T9 Antivirus Review : The Best Real-Time Protection Tool for Windows

T9 Antivirus Review : The Best Real-Time Protection Tool for Windows

Keeping PC and data secure from cyberattacks, viruses, malware, adware, and other nasty threats have become necessary. In this regard, Tweaking Technologies has introduced T9 Antivirus for Windows PC, a brand-new protection tool. The best antivirus for PC enables users to protect their computers from widespread vulnerabilities and dangerous attacks in real-time.

The antivirus provides numerous scanning modes to protect you from being a victim of data breaches, ID theft, and other frequent security violations. This antivirus for Windows 10 helps discover possible threats that harm the computer and keep it protected by quarantining them.

List of Contents

  • Detailed Features of T9 Antivirus
  • T9 Pricing
  • Pros/Cons of T9 Antivirus
  • How to Use T9 Antivirus
  • Top 5 Alternatives of T9 Antivirus
  • Verdict
  • FAQs- T9 Antivirus

Some of The Most Notable Features Provided by T9 Antivirus:

  • Scans your computer for the latest and old threats in real-time to protect against zero-day attacks, PUP, Trojans, and other malware.
  • Firewall and web protection
  • Exploit Protection to guard against unknown files.
  • Startup Manager to boost boot time.

Detailed Features of T9 Antivirus

features of T9 Antivirus

  • Malware Protection

Add a layer of defense to your computer to protect it from the most recent and prevalent hostile and harmful attacks.

  • Real-Time Protection

Detect and neutralize the newest risks that trespassers may employ to access your device and abuse personal data with real-time security.

  • Firewall Protection

Block dangerous applications or attackers from obtaining access to the network & information before they can cause any harm.

  • Exploit Protection

T9 Antivirus focuses on the frequently neglected approach for protecting systems from malware that infects devices through flaws. Its Exploit Protection helps stay away from phishing and harmful websites.

  • Web Protection

Guard inbound and outgoing traffic to create a safe environment and protect against phishing websites. This creates a secure firewall to protect data.

  • Startup Manager

Infected starting items and applications degrade system performance; use Startup Manager to find infected startup items and programs and uninstall them fast.

  • Stop All Ads

Stop All Ads

Nobody enjoys viewing unpleasant and obtrusive advertisements while surfing the web. Block these distracting advertisements with the Stop All Ads browser plugin.

T9 Pricing

T9 is available For Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 SP1+, and users get a free trial for it. If users like the product, then they can purchase T9, which is available in the below-mentioned categories:-

  • Individual US$ 39.95* for *1 Device/ 1-Year Subscription
  • Multi-Device US$ 49.95* for *5 Device/ 1-Year Subscription
  • Family US$ 59.95* for *Up to 10 Device/ 1-Year Subscription

However, If you do not like the product, T9 comes with a Money-Back Guarantee of 60 Days.

Compatible Platform: Windows Only
Customer Support: Email support

Pros/Cons of T9 Antivirus


  • 60 days money back
  • A Free Trial version is available
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Exploit Protection
  • Firewall, Malware, and Web Protection

  • Available only for Windows OS

How to Use T9 Antivirus

 Now that you know about T9 Antivirus, let us know how it works!

  • Download and Install T9 Antivirus
  • Click on Next to initiate the setup.

t9 antivirus

  • Accept the License Agreement and click Next.

t9 antivirus setup

  • Wait for the setup to install

install t9

  • Check both options and click on finish.

t9 install done

  • Wait for the updates to get installed.

different type of scan

  • This will install the free version of the product. If you have purchased the key, click on Upgrade Now.

quick scan

  • Enter the registration key and click on Activate Now.

thans to install t9

thanks for reg

You will now get the home screen of the product.

  • Next, to scan the PC for threats, click the lens icon and select from three different scan types – Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and Custom Scan.

deep scan

  • If you are scanning the PC after a while, or for the first time, or suspect it is infected for a thorough cleaning, we recommend selecting Deep Scan.

  • Once the scan is complete, you will get the complete list of the infections.
  • Review the results and quarantine the threats.
  • Restart the system, and that’s it; all the malicious threats destroying PC performance will now be cleared.

Top 5 Alternatives of T9 Antivirus

Product Features Price Download Link
Norton Antivirus Plus  ●  Advanced Protection with multi-layered levels protects your devices from growing malware threats.

● Create, save, and manage passwords, credit card information, and other security and fast online credentials.

$19.99 per year Click to Download
F-Secure TOTAL ● Your data will be treated per EU law.

● Viruses and ransomware are not a threat to online commerce and banking.

€39.99 per year Click to Download
Bitdefender Total Security ●  Bitdefender Total Security safeguards your online privacy and personal information.

● Any cyber threat may be detected, prevented, detected, and then remedied using the most modern technology available anywhere around the globe.


$39.98 per 5 devices per year


Click to Download
Avast Ultimate ● All of your devices, including tablets, phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets, are protected by Avast Premium Security.

●  The bank-grade encryption used by our VPN keeps your internet activities confidential.

$69 .99 per device per year


Click to Download
Heimdal Endpoint Detection and Response ● Our cutting-edge solution enables you to rapidly and efficiently respond to sophisticated threats with astonishing precision while safeguarding your digital assets and reputation.

● Endpoint Detection and Response from Heimdal gives you access to all the cybersecurity layers your company needs to protect itself from known and unknown online and insider threats.

$16.00/year Click to Download


Your search is over if you are looking for an antivirus that offers real-time protection, web protection, firewall protection, malware protection, and keeps the database up-to-date. T9 Antivirus offers different protection options and allows you to manage startup items and block ads. You can disable unwanted applications and boost PC performance using the Startup Manager. Also, the ab blocker extension helps stay protected against malicious ads and interference while browsing the web. I recommend this tool for all Windows users.

FAQs- T9 Antivirus


What is the most trusted antivirus software?

There are various antiviruses available on the market, both free and paid. Based on research and uses, we recommend using T9 Antivirus because it gives you all-around performance.



Is paying for antivirus software worth it?

Premium security technologies are far more suited to today's online danger landscape—especially if you're not an expert user. Premium antivirus programs are especially beneficial for families in this regard. Identity theft scams frequently target children and the elderly.


We hope you find the answer to all your questions about the best antivirus for Windows. The T9 Antivirus performs all it promises; please let us know how you like the product. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section. Also, for any product-related queries, contact the team at support@tweaking.in.

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