Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tracker – A Breakthrough By Microsoft Bing Team

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tracker – A Breakthrough By Microsoft Bing Team

It’s not a secret how COVID-19 has affected the world and after a long time, all of us have united in this crucial time. Everyone from all over the world is showing support to fight through the disease and come out stronger. Many public figures are uploading motivating and inspiring videos to face the problem with smiles and patience.

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In this crucial time, the only thing that can harm us more than the disease is, the misconception about Coronavirus. And companies like YouTube are taking proper actions to stop this misconception info. The accurate info is the only cure to the misconception and the tech giant Google is trying to help as much as it can.

Microsoft Bing Team & COVID-19 Tracker

Another tech giant Microsoft has gone one step ahead by launching a COVID-19 tracker. The company assembled a Microsoft Bing team and made it happen successfully. The team has continuously been working to give you the correct stats on the web portal that will be tracking all the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) infected cases all around the globe.

COVID-19 tracker

The portal has been created to check the infected, recovered, & fatal cases as a whole and filtered by region as well. From all the countries that have had any positive cases will have their data here with the current status of the same.

Michael Schechter, General Manager for Bing Growth and Distribution at Microsoft talked about COVID-19 tracker – “Lots of Bing folks worked (from home) this past week to create a mapping and authoritative news resource for COVID19 info.

A quite basic yet informative platform that will give you all the data about the number of Coronavirus cases all over the world. You can visit the COVID-19 tracker, filter according to the specific country and check the updated number of cases in a particular country. You also can check if any of the countries have had recovered cases and the relevant news about it.

US Coronavirus Stats

Filtered by regions, you can click on the country, check the number of recovered, fatal, & infected cases. The platform will also let you read the latest news about Cioronavirus in that particular country. This quite narrows down your search if you want to know the stats of any specific region.

Reliability of COVID-19 Tracker

The top trending topic in the world currently doesn’t give liberty to miscommunicate or provide any incorrect information so reliability & credibility is quite important. That is why the bing team has decided to consolidate and sort out the data from the authorities like the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

CDC Covid-19

The high authorities like the above have proved their reliabilities for a long time and that is why these platforms can be trusted.

Trump, Google, & Microsoft Bing’s COVID-19 Tracker Launching

Recently, Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America had announced that Google is working on a website that will be wholly dedicated to Coronavirus info. It will consist of all the information about the Novel Coronavirus from the symptoms to precautionary steps; & from informing citizens to promote greater awareness. Apart from the Coronavirus info, the website from Google will also have details about the local testing centers nearby for public convenience.

The tweet (in parts) from Google Communications had confirmed the collaboration between the company and the US government.

Google Communication tweeted, “We are fully aligned and continue to work with the US Government to contain the spread of COVID-19, inform citizens, and protect the health of our communities. Google is partnering with the US Government in developing a nationwide website that includes information about COVID-19 symptoms, risk and testing information.

Wrapping Up

Microsoft’s plan to launch the COVID-19 tracker came within 3 days of President Trump’s announcement for Google working on the Corona website. Such coincidences cannot be ignored as these are two of the biggest tech giants we are talking about.

Any which way, all we need is accurate and reliable info no matter which platform we access. Wherein Bing’s COVID-19 tracker will provide stats, Google’s website will tell us about symptoms, precautions, nearby local centers, and other useful info.

Let’s start checking stats on Bing’s tracker and wait for the website launch announcement from Google.

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