10 Best iPhone And iPad Cleaner Apps In 2024

10 Best iPhone And iPad Cleaner Apps In 2024

For complete optimization of iPhone and iPad, it is necessary to delete, temporary files, redundant files, cookies, junk files and caches. To keep your devices in great shape and to avoid sluggish performance, memory hogs and slow working of devices they need to be optimized on a regular basis.

Manually optimizing your iPad and iPhone can be a time consuming and tedious task, therefore, you can use the best iPad and iPhone cleaner apps for optimizing you iOS devices from the AppStore. These best apps for iPhone and iPad will not only optimize your iPhone and iPad but also give you all the details about your devices.

In this article, we have listed 10 best iPad and iPhone cleaner apps which will help you to optimize the iPhone and iPad.

Find The Best iPad and iPhone Cleaner Apps 2024:

1. Cisdem iPhone Cleaner

Cisdem iPhone Cleaner app is one of the best iPhone cleaner app in the market. We all face a situation where we get a message that we do not have sufficient storage while performing some task. So, we need to delete some apps, pictures and some files to increase storage space. In this case, we use Cisdem iPhone Cleaner which will help you to fully optimize iPhone and iPad in a single click.

Cisdem iPhone Cleaner App

Features of Cisdem iPhone Cleaner:

  • This app is very easy to use and has a very user-friendly user interface which makes it super simple.
  • It is very secure and will not harm your data.
  • Take an easy backup of your devices.
  • Show extensive details of your device.

Note:  This app is for Mac therefore after installing this app on your Mac you have to connect your device to your Mac.

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2. iMyFone Umate For Mac

iMyFone Umate for Mac is one of the best iPad and iPad cleaner apps you can find on the market. It is a very effective app that will clear space on your iPhone and iPad in a single click. This program will help you to identify and delete cookies, redundant files, and caches which will improves the overall performance of your devices.

iMyFone Umate For Mac will also let you delete junk files, temporary files, and remove applications. This program will also help you to delete personal data, erase deleted data, and fully erase your data.

iMyFone Umate For Mac

Features of iMyFone Umate:

  • Deletion of junk files, temporary files, cookie and cache in a single click.
  • It will securely delete data which makes it more difficult to recover data.
  • Securely wipe out your contacts, messages, videos, photos and make them unrecoverable.

Please Note: This app is for Mac, so you need to connect your iOS device to your Mac.

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3. AnyTrans:

AnyTrans is one of the best iOS cleaner apps which is loaded with many features. It will help you to Manage iOS Data & Files, Freely Transfer Music Across All Devices Manage iPhone Photos, Transfer & Back-Up WhatsApp Data, Migrate Between Devices, Switch from Android to iOS Smoothly, Make & Restore Backups and many more.

AnyTrans - iPhone Cleaner Apps

This application will help you to manage iOS devices very easily.

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4. CleanUp App

CleanUp App is an efficient phone cleaner app available for iOS devices that allows users to clear out junk files, free up storage space, and speed up their device with just a few taps, making it a great addition to any iPhone or iPad.
Cleanup App
Features of CleanUp App:
  • scan and remove junk files such as temporary files, app caches, and other unnecessary data to free up valuable storage space.
  • optimize device’s memory usage by clearing out unnecessary background apps and processes, resulting in faster performance.
  • CleanUp App includes a battery saver feature that helps to prolong device’s battery life by identifying and closing energy-draining apps and processes.
  • detect and remove large files, such as videos and images.
  • the app allows you to manage your installed apps by showing detailed information about them, such as app size, and giving you the option to uninstall unnecessary apps.

Overall, CleanUp App provides a comprehensive set of features to help optimize your iOS device’s performance and storage space.

5. Clean Doctor – Clean Storage+

Clean Doctor – Clean Storage+ is all in one cleaner for iPhone and iPad. It is amongst the best cleaners for iPhone and iPad on the App Store which will allow you to optimize your iPhone and iPad easily.

Clean Doctor - Clean Storage+

Features of Clean Doctor – Clean Storage+:

  • Scan and delete duplicate photos from your iPhone and iPad, and it works with almost all types of photos.
  • It also removes duplicate and large size videos.
  • This application also removes duplicate contact contents, which includes name, phone number, email, etc.
  • It is easy to use and will provide device information, so you can manage it.
  • The app also helps you to remove expired Calendar events.

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6. CleanMyPhone:

CleanMyPhone is a simple and effective cleaner app for iPhone iPad and iPod. This app is available on Windows and Mac, so you have to connect your device to your computers. This app comes with loads of features like Device Manager, App Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, System Cleaner, One-Click-Copy, and provides detailed information about your device.


Features of CleanMyPhone :

  • Large files finder which will quickly find and delete large files.
  • File manager to manage and organize files iOS devices.
  • It also provides a One-Click-Copy function which will back up your information on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • Gives detailed reports about the iPhone space and provides an idea about how much space can be cleaned.

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7. Cleaner – Magic Clean Storage

Cleaner – Magic Clean Storage is all in one cleaner for your iPhone and iPad which will provide you the easiest way to clean your device from caches, junk files, and unwanted files. This cleaner app is compatible with the iPad and iPhone.

Cleaner - Magic Clean Storage

Features of Magic Clean Storage:

  • Recognize similar photos and screenshots, easy to delete duplicate photos.
  • Search and remove large videos, similar Live Photos, similar Burst Photos.
  • Organize photos by places and remove all photos taken in one location
  • Clean contacts with no number or other details.
  • Take a backup of contacts and restore them.
  • Duplicate contacts remover

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8. Cleaner for Media Files

Cleaner for Media Files is one of the best iOS Cleaner Apps you can find on the App Store. It will clean your device from similar pictures easily. This app cleaner will also help you to identify and delete the largest photos and videos, so you can delete them and recover space easily.

Cleaner for Media Files

Features of Cleaner for Media Files:

  • Find and remove the largest duplicate pictures and videos.
  • This app will also detect similar pictures.
  • It is easy to use the application, which lets you mark important pictures as favorites, and can also hide a group of similar pictures.

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9. Smart Cleaner – Clean Storage:

Smart Cleaner – Clean Storage is one of the best free iPhone cleaner app 2024 on the App Store. This application is easy to use and will clean your iPhone in no time. This iPhone cleaner app comes with loads of features.

Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage

Features of Smart Cleaner – Clean Storage:

  • Remove all unwanted files at a single click.
  • Remove screenshots.
  • Delete similar Photos, live photos, burst photos.
  • Delete large video files.
  • Hide your personal photos, videos, and contacts in the Secret Space.
  • Perform different operations on contacts.

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10. iFreeUp iPhone Cleaner by IObit

Manually optimizing your iPhone can be a time-consuming task, therefore, to make this task fast and easy we use iFreeUp best iPhone Cleaner app by IObit. This application can detect and delete junk files generated by iOS and other third-party applications, system logs, photo cache, app logs and crash logs. It can also defrag your iOS devices to accelerate data access speed.

Features of iFreeUp iPhone Cleaner by IObit:

  • This application helps you to Clean cookies, caches and useless documents generated by applications to free up space.
  • Clean documents to increase the speed of the iPhone or iPad.


Cleaning up your devices can be a time-consuming task and after a certain time of usage of devices, they become sluggish and do not respond correctly. Therefore, to cope with these situations you can use any one of these best iPad and iPhone cleaner apps 2024.

If you use any other application or have any other cleaner app in mind you can tell us by commenting below.

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