Best Dancing Apps To Learn Dance During Self Quarantine!

Best Dancing Apps To Learn Dance During Self Quarantine!

Amidst COVID 19 pandemic what you did or have you explored any amazing skill of yours? Truth to be told, before self-quarantine we were so busy in hectic schedules, office work and other stuff.

During this self-quarantine period, we try to find many new ways to entertain one that could be your hobby or any activities you like. Likewise, this article is dedicated to one of the most popular hobbies that everyone has and it is “Dancing”. Do you like dancing or back years you wanted to adapt it as a hobby?

Learn Dancing

If yes, you are at the right place, we are going to share a list of amazing dancing apps that will teach you “How To Dance?”

Best Dancing Apps That Teaches You To Dance

1. Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now - Dancing app

We have a Just Dance app that could help you to grove in a perfect way. You can dance with 10, 100 or 1000 players all at once, in short you can dance with the entire world within a few taps. Moreover, you can also create a playlist of your favorite songs to start the party from.

Another smart feature of Just Dance app is that it lets you know how many calories you have burnt while dancing from the Healthkit dashboard. If we talk about its user interface it is based on video games consoles and offers easy   navigation to understand its features.

This dancing app is all set to install on your Android device from here

2. Hip Hop Dance Workout

Hip Hop Dance Workout App

We have a Hip Hop dancing app on our list that will teach some amazing hip hop moves during this lockdown! This app comprises almost 50+ dance steps that are categorized in breaking, popping and locking. Apart from this, you will also love breakdance footwork, top rock, hop dance, freeze and so on.

This dancing app offers a user-friendly UI that helps you to understand and learn easy dance moves. Apart from this, you will get workout reminders every day and dance is guided through 3D video. In addition to this, this app also records your progress so that you can understand where you are standing in terms of accomplishments.

You can install Hip Hop app for easy dances to learn from here

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3. Belly Dance Fitness Workout

Belly Dance Fitness Workout App

Belly dancing! It’s an amazing way to stay in shape and to move your body in a rhythm. This belly dance app is all set to offer belly dancing tutorials without much efforts. The tutorials are distinguished between weight loss, beginner, and for other advanced fitness classes.

“Sweating and feeling sensual! Just took a beginner course and felt great after! The instructors were very graceful. The whole experience was relaxing for muscles and mind while providing a great work out. This app actually teaches dance!! XD Thanks so much for creating this app! Can’t wait for my next work out- User”

To get some amazing belly dance lessons you can install this dancing app from here

4. Pocket Salsa Free

Pocket Salsa Free App

Salsa is fun! Indeed this is a lively dance that burns calories in an easy and fastest way. Pocket Salsa app is the best way to learn salsa within simple instructions, this app is also praised by Canada’s AppCentral TV and New York Times.  You will learn basic salsa lessons to attain mastery in dancing art.

In addition to this, you can learn the salsa dance form from various instruments such as Latin Clave and Tumbao Drum, interesting!!  Moreover, you can also watch the amazing Addicted2Salsa TV show.

This salsa dancing app is available on the Play Store.

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5. Elf Yourself

Elf Yourself - Dancing App

Elf Yourself app is a funny and best way to create your dance videos with your friends by featuring faces on these dancing elves. You can use five photos in a selected dance video and this dancing app will automatically generate your elf.

Elf yourself is a free app that doesn’t provide any dancing tutorials. Instead, it helps to create funny videos without making much effort. This is surely good news for couch potatoes!

Elf Yourself Free App is available on the Play Store.

Which Dancing App Will You Choose?

Which dancing app will you choose to enhance your dancing skills; don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below. I hope you like this article and have already thought to boost your grooving skills through above mentioned dancing apps.

Don’t forget to share this content with your friends or family, they might too need a hobby or a way to stay entertained. Subscribe to our newsletter for amazing tech related tips and tricks!

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