COVID-19 Data Hub & Project “Call To Action” for AI Researchers

COVID-19 Data Hub & Project “Call To Action” for AI Researchers

Considered as the “most extensive collection of machine-readable coronavirus literature to date”, the Allen Institute for AI has partnered with different research leading groups. The collection has been called the “COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19)” which will be used by the global research community.

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CORD-19 consists of over 29,000 scholarly articles wherein over 13,000 are with full text, about COVID-19 and the coronavirus family of viruses. The main purpose of this free & open resource for the global research community is to get new insights and breakthroughs to fight against Novel Coronavirus successfully.

The Allen Institute for AI

The Allen Institute for AI is a big platform that collaborates with different sectors to solve problems in AI research with its brilliant team. The entity believes in “AI for the common good” & “to contribute to humanity through high-impact AI research and engineering”.

Current;y working on many projects, Allen Institute for AI has also taken the project “call for action” that will drive advances in the medical & science field.

White House & CORD-19 Announcement

A quite important and much-needed alliance among research leading entities, academia, and governing authorities led to an announcement by White House for CORD-19. The quick meeting on Monday made the headlines to create the largest data set on Coronavirus. This set will be scientific literature that will keep updating with new research and findings along the way. Eventually, the CORD-19 data set will become a centralized hub that will contain all the scientific findings & advances.

U.S. CTO Michael Kratsios said about the new data set (CORD-19 data hub) the “most extensive collection of machine-readable coronavirus literature to date”.

Machine Learning For COVID-19

After the alliance with the Allen Institute for AI, the entity is going to make the data machine-readable.  This machine learning readability will add quite good advantages to the researchers who are dedicated to the project “Call for Action”.

To give the set a push, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine reached out to the World Health Organization for top questions that are of utmost priority. These questions will be related to symptoms, treatment, & prevention of novel Coronavirus.

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The Allianced Entities for CORD-19

Novel Coronavirus literally brought the world together to fight against it as a whole. Recently, we saw the perfect example when a combination of private & public companies came along to create the largest data set for COVID- 19.

The Allianced Entities for CORD-19

The entities are the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft Research, the National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the Kaggle AI platform, owned by Google.

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for CORD-19

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is a liability company (owned by Mark Zuckerberg & his wife Priscilla Chan) that believes in finding new ways to leverage technology & community-driven solutions.

Ms. Chan believes that “Luck is not a national strategy. We need to build strategies that take luck out of the equation for every person.


The company has already started working towards helping out people with the CZI Coronavirus response. You can find more information about CZI initiatives on the COVID-19 virus on the same page.

For COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), Ms. Chan states that “Sharing vital information across scientific and medical communities is key to accelerating our ability to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

CZI believes that if machine learning & science communities work together, they can connect the dots to explore the mysteries Novel Coronavirus holds. And eventually, we can collaboratively discuss, research, find about prevention and vaccine (if possible).


In order to be updated on the CORD-19 data set, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has built a meta page dedicated to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Test Screening Site by Alphabet

While all of the above was happening, Alphabet’s Verily successfully launched a website that will help you with the online questionnaires. The site is live now, however, with geographical limitations. The website will help you find the local testing sites in case of any high-risk individuals.

There is no announcement from Verily to launch it nationwide, however, anything can be expected in the digital world; so stay tuned.

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