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Best Hyperlapse Apps for Android You Can Use
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Best Hyperlapse Apps for Android You Can Use

Due to continuous expectations from users & ideas to make things better than before, transformations take place. Similar thing happened with smartphone photography which has enhanced through years from the time it started. Almost every manufacturer attempts to bring new features in camera functionality to make it look interesting for users.

Hyperlapse Apps for Android

& one of those interesting features is time lapsing videos that we all have witnessed from big budget movies to realistic cinema or web series. Have you ever witnessed clips where you can actually see people/objects walking faster or weather changing within seconds (in fast forward mode)? If yes, then that’s  a time lapse & if not, then look at the below clip:

Hyperlapse Apps
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Now that we know what time lapsing is all about, what if I tell you that you can make this type of clips on your smartphone. Sounds interesting??

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Here Are The Best Hyperlapse Apps for Your Android Phone

The tool/software/app that’s been used to make those time lapsing clips is called Hyperlapse apps. These awesome apps have been developed by many developers with the same purpose of giving you the experience of a lifetime within seconds. So without further ado, let’s look at the best Hyperlapse apps for your smartphone:

1. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

You talk about best hyperlapse apps & there is nothing that can beat Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile over anything. The perfect combination of quality, brand, & reliability, this app comes with the simplest user interface you can ask for. The homescreen of the hyperlapse app displays two options, Import existing video & Record new video.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

These two options help you import existing videos & give hyperlapse effects as well as the other one lets you record brand new hyperlapse videos. Additionally, you have the liberty to crop different parts or sections of the video clips in the easiest way possible.

& when it comes to the quality & configuration, you can choose from 1x to 32x times the normal speed & can save the video in 720 or 1080p resolutions.

Download this absolutely FREE hyperlapse app, Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile on your smartphone right away.

2. Framelapse Pro: Time Lapse Camera (Fast Motion)

Another addition to the list is Framelapse Pro that’s been marketed as “Get Ready to Lapse Through Time”. Developed with the purpose of helping you with fast motion videos that lets you capture many moments within seconds. Along with beautiful themes, Framelapse Pro lets you set video durations to automatically stop recording.

Framelapse Pro

Few of the features of this Hyperlapse app that can officer you include front & back camera support, self-timer, white balance, color effects, exposure compensation, & whatnot. So you can start recording high quality time-lapse clips effortlessly & for that, you must thank the simple, fast and intuitive interface.

Start capturing hyperlapse & time lapsing videos like setting sun within seconds with the help of Framelapse Pro Camera app.

3. Lapse It – Time Lapse Camera

Undoubtedly one of the best Hyperlapse apps for your Android smartphone, Lapse It is an award-winning full featured app for capturing amazing time-lapse and stop motion videos with your Android camera. You don’t need anything else such as highly expensive equipment to do the job because Lapse It has covered everything for you.

Lapse It

Lapse It has the ability to import the image sequences from your DSLR or GoPro cameras as well as add absolutely mind blowing effect filters to make your lapse even more stunning. Like Microsoft Hyperlapse Camera, Lapse it also lets you import pre-recorded videos & create slow motion and fast motion versions of those.

So let’s start creating the magnificent & stunning fast motion time lapsing clips in the easiest ways possible.

4. Time Lapse Camera

The list is getting better & better with every addition & now we have got ourselves, Time Lapse Camera that has the simplest UI you have ever used. With this amazing tool, you can create stunning videos and publish them on YouTube in a couple of clicks. Because of this unique time lapsing concept, you get to fast playback the slow processes that aren’t usually noticeable to the eye.

Time Lapse Camera

& since the whole time lapse concept isn’t something everyone is familiar with, you have a chance to surprise everyone with your own Photo Lapse videos. The duration you can choose to show the time lapse can vary from as less as 60 seconds to as more as 12 hours. The features (Photo Lapse & Time Lapse) are amazingly useful once you know how to use them properly.

So download this awesome tool, Time Lapse Camera on your Android device right away & start making time lapsing videos.

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5. PicPac Stop

Yeah, the name seems funny but this app is worth exploring if you are narrowing down the hyperlapse apps for your Android device. Apart from shooting your time lapsing videos, the tool lets you import as well as convert those videos into time lapse clips. & don’t forget to give your video the final touch by adding the kind of audio you want.

PicPac Stop

PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse tool is an interesting & reliable hyperlapse app that comes in FREE version & limited features. & this goes without saying if you switch to Pro version, there are no limits on the quality & rich features as well as you wouldn’t want to switch back to any other hyperlapse apps.

So download this magnificent & worth-your-time hyperlapse app, PicPac Stop Motion on your device.

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6. Slow Motion & Timelapse Video Editor – Speed Invid

Fully compatible with your Android smartphone, Slow Motion & Timelapse Video Editor is another hyperlapse app that has the capability to change the original speed of a video clip. That means you can simply convert your already-existing-original-speed-video into a timelapse video with as little as possible manual work.

Slow Motion & Timelapse Video Editor

One of the limitations with the Slow Motion & Timelapse Video Editor app is that it doesn’t let you record slow motion or timelapse videos. The tool lets you tweak the already existing one in your device & apart from the speed, you can crop, color edit, & trim those videos the way you like.

So not the best bet to create timelapse videos but to convert your normal videos into timelapse ones, Slow Motion & Timelapse Video Editor app is the best tool on your Android device.

7. Time Lapse Camera & Video

Just as the name suggests, Time Lapse Camera & Video tool is another hyperlapse app you can opt for. Since the tool is totally compatible with both the media file types (image as well as video clip), you can tweak every video you want. There are no video length limits you can go for & that tool with the resolution you think, works for you.

Time Lapse Camera & Video

Time Lapse Camera & Video tool has been considered as one of the most powerful time lapse camera apps that comes with tons of recording and previewing options you can choose from. & mind you, the UI is so simple that you won’t have to be a tech geek in order to access this tool that can give a good fight to professional tools.

So don’t wait up & download this powerful hyperlapse app, Time Lapse Camera & Video tool on your Android smartphone right now.

Wrapping Up

Time lapsing videos have been a treat to the eyes depending on what moments we’d want to see happening in fast or slow motion. The above mentioned hyperlapse apps for your Android smartphone will make your day & there are apps that can give you the same experience on your iOS device as well. The above enlisted apps are the perfect combo of reliability, security, & effectiveness that won’t dissatisfy you whatsoever.

So grab the one that you can or explore all of them & choose the one that meets your requirements.

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