T9 Antivirus Vs. Avast Antivirus: Detailed Comparison & Review

T9 Antivirus Vs. Avast Antivirus: Detailed Comparison & Review

T9 Antivirus and Avast Antivirus are one of the most prominent names in the security industry. Both the solutions have been widely used across the world. In this blog, we are going to have a detailed comparison & review of both of the tools, to find out which one is the best antivirus software and why. Make sure to stick and read the blog till the end.

First things first, whenever you plan on purchasing a new antivirus software, the primary aim is to focus on the level of protection that it offers. There are different types of malware that your computer can fall prey to, and it is important that your antivirus software shields your device from all of those vulnerabilities.

Before we compare both the software, knowing their features and what they bring to the table will help in getting a clear perspective.

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Avast Antivirus’ Review:

Avast Antivirus

Avast is quite a popular name in the antivirus industry. Their software has been known for delivering top-notch protection against different online threats. It scans your devices deeply to identify numerous types of malware from time to time. Apart from that, it also inspects your online network, protects your webcam, and blocks any suspicious downloads on your device.


Provides a free version.

Has a myriad of features.

Performed quite well in independent lab tests.

Easy to download and set it up on computers.


  • Pay more to avail of extra features.
  • Business plans are quite costly.
  • Avast was in the news for user data leakage in early 2020.

NOTE: The one thing that everyone looks in antivirus software is safety, and Avast got a huge backlash in this aspect once. So, there are so many concerns about whether Avast is safe or not.

Avast Antivirus’ Features

As stated already, Avast offers a variety of features that help users in safeguarding their computer. Let’s see some of the major highlights of security tool:

  • Virus Scanning: Avast offers multiple types of scanning options. Most effective ones include in-depth scan, targeted scan, and various other options.
  • Malware Protection: It comes packed with largest threat-detection network & it keeps updating to ensure overall protection from variety of threats. Avast offers some important options that need to be discussed.
  • The software keeps running in the background to check if any malicious activity is happening and block it.
  • If there are any infectious files in your device, those are immediately blocked from sharing with others.
  • It scans external devices immediately when they are connected.
  • You can schedule your scans to check malware presence and get real-time security updates.
  • Email Protection: Its email protection feature is named email shield, and the module works brilliantly to protect your email service. The best thing about this feature is that it offers solid safety even if you’re using the free plan.

This feature prevents any malicious software from being downloaded into your system, warns you about phishing or spam emails, and stops intrusive tracking as well.

  • Ransomware Shield: This is a paid feature, and as the name suggests, it protects your images, video, and other media files from any ransomware attacks. You need to enable this, and once done, it will prevent any untrusted application from accessing your files.
  • Firewall: This feature is available with both free and paid versions. It protects entire network from any kind of intrusion.

Avast also offers a dedicated VPN security feature, which can be purchased separately or in bulk along with its Avast One Bundle plan.

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Avast’s Plans and Pricing

Avast has three types of plans available for its users:

  • Avast free version, which costs you $0.
  • Avast one, which costs $50.28 for the first year
  • Avast premium security costs you $69.48 for the first year.

Now that you’re aware of all the features and perks offered by Avast Antivirus, it’s time to throw some light on its strongest counterpart – T9 Antivirus by Tweaking Technologies.

T9 Antivirus’ Review

T9 Antivirus

Download T9 antivirus software

Full Review on T9 antivirus software

T9 antivirus software is developed by Tweaking Technologies and is one of the most lightweight and reliable antivirus software available in the market. It helps in protecting your computer from different types of malware attacks, viruses, adware, spyware and more.


Free trial version and 60 days money back option if you don’t like the product

Real-time protection

Exploit protection


Lacks compatibility with other popular OS.

T9 Antvirus’ Features

Let us see some of the most important features of the T9 Antivirus that set it apart from the remaining ones in the market.

  • Virus Scan: Equipped with a massive malware database and uses advanced heuristics to identify malicious threats. This makes T9 one of the best in the market. Similar to Avast, it has multiple types of virus scan options available. You can do a quick scan every now and then or a deep scan at scheduled intervals. There is a custom scan option as well, which can help in scanning specific folders, and discs for threats.
  • Malware Protection: As the name entails, this helps in protecting your computer against phishing attacks, common viruses, spyware, adware, etc.
  • Exploit Protection: This module is responsible for protecting your system from PUPs, Trojan horse threats, and various other software vulnerabilities.
  • Firewall Protection: It clearly analyzes the incoming traffic and builds a defense system against any potential vulnerabilities.
  • Ad blocking: You can enable this feature to block ads on different websites giving you a clean UI.

T9’s Plans and Pricing:

T9 Antivirus offers three types of plans for its users:

  • The individual comes at $39.95 and covers one device for an entire year.
  • Multi-device plan comes at $49.95, offering complete cover to 5 devices for one year.
  • A family plan is priced at $59.95 and covers ten devices for one year.

Brief Comparisions: T9 Antivirus VS Avast Antvirus (2023)

Feature Avast Antivirus T9 Antivirus
Malware blocking Avast was able to block 99.6% of malware in a test conducted by Cybernews We The Geek have tested T9 and found that it has blocked 96.5% of malware online.
Platforms supported Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Windows
API Service Offers API for Business Plan Offers API
Email Protection Avast offers email protection T9 doesn’t offer any email protection
24/7 Support Offers paid support Has free live support after you subscribe to their plan
Audience Caters to organizations and anyone who needs security online Is perfect for individuals

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Real Time Performance of Avast and T9 Antivirus Software

AV Comparatives have run multiple tests on Avast to see its real time performance. It has been acing the tests since 2018. Based on the last set of tests, it conducted between July-Oct 2022 period, Avast was able to provide 100% real world protection.

Avast offered great protection and helped so many individuals as well as organizations. I have installed it on my computer and ran multiple tests on it. The one issue with this particular software is that it consumes so many resources on our PCs and if your computer doesn’t have good specifications, then it might affect your system’s performance.

Apart from that, the malware protection, ad blocking, VPN protection, and various other features of Avast were phenomenally performed.

Talking about T9 antivirus, the application doesn’t consume a lot of resources on your PC and it works flawlessly even if your RAM and internal memory are low. The software works briliantly and was able to protect PC from variety of harmful malware threats online and offline.

It has an amazing AD block feature as well, which removed ads and annoying pop-ups completely on PC.


As you can see, both Avast and T9 have some of the best features in the market and have their benefits and drawbacks. When you compare them side by side, Avast stands out because of the multiple devices it supports while T9 has an edge on after sales support.

So, you have to assess what is your priority is and pick software that matches it accordingly


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