Facebook Quiet Mode, What Is It & How To Enable It?

Facebook Quiet Mode, What Is It & How To Enable It?

Facebook is addictive, and during this time when we all are under quarantine due to the deadly Covid -19 which has stuck all corners of the globe, we all tend to gaze at these Social Media platforms for hours. It is true that we all want to stay connected with our friends and families through social media as we cannot meet them personally.

With all the amazing features it always had like the Facebook Dark Mode, multiple Facebook accounts, Facebook facial recognition feature, etc. Facebook is one of the most loved platforms that help us connect. One of the latest features is the Facebook Quiet Mode.

While it is good to be connected it is always bad when things go too far. Similarly, it is definitely bad if we just keep ourselves glued to Facebook the entire time. And during this time when everybody is getting stressed due to the pandemic, one should focus on their mental and physical well being rather than just sticking to social media platforms. I personally have deleted disabled Facebook and try to keep myself away from all social media platforms. If you cannot do this, you can at least try the new Facebook Quiet mode feature to keep yourself detached.

What Is Facebook Quiet Mode and What It Does?

Facebook’s Quiet mode feature lets users turn off the push notifications. Using this mode, users can set a timer for the time they do not want any push notifications related to Facebook.

Facebook’s Quiet mode majorly emphasizes on letting people cut down Facebook usage and concentrate on other things like their mental well being and professional commitments.

For people who are working from home during this time, Facebook Quiet mode is a means to keep them focused.

According to Facebookovid-19 “Whether it’s to help users concentrate on work, have a sound sleep without interruptions, and spend time at homes, Facebook’s Quiet mode is the best feature to keep an equilibrium between their social media usage and other things.”

When you enable Facebook Quiet mode, the main interface gets hidden by a full screen notification. This notification tells you how much time is left until the feature is active. Once the time ends, then you will be out of the quiet mode.

If anytime you want to come out of the Facebook Quiet mode, you can click on the Manage Quiet mode and disable it.

Manage Facebook Quite Mode

According to Facebook when you enable Facebook Quiet mode, it disables most of the notification except some which are considered important by Facebook and are related to the security and privacy of your account. However, all other notifications like messenger messages, story notification and other posts notification will be kept out until the Quiet mode is on.

How To Enable Facebook’s Quiet Mode:

Below are the steps that will make you learn how to enable Facebook Quiet mode.

  • On your smartphone, navigate to the Facebook app and login if not.
  • From the main homepage, click on the hamburger or the three horizontal line icons present on the top right corner.
  • Scroll down and look for the Settings & Privacy option.
  • Under this, click on Your Time on Facebook.
  • After you click on the option you will see an option named Quiet mode.
  • To turn the Facebook Quiet mode, tap the slider next to it.
  • Post this, key in the time for which you want the app to be in Quiet mode.
  • There are tools available to set up automatic timers for Quiet mode.
  • You can also have Facebook remind you of the screen usage and time limits.

Enable Facebook's Quite Mode

There is no doubt that Facebook is a platform with features that are very useful and during this time of distress, Facebook Quiet Mode is the best thing that could happen. This useful feature is ready to be released soon and once done you will be easily be able to enable Facebook Quiet mode and keep yourself from the push notification for a preferred set time.

While you wait for the feature to be rolled out, you can make use of the other options like Facebook Mute Notifications if you want an instant detachment from the social media platform.

Other than the Facebook Push Notifications you can also make use of the Do Not Disturb service or turn on the Airplane mode whenever you feel like cutting yourself from social media.

A small break from anything and everything is always good and Facebook Quiet Mode is just the right way to take a break from Facebook. We hope that you have now learned how to enable Facebook Quiet mode and as soon as it is released this will be the first thing you’ll do.

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