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Creator Studio App – Another Profitable Attempt By Facebook?
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Creator Studio App – Another Profitable Attempt By Facebook?

last week Facebook launched a new app named “Creator Studio” that’s been designed to help creators and publishers. It will be managing their content, tracking performance, and also connecting meaningfully with their audiences on Facebook.

The trend of launching continuous apps by Facebook in a direction that not even their competitors can comprehend. You think about doing anything online and before you know it, there is an app by Facebook. The company either buys the trending competitor apps or creates a kind-of-replica of trending apps with new packaging.

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While writing this piece, I was wondering that while working on apps, does the company think about the user-centric apps or just go with the current trend in the market? In the world of tech, Facebook holds a place where it has the liberty to do all kinds of experiments to make user-centric apps. However, all the company thinks about is making Facebook developed apps in every part of your life. However, too much intrusion could also be disastrous and hence it’s important to know how to maintain online privacy.

The Facebook Creator Studio App has been launched on 20th Feb 2020 that is ready to use on different platforms: Android & iOS.

Creator Studio App

A futuristic approach to bring all your content in one place and while doing it, you can also monetize the same. It’s an approach to bring the facebook Creator Studio webpage to your mobile device to keep it handy all the time.

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What Creator Studio Does for Creators / Publishers?

  • The app will give the creators and publishers quite real insight into the content. As simple as knowing the average minutes a specific video has been viewed.
  • You also can make suitable fixes (including edits) even after uploading the content. In all, you can perform all the actions related to a post that includes rescheduling the scheduled posts as well as editing video titles
  • All of these posts are for viewers and what if your post’s been viewed but you aren’t to connect with your viewers. That is where Creator Studio comes to your rescue and helps you get connected with viewers in real-time. Since it’s a Facebook app, you can respond to messages directly from your inbox provided in the app itself.
  • The app also lets you manage multiple pages on Facebook on the same app at the same time. You don’t need to log off to one, in order to switch to another page.
  • If your video content isn’t being viewed as you expected, the app lets you tweak your strategies to make it more visible.


Matt Navarra (A social media industry commentator) got his hands on the pre-release of the app and he asks what we think about the same here.

Facebook launches Creator Studio App by Matt Navarra

The Big Question – WHY?

“Any product isn’t worth using until the employees of the same brand use it and give their unfiltered feedback.”

There is always a big WHY behind every action a company makes while trying to build something. In this scenario also, the same question occurs.

Why did the company launch this app (Creator Studio App)? Was there any necessity for an app like this? Has this app been designed by keeping what users are actually looking for? Is it a user-centric app that will help them? What the employees of the company think about the new app? Or it’s just that Facebook is trying its luck with every corner of the tech industry because of having too many blunders in recent years.

From almost-launched-a-digital-currency to actually-launching-a-music-app, what direction the giant is going into?

What is the use of the app for the end-users? Will they get anything out of it? The creators and publishers will make money and the same with the company. The major population will be on the receiving side on the app content and I believe they will get the very lesser of it.

Trying luck in too many aspects is a good strategy as it decreases the risk factor for you. However, a company that hasn’t been able to keep its user’s data secure is somewhere drowning at the credibility point.

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Wrapping Up

Launching another app isn’t going to make a big difference until you touch the core just like the first magical concept Facebook did. You can see that after so many broken bridges, users still access their various social platforms like nothing ever happened. That was something revolutionary that set an example for future app developers.

I think Facebook should just stop following what others are doing as it isn’t their USP. Bring something original from your side and amaze us again. And this time, it better be secured as a vault designed by experts.

Don’t forget to use the Creator Studio App and share your experiences with us in the comments below. Don’t take the decision on rating as the app is quite new. Maybe, you are the one who’s review will change other’s perspectives. You never know!!

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