1

Key Features:

  • Compatible with iOS and macOS.
  • SSL/TLS Encryption.
  • pCloud saves your data on at least three different servers to increase data protection.

Download pCloud from here.

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6. Box


The Box is a leading cloud storage solution that you can use for your iPhone & iPad. You can keep documents, notes, photographs, and videos in its astounding 10GB of free storage. It is an ideal iCloud storage alternative that lets you collaborate, share, and encrypt your stuff. Your data will be both encrypted and decrypted before and after transmitting. Box offers 10GB of free storage with every account; that’s more than its rivals provide.


Size: 156.5MB
Requires: iOS and iPadOS 14.0 or later
Version: 5.7.8

Key Features:

  • Integration of Google WorkSpace and Office 365.
  • Better overall OS integration.
  • It uses AES 256-bit encryption for secure uploads and downloads.

Download Box from here.

7. Sync.com


Sync.com is the finest cloud storage service; however, due to its slower speeds, it falls short of taking first place. Even on its free plan, it is incredibly safe, encrypting your whole storage with zero-knowledge encryption. Sync offers full end-to-end AES-256 encryption using TLS and 5GB of cloud storage, so only you can access your information. You can upgrade to a premium plan by paying 8$ per month for 2TB in the yearly plan.


Size: 82.4MB
Requires: iOS and iPadOS 9.0 or later
Version: 3.7.12

Key Features:

  • Infinite data transfer.
  • Microsoft Office is fully supported.
  • Extremely tough to surpass in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Download Sync from here.

8. Icedrive


Icedrive, a relatively new service, provides remarkable speeds and top-notch security at a fair price. Furthermore, its elegant user interface on desktop and mobile devices leaves little to be wished for in terms of appearance, making it appear totally at ease on any Apple gadget. You may use Icedrive’s special “drive mounting” software to access your cloud services from your desktop as if it were a real hard drive or USB. 10GB of cloud space is free, and the yearly subscription is $4.17/month for 1TB.


Size: 21.9MB
Requires: iOS and iPadOS 11.0 or later
Version: 1.2.5

Key Features:

  • It uses Zero-Knowledge encryption.
  • The less well-known Twofish technique is used by Icedrive for encryption.
  • Any kind of data, even your email address, is not collected by Icedrive.

Download Icedrive from here.

9. Cryptomator


Cryptomator appears to be a solid rival to iCloud Photos for anyone looking for an online backup solution that provides end-to-end security. As the name indicates, It is built on the free, open-source OBJ-C Cryptor library. Using Cryptomator, you can build safe vaults and store them on a hard drive or in the cloud afterward. You can quickly use biometric authentication to unlock your vaults because it accepts both Touch & Face ID.


Size: 88MB
Requires: iOS and iPadOS 10.0 or later
Version: 1.6.3

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with all the leading cloud storage systems
  • Provides end-to-end encryption.
  • Allows you to create several safe vaults.

Download Cryptomator from here.

10. Cryptee


Last on our list, Cryptee is much more than a straightforward photo storage service. It may be used to store papers and notes in addition to photographs. To prevent hackers from accessing your pictures, it employs AES-256 encryption. Furthermore, neither Cryptee nor any third parties have access to unencrypted data or the ability to examine your data. You may thus be confident that your private photos will be secure and hidden from curious eyes.


Size: 72.6MB
Requires: iOS and iPadOS 10.0 or later
Version: 2.24.3

Key Features:

  • With Ghost Albums, you may conceal your private images.
  • Offers full end-to-end AES-256 encryption.
  • Enables you to keep images in their original quality.

Download Cryptee from here.

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Bonus Entry:

Verizon Cloud

Verizon Cloud

Verizon Cloud provides room for your digital life, making it simple to back up and retrieve your pictures, movies, and documents safely and confidentially. Keep your material close on your smartphones, access it whenever you need it from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, and quickly move content across devices. Additionally, Verizon Cloud is one of just a few cloud providers that provide an unlimited plan.

In comparison to other providers, Verizon Cloud is equally pricey. Unlimited storage costs $19.99 per month, 2TB costs $14.99, and 600GB costs $6.


Size: 225.6MB
Requires: iOS and iPad OS 14.0 or later
Version: 4.2022.24201

Key Features:

  • You can quickly share your material with friends and family using your preferred applications.
  • A secret folder with a PIN can be used to secure sensitive information.
  • Back up your images and videos in their original sizes.

Download Verizon Cloud from here.

To Wrap This Up

That’s basically it! These are the best alternatives to iCloud storage that you can use to sync and store your data, images, and videos. The above-mentioned cloud image storage alternatives fulfill all the essentials to qualify as respectable options. So, which alternative to iCloud Photos is your preferred one? Let us know in the comments below.

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