How To Create a Facebook Business Page That Will Work in 2023

How To Create a Facebook Business Page That Will Work in 2023

This New Year, Facebook will turn 16  with worth with over 2.5 Billion active users every month making it the third most visited website around the world after Google and YouTube. Facebook App is the fifth most frequent downloaded app from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. Almost 70% of Americans use Facebook out of which 50% of them are teenagers.

After YouTube, Facebook is the most preferred social networking group followed by LinkedIn. An average Facebook user spends 38 minutes on Facebook on a daily basis and 75% of the logs in on Facebook on a daily basis as they get news, new stories, and business from Facebook.

As the research says that 87% of the US marketers will use the Facebook business page in this 2023, it’s better to be attentive and stay focused on one of the most effective and fruitful Facebook digital marketing. Here in this article, you will get to know the step-by-step process of how to create a Facebook business page. We hope you make the best use of Facebook marketing strategy.

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Tips for Setting Up a Facebook Business Page

  • Choose the appropriate page type for your Facebook business page. The options are Local Business or Place, Company, Organization or Institution, Brand or Product, Artist, Band or Public Figure, Entertainment, Cause or Community.
  • Fill out as much information as you can on your Facebook Business Page. Let every question be answered!
  • Your profile photo and cover photo should say it all. Photo of a physical product, your professional photo or company logo will be the face of the business.
  • Don’t forget to add a Call to Action button on your Facebook business page. It can be anything like Get in Touch, Make a Purchase or Donation, Download App or Game, Learn More or Book a Service. There are several sub-categories, so you need to choose wisely.
  • Create a ‘Custom Username’ for your Facebook business page. It should be unique and easy to remember.
  • Adjust important Privacy and Security settings for your Facebook business page. These settings will ease up your life while setting up a Facebook business page.
  • Customize messaging settings and notifications to stay connected all the time.
  • Implement the Facebook marketing strategy to boost up your business page for Facebook digital marketing.

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Sign Up OR Sign In to Facebook Home Page

How to create a Facebook business page, starts with the signup process. If you already have a Facebook account and you want to use the same account for a Facebook business page, you will need to sign in to the Facebook account before you create a Facebook page. You can also create a new Facebook account if you want to keep it unique, but it is always advisable to use your old account as you already have followers waiting for your business page.

Create a Facebook Business Page

Create a facebook business page

Look for the ‘Pages’ tab in the left-hand side list and click on ‘Create a Page’. Out of several business type options, select your preferred local business or place, brand or product, and cause or community. Click on ‘Get Started’ under ‘Business OR Brand’.

Give a ‘Page Name’ to your Facebook business page and select the category of your business. Enter the address and phone number to your business. If you wish, you can hide your Address and Phone Number. Click on the ‘Continue’ button to proceed further.

Add a Profile Picture

The next step is to add a relevant profile picture that says it all about your business. You can also add your business logo if it is created or skip the process for now if it is under process.

Next, it will ask you to add a cover photo as pages with a cover photo, typically get more Page likes and visits. Both the images should be of more than 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall. These images are going to decide the bounce rate of your page, so you need to be absolutely choosy when you make a Facebook page. Once you click on ‘Upload A Cover Photo’ it will take you to your newly created page.

Customize facebook business page

Customize Your New Facebook Page

Setting up a Facebook business page is an art! You need to customize your newly created Facebook business page with all your Universal Selling Points (USPs) to bring customers to your page.

Now it’s time to explore all the possible options to promote your page. Generally, Facebook itself takes you on a tour to explore options that hardly takes a few minutes and it is beneficial for new users.

Facebook Business Page Settings

Customize facebook business page settings

General Information

Facebook allows you to configure a lot of settings on your Facebook business page. First of all, you need to ensure that your Facebook page profiling is complete. You give enough information on your Facebook business page description. You can also select multiple relevant categories for your page to enhance user engagement.

Under Facebook Business Page settings, you can set up your contact details, location, business hours, price range and way more. The more informative these details will be, the more accurate customer engagement you will get.

Customizable facebook business page edits

Messaging Settings

You can also configure messaging settings while setting up a Facebook business page. Messaging settings like greetings, messenger URL, adding messenger on your business website, setting up automatic replies, or setting up the away messages can really help in client engagement and keeping a proper connection with your customers. You can also configure advanced messaging services so that you never miss out on any of your potential clients.

Setup Instant Reply on Business Chat

Notification Settings

Always keep the notification settings turned ON so that you never miss out on an important update or message. You can configure all notifications that include messaging, Email and text messages on your page. Staying alert, attentive and informed ensures that you cater to each potential client on time before they switch to a different business.

Sharing Your First Post

As soon as you are all set up creating a Facebook business page, ensure to draft your first post for your page. You should not keep it blank as anybody from your friend list may visit it anytime. If you don’t have anything to post on it, just post with a ‘Coming Soon’ image to hype your audience.

To start with, you can create an event, get people to view your page, create an offer, add a milestone, create a poll, get people to message or call your business.

like and share posts

Invite Friends & Family to Like Your Page

Now it’s time to hit the show! Now is the time you should invite people to like, share a comment or follow your Facebook business page. You need to ensure that you follow the Facebook marketing strategy to bring in a lot of engagement on your Facebook business page. Setting up Facebook for business requires your research and skills but promoting it requires a lot of Facebook digital marketing.

Make Use of Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is one of the most wonderful tools that is pre-loaded with the Facebook page. This tool is useful to keep a track of your Facebook Activity and to explore detailed analysis of your business activity. Only Page Admin can get access to Facebook Insights.

Facebook Insight gives you a graphical insight on the total number of likes, number of friends, fan followers, potential people you can reach, people actively talking about your Facebook business page, or your weekly reach. You can also figure out the best time of the day, the best day of the week or the type of content that’s getting popular.

You can learn more about the Virality of a Facebook Post, a video or a photo you shared. There are various sort options that you can make use of to analyze the popularity of your posts.

Facebook Likes

When you expand the ‘Likes’, you can figure out likes by countries, towns/cities or languages. This can help you identify who are your top followers and what you need to market next in which demographic. You can also figure out where your likes are coming from. For example, On-Page, Admin Invite, mobile, Like Box & Like Button, third party apps or Facebook recommendations.

You can also figure out your Reach Frequency if it was Organic, Paid or Viral. This data helps you figure out if you need to invest in the Paid Traffic or the Organic Traffic is doing wonders for you.


Talking About This helps you understand when and how frequently people are talking about you. Facebook insight is a wonderful tool if you know how to analyze your data and get the most meaningful identification by seeing the trending.

If you are a real analyst, you can also Download Facebook Insight Data and graphical representation within a few clicks. You can select the data range, data type and it can be downloaded in MS Excel format for further analysis.

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Summing Up

Now that you know how to create a Facebook business page, we are sure you will make full use of the above information to create a personal Facebook page. We have also shared important tips to remember while setting up a Facebook business page. Follow the Facebook marketing strategy to get the most out of your business page. If you like this article, don’t forget to like and share it with your friends. Please share your views in the comment section.

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