Work From Home Apps To Ease Your Work Life

Work From Home Apps To Ease Your Work Life

We all are amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and due to the lockdown majority of us are working from home and maintaining Social Distancing. This is the time when we need ourselves to be prepared up with all the necessities of our daily lives including some work from home essentials. Yes, we are talking about setting up your system, your workstation, and installing all the necessary apps you’ll be requiring while working remotely.

Right apps allow you to simplify your day and this quarantine we have come up with some essential work from home apps that will be at their disposal, making remote working no longer an inconvenience.

Check here the list of some prominent and must-have work from home apps to ensure you do not face any trouble while on your job role from a remote place.

Best Work From Home Apps 2020

To Set Up Virtual Meetings:

1. Zoom

Zoom - Work From Home Apps

For a complete suite of video conferencing and communication, Zoom is one of the best work from home apps and is a great choice to host or join virtual meetings while working remotely. This amazing video conferencing tool lets you add as many people as you want to the conversation and even you can use this platform to host webinars, record Zoom meetings etc. With Zoom, you can record and broadcast meetings for later as well. If you’re not happy using Zoom, you can always look out for some of the popular Zoom alternatives.

2. Team Viewer

Team Viewer - Work From Home Apps

A tool for remote collaboration with your employees is as important as anything like business continuity. This is why you need a tool that allows you to share your desktop screen, conduct online meetings, web conferencing and even file transfer between devices. However, this work from apps is just like Zoom, it is always better to have two options so that you can switch between them in case of urgency.

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To Set Up An Effective Communication Platform

3. Slack

Slack - Work From home app

Slack is Microsoft’s chat and communication platform that can also be used to transfer files and share documents with your team members with ease. With the free version of Slack, you can only send and archive a limited number of messages between a team. Well, companies can further opt for Slack’s paid version which makes it easy for bigger teams to communicate and coordinate while working remotely.

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4. Skype

Skype - Effective Communication Plateform

Other than Microsoft’s Slack, you can always rely on old Skype for business for your organizational communications through chat, audio and video calls. Skype has various versions like Skype lite, Skype business, regular Skype etc. You can use any of these for smooth communication between you and your colleagues. You can use Skype as an efficient tool of communication to manage your work calls during work from home.

Document Management/Sharing Platform

5. Google Drive

Google Drive - Document Management Platform

This is yet another important tool to be added in the list of essential work from home apps. Google Drive is a collaborative platform wherein you can create docs, slides and share them within your teams. The best advantage of Google Drive is that you can use it with your existing Gmail account. This tool is quite convenient for those who deal and communicate through docs, slides and sheets etc. The storage on Google Drive’s free version is limited to 15GB but if you want to increase it at any time, you can do it by buying its paid version.

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Wrap Up:

So, these were some of the essential apps that can help you work smoothly from anywhere other than your office. Remember, during these tough times of COVID-19, it is important to stay home, maintain Social Distancing and work remotely until the situation gets better. Till then, you can use this amazing work from home apps handy for a smooth workflow even during COVID-19. Let us know if you wish to add any other application in the list. We have our ears open!

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