‘We Should Write Sometime App’ Booming Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

‘We Should Write Sometime App’ Booming Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Spending more time doing what you love to do is something that a very less percentage of people can say. Obviously there are many obstacles that prevent you from doing what you love but sometimes, it’s as small as not having the right tools. Similarly, We Should Write Sometime is the tool that comes to the rescue for people who love to write but don’t have enough tools.

COVID-19 Lockdown

Doing what you love is a blessing and what’s better than writing songs that help other people as well. Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, everyone is trying new things & people realized about this a bit old app that’s booming like everything now.

We Should Write Sometime App for Songwriters

A unique concept in its own way, We Should Write Sometime (WSWS) app has also been considered as “Tinder for Songwriters”. Launched in mid-2018, WSWS had been developed with the vision of helping Songwriters to have a platform with other unknown same-talent-sharing-people. The app literally helps the Songwriters by doing something they love to do, writing songs. And because of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, many other people have also started using the app.

The WSWS app has been designed to minimize the challenges while trying to find, connect, and collaborate with not only just songwriters but exactly the type of songwriters you are looking for. Find your perfect co-write! We Should Write Sometime App uses swipe left/right technology to help you find songwriters in your area.

COVID-19 pandemic lockdown

An absolutely free-to-use-app, WSWS works like a dating app where users create profiles and put in a bio that highlights their genre styles, their skills as well as include the instruments they play. Additionally, they can also (optionally) provide the links of their different music platforms accounts including SoundCloud, YouTube, & Spotify.

Check out the We Should Write Sometime on Android as well iOS platforms.

What Kevin McCarty and Richard Casper Think About It?

The founders (Kevin McCarty & Richard Casper) came together to develop an app with the same concept of bringing writers together. It’s not that both of the writers should know each other as long as they share the same passion for song writing.

Richard Casper says, “I used to go out every single night of the week. I thought, ‘Why can’t I just have the comfort of sitting on my own couch and hanging out with my wife, while also finding songwriters. I really thought about it and realized this was an issue everywhere. This was an issue in L.A. This was an issue in New York and Atlanta. It was even an issue in Nashville, especially for introverts and people not old enough to go to bars.”

Kevin McCarty about making it global, “I was doing a podcast with a buddy in music, and we were interviewing singer-songwriters and musicians. Some pretty big-name writers were coming in, and they were saying a lot of the same things that Richard was talking about. When they moved here, it was really difficult for them to find the right songwriters — to find their group — and they didn’t want to be out ’till 2am every night just trying to meet songwriters.”

McCarty shares experience after meeting veteran Songwriters, “What we’ve found is there are a lot of older writers who had Number Ones in the Nineties that are getting on this app because they’ve kind of aged out of Nashville. We have a few people who have Number Ones on there. We have a guy who wrote ‘Lucky’ with Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. I told Jonathan Singleton, one of the biggest writers in Nashville, about this and he signed up instantly. He said, ‘At this level, I might not use this to find people to write with, obviously, but I’m always looking for new talent.”


Both the developers never thought that this global crisis (COVID-19 pandemic) will give immense push to the WSWS app. People are using the app like never before & the users are actually finding other users who are looking for the same kind of interest.

Future Plan of Action For WSWS

Kevin McCarty & Richard Casper are planning to launch a pro version that will have different features such as Instagram’s blue verified checkmark. Additionally, they are trying to have a partnership with video messaging platforms like Zoom. This partnership will be offering the users a bit extended time to chat with other users that normally comes with paid or premium subscription plans.

What’s your take on the WSWS app that’s being used by users more than ever due to the global COVID-19 lockdown crisis? It’s a good initiative from the app that’s trying to bring same-interest-sharing people together. Also, it’s an amazing tool for veterans to bounce back whom people have forgotten (probably) long ago.

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