How to Deal with Ransomware | Real Life Lessons from Spectra Logic

How to Deal with Ransomware | Real Life Lessons from Spectra Logic

We, as logical human beings, follow the concept of Prevention is Better than Cure and hence, we regularly talk about techs, tips, and tricks of preventing Ransomware Attacks and other malware attacks.

However, we should also abide by Hope for the Best and Be Prepared for the Worst. Hence, we should always be prepared for when a situation gets out of hand and we lose our hold on our data. What do we do then? How to Deal with Ransomware on your Computer holding your files hostage? How to Remove Ransomware? How to Decrypt files held hostage by Ransomware? These are the questions that we will be addressing in this blog.

Spectra Logic Case Study

Spectra Logic

“Spectra Logic Corporation is a computer data storage company based in Boulder, Colorado in the United States. The company builds backup and archive technology for secondary storage to protect data after it migrates from primary disk” says their website.

Spectra Logic was hit by a Ransomware Attack in May 2020 when all their employees were working from home and relatively unsecure. The attacks started with a simple Phishing Email and later turned into a full-fledged disaster that took the company network down for a week or so. The hackers demanded $3.6 Million for the decryption key.

However, Spectra Logic, being a computer data storage company, had a Full Backup of their data, unlike most other companies. Instead of panicking and going the easy way of paying the ransom amount which would have been borne by Cyber-Insurance company, the company decided to go the Right Way.

The company straightaway informed the FBI about the attack. With the help of a quick response from the FBI and successful collaboration between the FBI & Spectra Logic cyber-security team, they were able to Stop the Bleeding and the company-network was up and running in 8 days without paying a dime.

How to deal with Ransomware attacks the Spectra way?

There are a few Right things that Spectra Logic did and it paid them well, they had their network up and running in 8 Days.

1. Stop the Bleeding:

The first and Primary thing a person or an organization should do is damage control. Hackers may not only be encrypting your files but may also be stealing. So, as soon as you identify an attack, start the damage control protocol. Disconnect all your servers. Identify the damaged sectors. Start working on protecting the sectors still safe. This needs to get done immediately and for the next few days tirelessly.

2. Rely on your Backups:

I don’t know what will convince you to get a backup of your data if these daily scams and attacks don’t. All the logical companies, as well as individuals, maintain a complete Offline Backup. Offline backups can save you from almost any situation except for data leaks, which you will have to do yourself. But in any case, where you lose access to your data, No Problem, you have the backup.

3. Don’t Panic:

It isn’t just in the case of Ransomware Attacks but in any situation. Don’t panic and think logically. Think Right.

4. Get Help:

It is really important to involve cybersecurity experts and Law enforcement agencies because they can get you the best help you need. Like in the case of Spectra Logic, they got help from the FBI which provided them a small team of cybersecurity experts to help deal with Ransomware. In most cases, the cyber-security personnel isn’t completely capable and hence, a company shouldn’t mind getting help.

Even in cases where you don’t have the data backup and the only option is to pay the ransom, it is advisable to get Law Enforcement agencies involved before-hand. They can provide you with all the specialized help you would need.

5. Don’t worry about the Image:

Most Ransomware attacks never come to light because the companies are way too conscious about their image that they prefer simply paying the ransom. I won’t have argued about this approach if it was successful. Though momentarily they leave your organization alone for a while, now that they know about the loopholes in your system, they come back to steal from you. That’s a pattern.

And with all these things in mind, you will win against the Hackers. This is How to deal with Ransomware. Now you must have heard about Ransomware Decryptor or some kind of Ransomware Removal tools, how effective are they?

Truth about Ransomware Removal or Decryption Tools

There are various tools available that claim to be the 100% working solution to remove ransomware or something called a decryption tool.

Let me tell you this, a simple encryption software uses the AES 256-Bit Encryption tool which is virtually impossible to break even in a million years. Hence, all the Decryption tools or Ransomware Decryptor tools don’t work.

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So, this is how to deal with Ransomware attacks in the Spectra Logic way. I hope you found the information helpful and intriguing. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comment section below. Keep visiting Tweak Library for more such tech-related content.

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