How To Create Your Very Own Facebook Avatar

How To Create Your Very Own Facebook Avatar

Don’t you think expressing your emotions with those old days emojis like a sad face, a laughing face, or a thumbs up have become boring for all of us. With this kind of technological advancement, we always look forward to something more exciting and amazing.

Facebook, which is the most famous social media platform and is known for rolling out interesting features for its users regularly, has once again proved its efficiency and capability of holding its users.

Facebook has finally rolled out one its best features called Facebook Avatar. Facebook Bitmoji is similar to Snapchat Bitmoji and users can create a Facebook Avatar that resembles a cartoon avatar of the users themselves.

Facebook users can easily learn how to create a Facebook Avatar and then make use of the Avatar into their Facebook Stories, comments as well as Facebook messenger.

As per Fidji Simo, the head of Facebook app: with the increasing interactions amongst people, it is important that people express them personally on Facebook. With Facebook Avatar, people will be able to create and choose amongst a range of Avatars and hence be able to engage more effectively. “

If you too are a frequent user of Facebook and want to try out this amazing feature, follow the steps mentioned in the article and learn how to create a Facebook Avatar.

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How To Create A Facebook Avatar:

If you want to try something new and get your hands on how to make a Facebook Avatar, follow the below-mentioned steps and enjoy:

1. On your smartphone, launch the Facebook app and then login into it.

2. Once logged in click on the Hamburger icon present on the top right corner on Android devices. If you are an iOS user, you will find the hamburger icon on the bottom-right corner.

3. From the Menu section, scroll down and look for the option called See More and click on it.

facebook messenger avatar

4. Now from the additional options, look for the option names Avatars and tap on it.

facebook bitmoji

5. Once on the Avatars page click on Next.

facebook avtar

6. Post this tap on Get Started in order to create a Facebook Avatar.

7. You will then be asked to choose the preferred skin tone for the Avatar. There are a total of 27 skin tone options. Once done click on Next.

FB avatar

8. Post this, you will be asked to select a hairstyle you want to keep for the Facebook Avatar. You can choose from a variety of options and keep them Short, Medium and Long. Tap on the Color icon once you have decided the hairstyle.

9. Now that you have deceived the skin tone as well as the hair style, the next step to create a Facebook Avatar is finalizing the Face cut. For this click on the Face icon. After clicking on the Face icon, select the type of face from a range of many options like face shape, face lines. Face complexion, etc.

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10. After the Face is decided, you need to choose the Eyes and Eyebrows. Firstly, click on the Eyes icon and choose from the different options like the shape, lash, color and length of the eyes you wish to keep.

11. For the eyebrows, click on the Eyebrows icon and then choose the shape of eyebrows as well as the color. Facebook also allows you to add Glasses to your Facebook Avatar.

12. Next is the option to customize the mouth and nose. Select from the range of nose shapes and lips shapes for your Facebook Avatar. Interestingly, to add an original tough Facebook also allows you to ass facial hair and lets you apply lip color too.

13. Not that in the process of making a Facebook Avatar, you have a completely customized face, you can switch to finalizing a body shape.

14. After the body shape, comes the clothes. Facebook provides a varied range of clothes including a range of amazing hats, scarfs too.

15. After you have finished dressing up your Facebook Avatar and you are completely satisfied with how it looks, you can finally tap the Next icon from the top-right corner of the screen.

New Facebook avatar

16. Lastly, click on Done and finish your Facebook Bitmoj

Facebook is known for its varied range of features like Facebook Dark Mode, Facebook’s facial recognition feature, connecting Instagram to Facebook and vice versa, ability to use multiple Facebook accounts on Android, etc. With all such innovative features, Facebook Avatar being added to the kitty is no less than cherry on the cake. I personally like the new feature a lot. So what are you waiting for, read the complete article and learn how to create a Facebook Avatar and make yourself one today.

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