How to Use Split Screen Mode on Android Phone

Learn how you can use multiple apps on your smartphone using split screen option .

How to Use Split Screen Mode on Android Phone

We all need to multitask these days. With the kind of work load in your personal and professional lives, one needs to multitask. Multitasking involves a lot of concentration and stability while doing your thing. But, hey does that mean that your smartphone should also multitask in order to accomplish tasks easily.

Well, actually Android smartphones do multitask and you can easily achieve this by using a split screen on Android. Trying to login to mobile banking and are waiting for the OTP, a split screen on Android will help.

The article lists steps to enable a multi-window on Android for smart phones having version 7.0 and more and stock Android mobile phones.

In this article we have covered how to enable split screen on Android on Stock Android phones and Android phones.

Why Is There A Need Of Using A Split Screen On Android:

When you need to multitask, you might want to make your Smartphone do the same. However, not all apps on your Android phone may support split screen on Android.

If any of the apps installed on your phone is not compatible with split screen it will present you with a message that the “App does not support split screen more”. In case the second app also does not support it, you will receive the similar message.

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How to Split the Screen on Android

1. How To Enable Split Screen On Stock Android Smartphones Like Google Pixel:

Smartphones with version 7.0 or earlier required multiple steps to enable a multi-screen window as compared to the new smartphones which involve less steps to achieve the same. Let’s see how we can do the same:

  • From the Home Screen of your Google Pixel phone, tap on the Recent app button next to the Home screen button.
  • The Recent App button shows the apps that you have navigated recently.

split screen on android

  • Let’s suppose you want to select Settings app in the Split screen.
  • As soon as you reach the Settings App by navigating through the recent app button, you will see a Gear shaped icon called as Settings present in the middle of the Settings app.

  • Click on the gear icon and wait for the drop-down menu to appear.
  • From the Drop down menu, look for the option called Split screen and tap on it.
  • As soon as you click on the option, the Settings app will appear in the top half of the Android phone screen.
  • Perform the same procedure with the second app you want in the split screen and you are done.

search setting on screen

  • Once you have both the apps displayed on a split screen on Android, you can simply navigate through both of them and multitask.
:Additional Tips:

How To Exit Split Screen Mode In Stock Android Phones:

Now that you have a multi-split screen on your Stock Android smartphone, you might want to navigate out of it once you have finished multitasking.

For this simply click on the black line present between the two apps and swipe it off in order to remove the split screen in Android.

2. How To Enable Split Screen On Samsung Phones With Version 7.0 Or Higher?

If you want to achieve a split screen on Samsung phones, the process is quite similar to the Stock Android phones. Let’s see how we can do the same on Samsung phones:

  • Navigate to the recently accessed apps by pressing the recent button located towards the left of the Home button.
  • Locate the first app from the recently used apps you want in the Split screen and then click on the app icon located on the top-middle part of the screen.
  • This will show a menu from where you need to select Open in split screen view option.
  • Once you do this, the app will be present in the split screen.
  • Now simply choose the second app which is compatible with split screen in Android functionality and simply multi-task.

Note: If the second app you want in the split screen is not compatible with the split screen functionality it will be opened in the full screen mode.

:Additional Tips:

How To Quit Android Split Screen Mode On Samsung Phones:

When you want to come out of the multi-screen on Android click on the black line present between the two apps and swipe it off in order to remove the split screen in Android. This exits you from the split screen you can thereafter use the smartphone in a single screen mode.


Using split screen on Android is an effective way to multitask and increase productivity. Not only does it make the work easy but saves you a lot of time. We hope that the article was helpful and we welcome any feedback in the comments section below.

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