Best Apps To Remove Duplicate Contacts On Android And iOS

Best Apps To Remove Duplicate Contacts On Android And iOS

Duplicate contacts don’t just take up space on your smartphone but create a lot of confusion as well. And if you are a smartphone user one thing is for sure you’ll have duplicate contacts. The reasons for which could be:

  • Some of your contacts might have changed their phone numbers and mistakenly you saved different numbers with the same name. Now you are confused about which number to choose to call
  • You’ve recently changed your smartphone and have a few contacts in your phone and SIM memory
  • You’ve imported contacts from Google which are also there on your phone

In such a scenario, what you need is a duplicate contact remover, as it is the easiest way to handle duplicate contact problems.

Here we will list the best apps to fix duplicate contacts problem you Android and iOS to get an optimized contact list.

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Remove Duplicate Contacts On Android And iOS

List of Contents

  • 1. Duplicate Contacts Fixer and Remover
  • 2. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts
  • 3. Duplicate Contacts Remover
  • 4. Contacts+ | Address Book

1. Duplicate Contacts Fixer and Remover

Duplicate Contacts Fixer and Remover

This app certainly deserves to be at number 1 spot as it not only helps fix duplicate contacts on iPhone and duplicate contacts on Android. The app even helps filter duplicate contacts based on account type and details. Here are some features of this app –

  • Clean and easy to use interface. Remove duplicate contacts in a single click
  • Shows contacts synced across various accounts on your Android or iOS device
  • Light on the device’s resources
  • Takes a backup of your contact list, so that if something goes wrong you can restore your contacts
  • Furthermore, it doesn’t just remove duplicate contacts but even identical contacts

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2. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts

This next app is much more than a duplicate contacts remover. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts is not just about deleting duplicate contacts on iPhone but its a holistic contact management app that efficiently manages your address book on iPad and iPhone instantly and efficiently.

Even though the app runs automatically, it gives you full control which is quite evident from its features –

  • Much before you scan the duplicate contacts on iPhone, you can tweak the merge level based on whether you wish to conduct a full or partial matching. Once you are sure, you can then run a scan to find duplicate contacts
  • The powerful algorithm of this app lets you choose merge level and it even offers to show a preview of partial or full duplicate contacts.
  • The app merges partially matching contacts under one contact which helps in better contact management
  • Cleanup Duplicate Contacts works well with iCloud and Gmail and keeps all contacts centralized. In fact, the app has the capability to centralize approximately 5000 contacts in a timeframe of 45 seconds
  • You can even fetch a detailed scanned report of all duplicate contacts.

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3. Duplicate Contacts Remover

Duplicate Contacts Remover App

Using Duplicate Contacts Remover you can automatically scan and delete duplicate contacts on Android. The app sorts your contacts based on your social media account (like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, etc), this can be very helpful when you are migrating from one account to another or from one phone to another.

  • The backup of all your contacts can be saved and stored in .csv, .vcf or even .txt format. This can be helpful if in case you need a previous version of your contacts. Furthermore, you can even email these contacts.
  • Duplicate Contacts Remover has a merge feature that detects duplicates automatically and you can choose whether or not you wish to keep a copy of your duplicates.
  • You can choose to back up contacts from Phone memory, SIM card or any account on your phone.

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4. Contacts+ | Address Book

Contacts+ Address Book App

Contacts+ is a multi-platform app that deduplicates and syncs contacts across all your devices (iOS, PC, Android, and other devices) and all your accounts (Exchange, Gmail, Twitter, Office 365). It has both free and premium versions.

  • You can leave notes and create custom groupings
  • Contacts+ also acts as a duplicate contacts remover Based on the information – you can delete contacts on iPhone holistically and also merge several duplicate contacts into one single contact
  • The app even sorts business cards and updates them in your address book
  • The app gives you the facility to block intrusive spam numbers

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In The End

A duplicate contact remover is a must-have app that you should have, immaterial of whether you have an iOS or Android device. After all, when you have to dial a number, you would want to have contact right then. When you remove duplicate contacts on iPhone and Android, you can have all your contacts well sorted.

I hope you found the blog informative and interesting and if there is any other app that you think can fix duplicate contacts better, do mention that in the comments section below. Till then

Happy reading!

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