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YouTube is Reassessing Monetization Policy For Coronavirus Videos
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YouTube is Reassessing Monetization Policy For Coronavirus Videos

Misconception – one of the most destructive things that can harm you in numerous ways just because you believed it without being thorough. The worst part is when you identify that it has been a big bubble of faulty thinking & misunderstanding. Especially, when it comes to a deadly virus that is affecting the world as a whole i.e. Coronavirus or Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Monetization Policy
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We all know how social media or digital platforms have affected with time and gradually we started believing everything we watch on the internet. Currently, the most trending thing is the rumors about the Novel Coronavirus that’s been spreading without any stop. & the most harmful now are the misconceptions about how it can spread from one person to another.

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Novel Coronavirus & YouTube

YouTube is clearly one of the most popular and successful platforms to share information through videos or video clips. A lot of the users are creating videos related to Novel Coronavirus and posting it on Youtube. Now. since the topic is quite hot now, people are searching for the subject on YouTube. The resulting videos can actually misguide them how it’s actually spreading instead of the reliable and correct info.

Novel Coronavirus

Since COVID-19 is in trend nowadays, everyone wants to cover it as much as possible to make money out of it. Similarly, YouTube Video Creators are trying to create more & more Coronavirus related videos. However, the company has planned to demonetize these videos stating below comments from the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki:

YouTube’s policies are designed to support your work on the platform, to protect users, and to give advertisers confidence about where their ads run. We know many of you have had questions about our sensitive events policy, which currently does not allow monetization if a video includes more than a passing mention of the coronavirus. Our sensitive events policy was designed to apply to short-term events of significant magnitude, like a natural disaster. It’s becoming clear this issue is now an ongoing and important part of everyday conversation, and we want to make sure news organizations and creators can continue producing quality videos in a sustainable way. In the days ahead, we will enable ads for content discussing the coronavirus on a limited number of channels, including creators who accurately self-certify and a range of news partners. We’re preparing our policies and enforcement processes to expand monetization to more creators and news organizations in the coming weeks.”

Susan had released a descriptive yet brief letter to all the YouTube video creators who want to cover a topic as sensitive as Coronavirus. Since the information is directly going to affect the lives of people around the world, it has to be reliable and 100% accurate.  Videos related to Coronavirus information cannot be used as an advertising tool any which way.

Video Creator Philip DeFranco & Twitter

An American YouTube personality, Philip DeFranco who has constantly been a quite reliable source of news, has posted a post on Twitter. This post was in reference to the monetization policy reassessment, YouTube is trying to come up with so that no inaccurate info gets published.

Video Creator Philip DeFranco

Once Philip posted a tweet, the YouTube CEO responded with “We hear you. Update to come on this tomorrow – stay tuned.”.

That means the company is actually planning to reassess the policy of the YouTube videos so that there would be no misconception for a deadly virus as COVID-19.

Plan of Action from YouTube

A group of selective news partners & creators will have the monetization policy benefit so the shared info can be claimed as 100% reliable & accurate. It’s very essential to keep the community informed about the latest development onto the subject and if there is any growth to fight it back. It cannot be passed to the viewers if the company won’t be able to back it up with a solid source. YouTube is taking serious steps to keep the inaccurate information on Novel Coronavirus as removed as possible from the platform.

While talking about keeping the flagged or suspicious videos on Coronavirus, Susan said, “YouTube will continue to quickly remove videos that violate our policies when they are flagged, including those that discourage people from seeking medical treatment or claim harmful substances have health benefits. Finding trustworthy content is especially critical as news is breaking, and we’ll continue to make sure YouTube delivers accurate information for our users.

Wrapping Up

Don’t just believe anything you watch on social media platforms if you aren’t able to find a reliable source. YouTube is taking proper precautions to keep the COVID-19 misunderstandings from being circulated. Let’s not encourage people to put up Corona info on YouTube if they aren’t sure of it as it may literally affect many lives.

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