Do Antiviruses offer protection from RANSOMWARE?

Do Antiviruses offer protection from RANSOMWARE?

Ransomware attacks are pretty prevalent. Though the Ransomware attacks are generally encountered towards business entities and non-profit organizations, anyone can be a victim of Ransomware attack.

Most of us use Antiviruses as a measure to protect ourselves from all kinds of online and offline attacks. However, are we sure that the antivirus offers the required protection from Ransomware attacks? Continue reading to know.

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How does Ransomware Work?

Because protection from Ransomware attacks is our primary goal, it is better to start with How does ransomware work? To explain Ransomware attacks, where a hacker, when gets a hold of a user’s computer, encrypts the files and folder present in the user’s PC and asks for Ransom in return to decrypt them. Though encrypting was always a good thing, but not when someone else does it to your files.

These are generally targeted at entities because hackers have a better chance of getting hold of some useful information worth good money. Most of these organizations just happily pay the ransom because they can’t afford to lose all the files. Organizations like Hospitals, Small Companies, Charitable trusts, etc. are likely to be on their radar.

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Sources of Ransomware Attacks:

There are different ways from where a Ransomware virus can get on to your computer like all other viruses. Though Ransomware attacks are altogether a different story, the ways they got on to your PC are pretty common. Ransomware attacks are circulated through downloading email attachments, downloading suspicious files, installing suspicious programs, etc.

However, because Ransomware attacks are generally targeted towards large organizations and entities, their level of sophistication is higher to help them bypass the security deployed by these entities.

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Can Antiviruses Offer reliable protection from Ransomware?

As mentioned earlier, though the ransomware attacks are directed towards large organizations, anyone can fall prey to these attacks. From a general user POV, Antivirus software is the primary line of defense for any common user.

The answer to the question is both YES and NO.

There are different levels of Ransomware attacks. Though common ransomware attacks that use techniques like phishing are pretty easy to detect. In addition to that, all the commonly known forms of Ransomware attacks are easily discoverable and stoppable with a decent Antivirus or Anti Malware. These antivirus work as both anti malware and anti-ransomware and a general user’s best bet to protect you from Malware attacks.

However, the second line of Ransomware attacks are much more advanced. There are several organizations in working that have taken it to another level. These ransomware organizations have systematized ransomware attacks on different levels. They have also developed dynamic customer support for their customers – hackers. A general user is most likely to be unprepared for these kinds of Ransomware attacks. The good is that these Ransomware Organizations aren’t interested in the general public.

How to protect yourself completely from Ransomware attacks?

Protection from Ransomware attacks is of utmost importance even if you are a normal person and don’t have a lot of confidential information on your PC. You don’t need to have a highly advanced Anti-Ransomware program for this purpose. Many beginner level Ransomware attacks are targeted at the general public and even though they may not ask for millions, they can give a pretty severe dent to your bank account.

For a common person the best lines of defense are:

⮚  Using a Secure Antivirus Software:

Using a secure antivirus software is the best line of defense for a general PC user. These Antivirus software are pretty capable at identifying phishing scams and malicious files. They can also warn you of any probable malicious file in the email attachment that are the general ways through which a hacker tries to get on to your computer. If you can stop it right while the hacker is trying to get access, you have nothing to worry about.

One of the best antivirus solutions that we suggest is Systweak Antivirus. (more about it in the end)

⮚  Second best line of Defense:

Second best line of defense against not just ransomware attacks but all different kinds of offline and cyber-attacks is YOU. Now is not the time where you can be excited about opening a fancy mail, purchasing a savvy leather jacket from a new online store that you discovered, or entering your credit card details because a Website asked you to. YOU have to be smart while surfing the internet and also mindful of what you click on. The best measures you can take are:

1. Don’t open email attachments from the sender you aren’t fully sure of. If you receive an email with a general word or excel file, don’t open it out of curiosity to check what’s in there. Word and Excel files can also be used to deploy viruses in your computer.

2. Don’t buy stuff from a newly discovered website. If you aren’t fully sure of the website, don’t make payments and enter your credit card details on the website.

3. Download software only from the website that you are sure offers generic files, don’t just go around Googling for a free version of a software. These files may contain malware that can allow access to hackers which can turn out to be fatal for you.

4. Maintain a data backup. Peeps keep an extensive backup of your data. It is important for more than a dozen reasons. Not just Ransomware attacks, many other kind threats can get you to lose your data one way or the other. It is better to invest either in cloud storage or some external hard disk to maintain an active backup of your data. If you have a backup of your data, it absolutely turns the ransomware attacks useless.

If you are following all these measures, you are well ahead of the curve and chances are negative that you will ever fall prey to any of these ransomware attacks.

Systweak Antivirus:

systweak antivirus

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Systweak Antivirus is one of the best antivirus software available in the market for Windows. Systweak Antivirus employs advanced security measures to safeguard and protect your data and privacy. It is fairly equipped to detect and eliminate all kinds of offline and online attacks. Some of the highlighted features of Systweak Antivirus are as follows:

Advanced Malware Protection: Systweak Antivirus offers advanced malware protection from all different kinds of threats like PUPs, Ransomware, Exploits, etc.

Real Time protection: Real time protection is of utmost importance for protection from attacks like Ransomware. Ransomware attacks are unstoppable once they get a hold of your data. Real-Time protection ensures timely detection and elimination of such threats.

Safe Web Browsing: Systweak Antivirus ensures safe web browsing by blocking unwanted permissions and identifying potentially malicious websites. It helps in prevention of phishing scams, etc.

With all the given features and more, Systweak Antivirus is one of the advanced antivirus software available in the market and can be reliably used as a full-fledged Anti-Ransomware software.

Hope we were able to answer your question ‘Whether Antivirus Software offers protection from Ransomware attacks or works as an effective anti-ransomware program’. Keep visiting our blog for more such tech related content.

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