Best Augmented Reality Android Apps in 2024

Best Augmented Reality Android Apps in 2024

Augmented Reality is one of the coolest & most common features we use in our day to day lives (knowingly/unknowingly). & despite the fact that we are using this technology almost every day, augmented reality never fails to surprise us with its versatility.

Best augmented Reality Android Apps

& as heavy & complicated as it sounds, Augmented Reality doesn’t need powerful tools or equipment to be implemented. The only thing AR would require is your cell phone (smartphone or iPhone) & here the heaviness would depend on you (which model you buy). So in order to use this amazing feature around you better than before, let’s give you the best AR apps for your smartphone.

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Best Augmented Reality Android Apps in 2024

1. Myty AR

From bringing non-stop excitement to trying to redecorate your home, Augmented Reality technology can be very beneficial. & that is why the topmost AR Android app in our list is Myty AR that will make your whole experience easier than ever before. You get to put the virtual version of all those materials you want in your house & see if they fit with your expectations.

Myty AR

& for that to happen & measure things accurately, Myty AR is there to help you out & lead you to the decision if you want that piece of wood or decorated item in your house or not. Additionally, the tool comes with so many features & images that you will get tired just by exploring those,

One of the best features I liked while using Myty AR was the ability to do anything with my room, my virtual room. Yeah. I can create a virtual room & alter anything from the floor color to the sofa or you name it.

So download this rich-features-packed augmented reality Android app, Myty AR on your smartphone & redecorate your home.

2. Civilisations AR

Another absolutely FREE to use Augmented Reality Android app, Civilisations AR brings art and culture direct to you from across the world. If you are one of those history lovers then this tool is the best solution you can opt for. Developed by the BBC Media Applications is completely linked with BBC documentary series so you can guess what’s about to unfold.

Civilisations AR

Exploring history in itself is a treat to your thoughts & if you add Augmented reality in this experience, everything is golden. You get to discover the ancient Egypt secrets & reveal hidden layers beneath Renaissance masterpieces.

Access & download this amazingly augmented reality Android app on your device & start exploring the history.

3. Quiver

QuiverVision is one of the developers who is known for creating mobile apps for kids, families, & schools. Quiver is one of the premier products from QuiverVision that’s been getting appreciation for creating engaging experiences for all of its users. Especially for kids who will be witnessing their creative combo of colors magically coming to life on the smartphone.


Apart from the surprises Quiver brings for the kids, the same tool also captures photos and videos of your creations to share with friends. The user interface of Quiver is also quite simplified so that you don’t face any issues while navigating through the app. Just download the inbuilt coloring pages through the app, color them up, & then scan through the same app to bring those worlds and characters to life with the help of augmented reality concept.

So don’t wait up, visit the Play Store & download this one of the best AR Android apps on your device right away.

4. WallaMe

Augmented Reality is already an entertaining concept in itself & what if I tell you that you can use the same concept for painting on walls. Yeah!! With the help of this unique AR Android app WallaMe (on your smartphone), you can leave messages or paint your virtual walls to show your creativity. Moreover you can share those creative art paintings & messages with people anywhere in the world.


Fully compatible with your Android device, WallaMe is your best choice for sharing augmented reality messages with your friends, capturing images with the camera and creating augmented reality drawings.

Let’s start using this unique & effective Augmented Reality Android app on our devices & start painting freely.

5. Just a Line

Google never fails to surprise us & that the company has proved many times in the past. From being the answer to almost everything to helping users with different apps/software, let’s welcome another addition to the list of best Augmented reality Android apps. Just a Line has been developed by Google Creative Lab & lets you draw anywhere from (literally) with the help of AR.

Just a Line

A quite impressive product, Just a Line is exactly the definition of Augmented Reality because you can actually draw anywhere on the screen & the whole screen will have its effect. Once you are done with your drawing, you can share the same with your friends & family members in the form of a short video.

Wrapping Up

Augmented Reality has been spreading its legs in our day to day lives & we cannot stop it because of the convenience it brings or the excitement or engagement. Augmented reality has also been amazingly useful for us from keeping children entertained along with study as well as business benefits.

Explore this technology, be a part of it, & start using the above mentioned Augmented Reality apps on your smartphones.

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