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Here’s How to Get Back Your Old Facebook Layout Easily
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Here’s How to Get Back Your Old Facebook Layout Easily

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with more than 2 billion active users. The platform has become so popular & successful because of the easy navigation & ultimate features. From tagging your friends in the pictures/posts to creating groups to help different communities, everything is possible with Facebook.

Old Facebook Layout

Wherein you have happy users with Facebook, there are enough users who are upset with the giant. The reasons can vary from data scandals, continuous ads, banning on crucial video postings, to the layout changes, users have experienced over the years. Yeah, Facebook layout change is also a reason users aren’t as happy as they want the old Facebook design back.

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Here’s How to Get Your Old Facebook Layout Back

In the month of September 2020, Facebook declared its latest design (actually a redesign) mandate that means you cannot switch back to the old Facebook design. Before the September announcement, the tech giant had given its users a choice to choose between the classic layout (you fell in love with) & the modern one. After the declaration, users aren’t getting the option to choose between both the Facebook designs so they are stuck with the new layout, no matter if they like it or not.

Old Facebook Layout Back

However, we all know there is a word called “Workaround” that can tweak things for you which isn’t possible normally. This simply means that you can surely go back to the old Facebook layout & all you need to do is, just follow below steps:

Actually the workaround to go back to the old Facebook design isn’t some steps you’d be following. It’s an extension you will be using on your browser that will help you use the old Facebook layout. All the appreciation can go to a 3rd party developer, Matt Krause who also came up with the Social Fixer extension a while ago. In August 2020, Matt took it to Facebook to let everyone know about this amazing & helpful extension that can help you go back to the old Facebook design.

All you need to do is, visit the Old Layout extension webpage & follow the instructions as mentioned to get the old Facebook layout back. Since the Old Layout extension doesn’t have any heavy programming, it doesn’t take much time to let you experience the old layout.

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How Does The Old Facebook Layout Works?

Yeah, there will be many questions around how you can access old Facebook design if Facebook itself has banned it. Or, how long will it sustain & how does it actually work that you can go back to the old Facebook design? The answer is,

1. You just need to visit the official page of Old Layout & install the extension for your currently running browser (tap on Install from Google in this case).

Old Facebook Layout Works

2. Once installed, you need to visit Facebook page & you will see the difference we are talking about. Yeah, after installing the Old Layout extension, you will see the old Facebook design back you were waiting for.

Facebook design

3. Additionally, if you were already signed in to the Facebook webpage while installing the Old Layout extension, you need to go back to the Facebook webpage & reload the page. This way, you will see that you are able to use the old Facebook design easily.

4. If you wish to experience both the Facebook layouts in one go, sign in to your Facebook account on two different browsers (Firefox & Chrome). On Chrome, you have added the Old Layout extension & on the Firefox, keep it disabled so that you can see the experience.

After going through both the Facebook layouts, you will realize that the change isn’t that bad as well. What makes the difference is that you are quite used to the old Facebook design & you don’t want things to change. Another reason is that maybe once you are logged in to Facebook webpage, you already know where all the functions are & with the new design, it will take you some time to get a hang of it. Or else, the latest Facebook layout isn’t as bad as the response it is getting from users all over the world.

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Wrapping Up

Switching back to the old Facebook layout isn’t as complicated as you think, however, there are limitations. Such as getting notice on the top of the Facebook page while using the Old Layout extension that you are using an old browser (though you aren’t). Moreover, what if Facebook will start forcing users to access only the latest modern Facebook layout (even in the old browsers). So it’s advisable that you start using the new Facebook layout as well as get used to this because eventually it all will come to this layout in the end.

But don’t forget to access & explore the Old Layout extension on your internet browsers & see if it’s working properly for you.

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