WHO is Ready to Launch Coronavirus App Today

WHO is Ready to Launch Coronavirus App Today

The only news we all are seeking now is either the vaccination for COVID-19 or the accurate information about the virus. The accurate info means all about symptoms, initial-stage-recovery, steps-not-to-follow-misconception, & the actual number of cases all over the world.

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Not that knowing the numbers is going to affect anybody in particular. The big impact can make people a bit more attentive than what they are now. A few of the many service providers went ahead & created COVID-19 tracker or app for people around the world. The tracker lets you check the stats according to region specific or the world as a whole.

World Health Organization & COVID-19 App

Being reliable onto something comes with experience and especially when it directly concerns your health. Similarly, the World Health Organization has played a big role while addressing the world about health concerns and it has never failed.

Coronavirus tracker

World Health Organization & COVID-19 App

Recently, the WHO has announced to launch a COVID-19 app called WHO MyHealth on dated 30th March.

WHO Myhealth app will have all the useful information that’s been shared on the official WhatsApp chatbot. The initial version of the app will include info about self-diagnose help and assistance. The future versions will be embedded with information helping people fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The app has been developed as an open-source tool that will be quite similar to WhatsApp chatbot at the initial stage. 

Former Microsoft & Google employees + WHO advisors = WHO MyHealth App

In collaboration with Former Microsoft & Google employees, WHO advisers developed the MyHealth app with tips, news, & alerts about COVID-29 to keep people updated.

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What Info WHO Myhealth App Will Include?

Along with the usual information about symptoms and debunking misconceptions, the app will have advanced features in coming versions. Currently, the app will have info related to the actual number of cases all around the world, tips to keep yourself updated, & alerts to make you aware.

Gradually, you will experience features like traveling advice, get-protected-from-infection, & COVID-19 myths. The futuristic plan includes sending a self-assessment alert notification to assess symptoms of you “having any.

“Leveraging existing technology like Google Maps, allows users to indicate whether they have been diagnosed or have come into contact with COVID-19 patients. In addition, request permission to track historic location data on their device.”

Since Microsoft had created the tracker a while ago, other entities/countries are also following in & developing apps and websites for Coronavirus. Recently the news about the Government of India working on an app (CoWin-20) with similar features got announced.

GPS & CoWin-20 App

GPS will play a vital role for COVID-19 apps to fulfill the purpose as the user will be able to detect the situation nearby his/her location. The mobile operating systems based apps will be based on the GPS tracker to give the users a better picture.

Wherein, Indian government is working on tracking the user’s travelling history via the CoWin-20 app. This will result in getting info about the people, the user made contact after the travelling.

GPS & CoWin-20 App
Image source: ibtimes.co.in

For now, the CoWin-20 app is in beta testing mode for both iOS & AndroidOS platforms.

Wrapping Up

The MyHealth App from WHO will have a big effect on people who still think of COVID-19 as cold & cough. The big tech giants have already started telling users to debunk the Coronavirus myths & looking for the initial stage symptoms. The COVID-19 tracker is already providing stats according to the geographic boundaries along with latest news.

Don’t forget to access the different reliable trackers provided from big giants and keep yourself updated on COVID-19 pandemic.

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