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How To Fix Android Recent Apps Button Not Working
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How To Fix Android Recent Apps Button Not Working

We use the recent apps button on our Android device frequently to switch between apps, kill the process of various apps, thereby preventing apps from being cached and so much more. But, what if you find that the recent apps button is not working on your Android device. This is an issue which is observed by many Android users especially those who have Android devices running Android 10 and 11.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the ways you can resolve the issue –

Things You Can Do If Android Recent Apps Button Is Not Working –

List of Contents

  • 1. Restart Your Phone
  • 2. Lock And Unlock Device
  • 3. Reboot Your Android Device In Safe Mode
  • 4. Try Switching To A Different Launcher
  • 5. Keep An Eye On The Update
  • 6. Factory Reset Device

1. Restart Your Phone

Restart Your Phone

The first thing that you can do if you encounter that your recent apps button is not working is to give your phone a quick restart. Restarting the phone is a troubleshooter for most issues and this might even work in this case as well. When you restart your phone, everything from your phone’s RAM is cleared out. Also, the fragments from your previously running apps are removed. To restart phone –

1. Press and hold the power button

2. Tap the Restart option

2. Lock And Unlock Device

Lock and unlock Device

Another basic step that you can perform on your Android device to resolve the “recent apps button not working” issue is to lock and unlock your device. Something as simple as unlocking your device can help you get your list of apps.

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3. Reboot Your Android Device In Safe Mode

Reboot Your Android Device In Safe Mode

You can even try rebooting your device in Safe Mode. Although it limits your functionality on your Android device, it blocks all third party apps and unecessery widgets, and helps you get down to the core of issues in a more effective and quick manner. Now, if you are able to access the recent apps button again, quite possibly a recently installed app is the culprit. So, you can again go back to the normal app and remove all the apps that you have installed recently.

Let’s quickly get down to how you can restart Android device in Safe Mode –

1. Long press power button

2. From the given options long hold the power off menu

3. Tap on the Safe Mode

Your device will now restart in Safe Mode.

4. Try Switching To A Different Launcher

Try Switching To A Different Launcher

An Android launcher is that part of your Android’s interface which let’s you launch apps, customize home screen, receive/ end phone calls and perform other tasks. All Android smartphones come with their own native launchers. However, if the recent app button is not working on your Android phone chances are that an update might have caused some issue with your default launcher. In that case, you can switch to alternative Android launchers which won’t just help you resolve the issue but offer you tons of other features such as hide apps, customize app drawer, change search engine, create custom shortcuts. Here are some of the best Android launchers to revamp yours Smartphone.

5. Keep An Eye On The Update

Some Android 11 phones have started to face the “Android recent apps button not working” issue after a quirky bug crept in. It is well within Google’s reach and soon an update fixing the bug could be rolled out.

In case you are running an older version, you can simply check if there is a pending update which you didn’t pay heed to. Here are the steps –

1. Open Settings (cog icon)

2. Tap on Software update

3. Tap on Download and install

4. Tap on Download

Note: The steps to update an Android device may differ from one phone model to another

6. Factory Reset Device

Factory Reset Device

Factory resetting the device is the last resort and should be opted for, if none of the above steps seemed to have resolved the issue. That’s because once you have factory resetted your phone, you will lose all your apps, photos, videos, audio files and everything that resides on your phone. So, it is advisable to take a complete backup of all your data before performing the factory reset.

1. Open Settings

2. Tap on General Management

3. Tap on Reset

4. Tap on Factory data reset

5. Tap on Reset

Note: The steps to Factory Reset an Android device may differ from one phone model to another


Recent apps button is such an important feature of Android and if it stops working for some reasons, things can become really tough. We hope that the above workarounds have been able to resolve the issue for you. If yes, do give us a thumbs up and share the blog as much as possible. For more such content keep reading Tweak Library.

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