How To Clean Up Duplicate Selfies or Blurry Snaps on Your iPhone?

How To Clean Up Duplicate Selfies or Blurry Snaps on Your iPhone?

Now that the selfie craze has gone out of control, everyone is a potential “Selfie” photographer. Everything from the bathroom mirror to your local park can be a great backdrop for your selfies. It’s only natural that people want to take multiple images of themselves and their friends to get just the right shot.

Do you know that the term “Selfie” is a slang term first used in Australia? It originated in Australia somewhere in 2002 and was later declared the word of the year 2013 by the Oxford English Dictionary, whatever it is, it seems like it’s here to stay.

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Selfies have become a common phenomenon now in the age of social media. A self-portrait photograph is typically taken with a smartphone and uploaded to a social media website. As the term suggests, a selfie is a self-portrait photograph, in other words, a photograph of oneself that is taken by oneself.

It’s only natural that people want to take multiple pictures of themselves and their friends to get just the right shot. The issue with this is that you might also end up with duplicate selfies and snaps. Worse, you might end up with blurry photos that you don’t want on your iPhone anymore.

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How to Clean Up Duplicate Selfies in iPhone?

It is very common for smartphone users to take a lot of selfies. However, sometimes these can result in the accumulation of multiple of the same photos on your device. And, at the end of the day, you’re left with a lot of duplicate selfies that you probably don’t need anymore.

You can delete these on your device, but if you have hundreds or even thousands of pictures lying around, then it may take some time before you find the snaps. Before you delete them all, why not try to clean up duplicate selfies?

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You may save yourself hours and cut through the clutter by utilizing a Similar Selfie Fixer app by Systweak Software to delete duplicate selfies & blurry snaps from your iPhone.  If you want to know how to clean up duplicate selfies on your iPhone, read this blog till the end to get your answers.

Similar Selfie Fixer – At A Glance

What is Similar Selfie Fixer

Similar Selfie Fixer, as the name suggests, is an easy-to-use iOS application that searches for similar selfies and frees up space on iPhone by deleting them. You can effortlessly scan your entire smartphone with this Similar Selfie Fixer application, identify exact and similar-looking selfies, and erase them to clean up your iPhone’s storage.

Similar selfie fixer features a comprehensive scanning engine that finds duplicates independent of any adjustments made to the photo collection, due to the clever algorithms built by Systweak Software.

Standout Features

  • In only a few clicks, you’ll have a duplicate-free photo collection.
  • Normal, Aggressive, and Custom scanning modes are available.
  • A Dashboard that is Simple and Modern.
  • It only takes a moment for Similar Selfie Fixer to show out the true duplicates and similar selfies hiding in your photo stream.
  • Examine the list of duplicate selfies that have been found for quick evaluation in ‘Preview Option’.

Technical Specifications:-

Version: 1.1
Size: 4.6MB
Requires: iOS 8.0 or later.
Price: Free

Similar Selfie Fixer

Here’s a brief tutorial on how to clean up duplicate selfies using Similar Selfie Fixer –

Similar Selfie Fixer - At A Glance

Now follow these below-mentioned steps to clean up duplicate selfies on iPhone:

ios app

  • Allow it to access your photos with ease by giving it the required permissions.

allow access

  • Now Select the scanning mode from Normal, aggressive, or Customer mode.
  • Choose recommended mode i.e. ‘Normal’ mode and tap on it.

normal search

  • It will take a few seconds to show you the duplicates of your selfies.
  • Check the list of duplicate selfies in the “Preview Option.”
  • Tap on the “Auto Mark” option to select the duplicate snaps from each group.

auto mark

  • Now press the “Trash” icon to clean up duplicate selfies.

allow auto mark

To Wrap it Up

Similar Selfie Fixer is, without a doubt, one of the best duplicate selfie photo cleaners available for your iPhone. With the help of this app, you can delete any duplicates or similar selfies detected on your phone except one copy.

Give it a try! And let us know your experiences in the comments below. And if you like the app, then share it with your friends and family to help them get their galleries cleaned in no time.

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