How to Find and Remove Duplicate Photos from iPhone?

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Photos from iPhone?

It’s common to have hundreds of photographs in your photo library, irrespective of how frequently you take pictures. There’s a strong probability that you will discover an unpleasant number of duplicate photos on your iPhone. You can certainly spend the time to go through and remove every duplicate from your collection personally. But who has that much spare time or patience? So, in this article, let us talk about how to find duplicate photos on iPhone.

Why does your iPhone Have Duplicate Photos?

The duplicate photographs on your iPhone are mostly your fault. Instead of taking just one image of a topic we admire and hoping it comes out well, we take several shots. This is especially important for people who regularly like snapping selfies.

Methods To Remove Duplicate Photos On iPhone –

Two approaches can be used to get rid of duplicate images on an iPhone: one is in-built, and the other is a third-party application. The quickest way to locate duplicate images on an iPhone is by duplicate photos finder for iOS. If you are not concerned about using third-party apps, they are the best course of action.

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Method 1- Delete Duplicate Photos Using Photos

A few identical photographs unnecessarily clogging space on your photo library are more than likely present if you use your iPhone to capture and store pictures. Thankfully, with iOS 16, Apple has made it much simpler to erase duplicates eating up unnecessary space on your iPhone.

Photos app on iPhone has a folder named Duplicates under the Utilities section. This folder shows the duplicate images on your iPhone and helps you remove or merge the duplicates to get a clutter-free photo collection.

To remove duplicates and clear up memory space on your iPhone, follow the below steps-

Step 1– Launch the Photos app on an iPhone running iOS 16.

Remove Duplicate

Step 2– Select the Albums button from the bottom right corner.

Delete Duplicate

Step 3– Swipe down from the primary Albums panel. Tap Duplicates in the Utilities tab.

Similar photos

Step 4– To remove duplicate iPhone photographs, check Duplicate results and hit Merge.

find duplicate

This action will merge the highest-quality pictures in the Album and move other copies to the Recently Deleted album.

Additionally, you can choose All using the top-right corner Select option, or you can select many duplicates to combine them at once.

Method 2- Remove duplicate Photos on iPhone using Duplicate Photos Fixer

Another efficient way for removing duplicate iPhone images is to use a duplicate photo finder. Duplicate Photos Fixer is the best application to find and eliminate duplicate or similar photographs from your iPhone. You can easily set up the matching level to look for similar images and find and select the pictures from the scan result. Later you can automatically choose all copies from the grouped data result and delete duplicates immediately.

Let’s look at the steps to learn how to use Duplicate Photos Fixer to remove duplicate photographs from your iPhone.

Step 1 – Download and install Duplicate Photos Fixer from the App Store link given below –

Step 2 – On the homepage, you can see the Matching Level – Normal, Aggressive & Custom. Select the one you find suitable for your needs and click on Search Duplicate Photos.

Clean duplicates

Step 3 – The scan displays a list of duplicates when finished, grouped by the category of copies.

clear duplicate photo

Step 4 – You can now remove duplicate images on your iPhone with a single swipe, but not before taking a secure backup of all your pictures.

As you can see, a ton of space is available by deleting duplicate images from your iPhone. So, if you’re running out of storage on your iPhone, use Duplicate Photos Fixer to free up memory in minutes.

To Conclude

So, if you have been frustrated with the duplicate images on your iPhone, now you know how to get rid of them. To keep your iPhone tidy and organized, duplicate photos should be removed manually or using an application. As discussed above, Duplicate Photos Fixer is your solution to time-saving and keeping your iPhone free of duplicate images. Get it now and organize your photo collection quickly –

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