6 Technology Tips To Help You With COVID-19

6 Technology Tips To Help You With COVID-19

Novel Coronavirus has affected the world big time as a whole. From cancellation of school sessions to adjourned executive meetings, everyone has been hit by COVID-19. Since the World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 as Pandemic, the corporate world has started taking a bit seriously. This resulted in people staying and working from home so check out the tech tips to help you with the COVID-19 situation.

The frustration and what-to-do emotion in above post can be felt by each one of us so let’s start with the most important tip & that is our HEALTH:

Technology Tips To Help You With Coronavirus

1. Stay Informed & Eat Healthy

Since we are discussing the tips that can help us out with COVID-19, the first & foremost one is staying healthy & be informed about COVID-19. The Novel Coronavirus is spreading fast and the response from higher authorities isn’t better. You need to be on the top of the game to understand what Coronavirus is & if the virus is spreading in your nearby areas. You also need to be sure with what you need to follow or not. 

Stay Informed & Eat Healthy

Nowadays, we believe social media more than anything & we need to come out of the bubble that everything posted there isn’t correct. A lot of the news gets tweaked in a way that the post gets more views than usual one. For example, YouTube’s taken the initiative to demonetize every news if it isn’t from a reliable source. Similarly, you need to research on your own and trust the facts, not the news.

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2. Wash Your Hands

This goes without saying but compared to normal situations, you need to wash your hands more often. The tips have been shared by many reliable sources to wash hands and your face thrice or four times a day. 

Wash Your Hands

We touch our face many times a day and since COVID-19 is at peak point, the probability of getting bacterias is higher than ever. So, do remember to wash your hands quite often than usual.

3. Wear Disposable Plastic Gloves

Google knows everything and it solves a lot of your daily life problems, however, there are a few where you need matter in your hands. While visiting any public place, try to wear disposable plastic gloves that will help you not to get in touch of bacteria. We all are trying to avoid the social gathering but maybe one day, we will have to go out & buy groceries, I believe. 

Wear Disposable Plastic Gloves

Imagine while visiting a supermarket, we touch items that may have been touched by a lot of people. Just use the gloves while visiting social places so that when you come back home or get into your vehicle, the bacteria won’t get transferred.

4. Shake Hands Virtually

We are in an era where tech can solve anything & everything for you. However, while meeting people, as a common gesture, we are used to shaking hands or best buddies hugging each other. Let’s use the technology a bit more and to be away from COVID-19 disease, let’s start shaking hands virtually. 

Shake Hands Virtually

Additionally, while shaking hands virtually you can also add different emoji that literally displays your emotions.

5. Explore Online Market

One of the easiest and entertaining ways to spend your time at home is exploring the online market. Exploring the online market means clothes shopping, groceries, jeweler, & whatnot. This step from your end will decrease the risk of getting into contact with COVID-19 virus bacteria. 

Explore Online Market


Buying things online to ignore the socially crowded places isn’t an ideal situation to be in. However, because of the COVID-19 crisis and festival seasons, the online e-retailers are offering amazing discounts. Grab them when you can & keep avoiding COVID-19.

6. Start Hanging out Virtually

We all know how much we love hanging out with our friends or colleagues over a cup of coffee or beer. But, due to COVID-19 it’s better advised to hang out with friends virtually instead of meeting them in person. 

Start Hanging out Virtually

It’s relieving meeting your friends once in a while but let’s do it virtually to avoid COVID-19 virus spreading.


Since COVID-19 has been declared as a Pandemic, it’s better to avoid social gatherings and stay home. You can work from home, spend more time with family, watch new shows or series, create a list of best horror movies & watch them, online food order, play video or PSP games, resume paused projects, give yourself a chance to become a pro, and whatnot.

There are n number of ways to entertain yourself while being at home instead of going out and increasing the chances of being infected by Coronavirus. We know it seems absurd that if you go out, you will get Coronavirus, but the probability will increase for sure. And no one can deny that.

So just keep yourself safe, eat healthy, keep your informed, & maybe start a new habit to learn new stuff.

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