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How Much RAM Does My Smartphone Really Need?
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How Much RAM Does My Smartphone Really Need?

Expectations are a part of human beings. And, when it comes to smartphones, expectations are huge. When deciding which smartphone to purchase (immaterial of iOS or Android) you would probably have tons of expectations. One of the features that you would keenly look for is a smartphone with an exceptional RAM. We are not saying that’s wrong but here’s what you might want to ask yourself. How much RAM does my smartphone really need? In simple terms, your smartphone’s RAM should go hand in hand with the kind of tasks you perform.

We’ll try to find out whether more RAM is better for your Android or iOS device or not?

A decent device would surely pack a 4GB RAM under the hood, but with tasks ever so increasing, is this the power you are looking at? Or, is it just the greed for RAM which is speaking for us. Read on till the end to find out!

Greed For Ram
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At this point of time, we are talking of phone RAM that is exceeding the ones that lie in our desktops or laptops. What is this fuss all about?

What Does RAM Do?

First thing first, let’s get to the basics and understand so as to what does RAM do in smartphones?

Let’s take a very relatable example – you can think of RAM as your desk which has all the essential things which you need at arm’s length. Whereas your device’s internal memory is your drawer where you keep rest of things or stock. The drawer comparatively contains more items and is comparatively harder to access.

Now, about the technical aspects – when you operate your phone and open an app for the first time, the device pulls data from your internal memory which is slower. Once you are done using the app, the RAM stores your activity information even if you head on to another app. Once you resume to this app, the RAM pulls your past activity information and you start off with where you left.

If a phone’s RAM management is good, you will be able to shuffle well between apps.

How Much RAM Do I Need?

Is 3GB RAM Enough For A Smartphone? Okay! Let’s talk about Android and iOS devices separately –

Android Devices-

Android RAM

Let’s start with Android devices? They are great, feature packed, well performing devices, Right? Let’s see how they fare when it comes to RAM –

First, we’ll try to answer what every user asks – is 3 GB of Android RAM sufficient for a phone. Why just 3GB, we’ll in fact try and delve into the significance of having a smartphone with 6 GB, 8GB or even 12 GB of Android RAM.

To begin with is 3GB RAM enough? No! That’s because a smartphone with 2GB or even 3GB RAM will have issues keeping large apps like Amazon, Instagram or Facebook in the background. It’ll probably take forever for such apps to load.

Just like we said in the beginning, a 4GB RAM under the hood is a decent grab. It will let you sail across tasks such as browsing the social media platforms. It will not pose much difficulty in letting you snap and edit images and even will let you play casual games without any hiccup. But, the moment you’ll try and multitask, browse between websites and apps or play heavy duty games such as PUBG or Need for Speed, you might run into issues. Such games will take a lot of time to preload with a device that comes with a 4GB RAM.

Which is where you might need to have a device with 6 GB RAM or above.

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iOS Devices

ios Device

They are a little pricey, you sometimes have to pay for the apps but keeping all that aside, how do these devices fare when it comes to RAM? In a recent test an iPhone XR with a 3GB was pitted against a Galaxy Note 9, which had 8 GBs of RAM. And, the results were startling –


This was the task – both the phones had to load 16 different apps while performing basic tasks and then reopen these apps again. The first stage was meant to test the speed of the processor while the second stage was meant to test which device was able to retain maximum apps in the memory and reload them. The competition was fierce and close but..

iPhone XR did a better job. Even if it killed a background app it could pick it back from the memory and reload it. And, here we are also talking about its 3 GB memory, which cannot be considered paltry now. iPhones are all about using the RAM efficiently especially when it comes to getting tasks done with speed and reloading apps.

Playing The Devil’s Advocate

If you are a fan of big RAM, we second you. But, when thinking of spending oodles on a device with a big RAM, consider your usage. Consider thinking – do you actually need such a lot of RAM.

Are you an Android fan or an iPhone buff? What is it that makes you love what you love? The comments section is awaiting your responses. Till then, get your dose of tech from Tweak Library and follow us around on all social media platforms.

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