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10 Best Duplicate Photo Finder & Remover Software in 2021
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10 Best Duplicate Photo Finder & Remover Software in 2021

With so many different methods of backup, file sharing and storage sooner or later, your computer is loaded with duplicate files that take a lot of storage space, until one day you see maddening “disk almost full” warning message. This is when duplicate image finder software comes to play.

These duplicate photo cleaner tools help find duplicate and similar files quickly. This means without spending hours, in sorting duplicate photos you can get rid of them and free up valuable storage space occupied by duplicate photos. We have compiled a list of the best duplicate photo finder and cleaner software to keep your Windows and Mac organized. In addition to this you can also check out our comprehensive list of best tools to find and remove duplicate files.

Our Top 3 Recommended Best Duplicate Photo Finder Tool


Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

  • Auto-Mark Feature
  • DPF is multilingual
  • Preview Scan Results
Easy duplicate finder

Easy Duplicate Finder

  • Fast, accurate and fun to use
  • Undo Button
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

  • Flexible parameters
  • Ignore List
  • Preview Options

Let’s go through the duplicate photo finder tools one by one to understand them better:

Here is the list of the Best Duplicate Photo Finder & Cleaner Software 2021

Tip: Before you use any of the tools take a backup of all your data.

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

A powerful, easy to use duplicate image finder and cleaner software that helps delete duplicate photos from Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. This nifty tool comprises of advanced scan engine to detect duplicate and identical files instantly. Moreover, this duplicate photo remover is easy-to-use, both novice and expert users can use it. To use it install and download Duplicate Photos Fixer. Once installed run Duplicate Photos Fixer > Drag-and-Drop images/folder or Add Files or Folder > click Scan for Duplicates. That’s it!

Click Here To Download Duplicate Photo Fixer and Pro Tool

Now relax and let Duplicate Photos Fixer do its job. Need any help or assistance Duplicate Photos Fixer offers technical support and tutorial videos.


  • Two comparison methods: Exact Match and Similar Match to scan and remove duplicate images.
  • Auto-Mark feature that helps remove duplicate pictures in a go.
  • Duplicate image finder is multilingual
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • Preview scan results

Now that you know what this duplicate photo finder and remover tool can do, let’s download and run it to find and remove duplicate photos from Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

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2. Easy Duplicate Finder:

Get it here

Second, on our list of best duplicate photo cleaner for Windows and Mac is Easy Duplicate Finder. This tool makes deleting duplicate images fast and easy. Simply drag and drop folders and start the scan to search for similar and duplicate photos.


  • Easy Duplicate Finder is fast, accurate and fun to use.
  • Uses the most advanced file comparison technology to find duplicate photos.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Undo button.
  • Protects system files from accidental deletion.

3. Duplicate Photo Cleaner:

Get it here

Duplicate Photo Cleaner supports all popular image formats and helps organize your photo albums. This duplicate image finder has strong abilities to detect even those images that are the edited. Moreover, it finds and removes duplicate images in a few simple steps. Duplicate Photo Cleaner is known for its accurate comparison method to detect similar looking as well as identical images.


  • Flexible parameters
  • Ignore list
  • Preview option

All this make Duplicate Photos Cleaner one of the best duplicate picture finder and removal tool. 

4. CCleaner


Get it here

Although being in bad light CCleaner has kept its credibility and is still considered as one of the best system optimization tools. Its duplicate finder module searches for files and photos that are duplicate. Using its awesome duplicate finder tool you can easily identify duplicate images that are occupying unnecessary space and cluttering your system. You can trust this tool to clean duplicate photos is safe but if you have any doubts you can verify the file path and the content before deleting scanned and selected duplicate photos.


  • Different options to match duplicates by name, size, modified date, content
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Ignore list
  • Include, exclude list to find duplicate photos

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5. Anti-Twin:

Get it here

Anti-Twin is an outstanding application to find and delete duplicate images. It can find similar and duplicate images with ease. Anti-Twin searches for duplicate and similar files, you can either delete or send them to the recycle bin. To compare the entire binary content of the file, select “Compare file content.” Apart from this, Anti-Twin does a byte-by-byte comparison of user-defined files, to search similar images it does a pixel-based comparison.


  • Finds similar and duplicate images
  • Byte-by-byte comparison method
  • Delete duplicate images permanently or move them to recycle bin
  • Easy to use
  • Best Free duplicate photo finder windows 10 tool

This makes Anti-Twin the best duplicate photo finder and cleaner tool for Mac and Windows 10. 

6. dupeGuru:

Fifth on our list of best duplicate photo cleaner for Windows and Mac is dupeGuru. An awesome duplicate photo finder tool that is compatible with Linux too. This similar photo finder can scan either file contents or file names. dupeGuru is one of the best duplicate photo finders as it has special picture mode to scan images quickly, allowing to find only similar images, not the exact match.


  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Scans either files content or file name
  • Picture mode to scan images
  • Intuitive user interface

In addition to these here are some other duplicate file finder tools that are worth mentioning. 

7. VisiPics


Get it here

VisPics is a tiny, free deduplication software that helps search and delete duplicate photos on Windows. Using its three different filters: Strict, Basic, and Loose you can remove duplicate photos for free. Additionally, you can exclude folders from scanning and can delete duplicates when the program is running a scan. All this makes it one of the best duplicate photo finder freeware.


  • Three different filters to search for duplicate images
  • Free duplicate photo finder tool
  • Support various image file formats
  • Deselect option and ignore list

8. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Get it here

Another powerful tool that helps find and remove duplicate photos from your Windows 10. As the name implies Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder easily cleans up duplicate and similar photos to organize your photo gallery. This best free duplicate photo finder windows 10 compares resized images or even color corrected photos. It supports all major image file formats. To use this free software to delete duplicate images you just need to drag the folders that you wish to scan and click Start button.


  • Simple to use software to find and remove duplicate photos from PC
  • Drag n Drop folders or photos for scanning
  • Scans sub directories
  • Free deduplicate software

9. Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner

Get it here

An all in one solution to delete duplicate photos, files, and music collection. Using Duplicate Cleaner you can remove duplicate files, delete duplicate music files and sort out your files. This tool has enough features to satisfy even the most demanding user. Duplicate Cleaner can easily find edited, rotated, or resized images.


  • Finds Duplicate Files by content
  • Fast Scanning
  • Accurate duplicate comparison
  • Identifies Similar images that are resized, rotated
  • Flexible search parameters

10. Duplicate Photo Finder

Duplicate photos are a nightmare. They take up unnecessary space and clutter photos albums. Worst part they are hard to find because they are scattered all over. That’s why a duplicate photo finder tool is required. With Duplicate Photo Finder you can find duplicate photos in Windows 10. This deduplication software helps remove duplicate photos from your computer. You can use this tool to scan on both Mac and Windows to look for duplicate and similar images.


  • Quickly and easily finds duplicate photos
  • Supports all popular image formats
  • Preview feature.
  • Different duplicate photo management options

So, here’s our pick on the best duplicate photo removal tool for Windows and Mac. Each tool has its own benefits and shortcomings. Selection of the tool completely depends on the user. But one thing is sure, these remove duplicate picture tools will help organize and manage photos on Windows 10 and Mac easily. These ideal delete duplicate images tools will removes duplicate images in a jiffy. Keeping in mind all the benefits of a duplicate photo finder and cleaner tool we would recommend Duplicate Photos Fixer as it is compatible not only with Windows 10 and Mac. But is also available for iOS and Android. This duplicate photo finder and remover software allows setting parameters to get desired results.

Why We Need Best Duplicate Image Removal Tools?

Running out of storage space on your Mac and Windows 10 machine? Sifting through files seems overwhelming as they are too many? The solution is to use a duplicate image removal tool. It helps find redundant duplicate files taking up storage space. Once duplicate photos are removed you’ll be able to recover storage space, organize photos and have control over the files. This means you’ll be able to decide which copy to keep. 

FAQ: Duplicate Photo Finder and Remover

What Causes Duplicate Files?

The most obvious answer is, due to our unwillingness to organize files we keep on saving multiple copies of the same file repeatedly. Owing to which one-day computer hard drive runs out of space. Another common reason for duplicate photos is clicking pictures in quick successions to get one perfect shot. When we do this, other images get ignored, and this leads to duplicate and similar images being piled.

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos?

Unless you are very careful in the way you use your PC, chances are you have duplicate and similar photos on your system. The easy solution to find and remove duplicate photos is to use an awesome duplicate photo finder tool.

What is the Best Duplicate Photo Finder?

Finding and removing duplicate photos is really frustrating and time-consuming. To make this job easier we recommend using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. A fantastic tool that automatically searches for duplicate and similar photos. Not only this it offers two scan modes to make searching and removing duplicate photos easy on Windows 10. This awesome duplicate photo finder tool lets you Auto-Mark duplicate images to save valuable time. This means all the images leaving one copy in the group unchecked will be selected. In addition to this, you can even use Selection Assistant.

Is It Safe to use Duplicate Photo Finder Tools?

Photos are a copy of our beautiful memories, hence we store them safely. But when it comes to searching and deleting duplicate images we all get paranoid. Therefore, using a safe and tested duplicate photo cleaner is recommended. A tool that helps managing photos, offers an abundance of features is always safe to use. These tools listed above are thoroughly tested. If you like us to suggest tool then Duplicate Photos Fixer is our pick.

We would like to know your pick and why you chose it. Please leave your feedback in the comments section.

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