Duplicate Contacts Fixer (iOS): Remove Duplicate Contacts

Duplicate Contacts Fixer (iOS): Remove Duplicate Contacts

We all have those moments when we eagerly want to call someone, but our cluttered contact list gets in the way. The list makes it challenging to find that one specific contact we need, much alone all of them. Besides delaying important calls, it also adds to our frustration and duplicate contacts are what all add to the cause.The simplest way to declutter and organize your contact list is by ensuring you remove duplicate contacts on iPhone.

There are numerous apps on the App Store that help you do so and one useful app in that list is a Duplicate Contacts Fixer. Here we will review this iOS application which helps you delete duplicate contacts on iPhone quickly. Besides exploring its features and benefits, we will reveal to you the steps on how to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone using it.

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Duplicate Contacts Fixer (iOS): Fix & Merge Duplicate Contacts

Duplicate contacts

Price: Free (Requires In-app Purchase of $2.99 for premium features)

Vendor: Systweak Software

Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or later


File Size: 26.8 MB

Duplicate Contacts Fixer is an easy-to-use application that helps you find and delete duplicate contacts on iPhone. It is designed with a long list of features that will contribute to managing contacts on your device. end of it all, it gives you a neat and decluttered contact list.

This intelligent app features powerful scanning algorithms that can scan and remove duplicate contacts in a few steps. It also allows you to efficiently merge contacts with the same phone numbers. Besides all these, the app also backs up all your contacts in .vcf format before scanning and deleting the duplicates. Duplicate Contacts Fixer is light on the system resources and hence easily accessible.


Powerful scanning algorithms that quickly and automatically scan the duplicate contacts.

Allows taking backup of all the contacts beforehand.

Helps you restore the contacts as and when needed.

Allows you to search and merge the similar contacts.


All backup contacts are only saved in .vcf format.

Requires in-app purchases to delete all duplicate contacts.

Features of Duplicate Contacts Fixer (iOS)

The app is designed with several useful features that makes removing duplicate contacts on iOS devices an effortless process. The best of features are as follows:

1. Powerful Scanning Algorithms:

Duplicate Contacts Fixer features powerful scanning algorithms that scans for duplicate contacts. It does so without putting any strain on your device resources. The app can remove all duplicate contacts with a single tap.

2. Backup & Restore Contacts:

One of the most essential features of the Duplicate Contacts Fixer (iOS) is that it can backup all the contacts at the beginning of the process. This way you can ensure that you don’t end up deleting the important contacts. And even if you do, you can retrieve the deleted contacts with a backup file.

 3. Merge the Duplicate Contacts:

It is crucial to maintain your contact list, and sometimes, that means merging duplicate contacts to tidy the list. As they make it difficult to identify what you are looking for with incomplete information saved under duplicate names . Merging two contacts makes it simpler to locate a contact and also enhances the efficiency of your overall contact management.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhone Using Duplicate Contacts Fixer?

Duplicate Contacts Fixer follows a straightforward process to remove duplicate contacts on iPhone. The best part is that it allows you to create a backup of the contact list at the start of the process. Its powerful scanning algorithms finds and clears the duplicate contacts with a single tap. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Download Duplicate Contacts Fixer from the App Store or using the download button given below.

Download Duplicate Contacts Fixer

Launch the app and tap on the three-bar menu in the left top corner.

Search duplicate contacts

Step 2: In the menu option, you will find Backup/Restore. tap on it.

Backup and restore

Step 3: On the next screen, tap on Create Backup. You will find it at the bottom center of the screen.

Create backup

Step 4: The backup has now been stored in the device storage. Once you have created the backup, the app allows you to Share, Import and Delete it.

Delete duplicate contacts

Step 5: Go back to the home screen. Now find and tap on Find Duplicates.

Remove duplicate contacts

Step 2: Duplicate Contacts Fixer will automatically find all the duplicate contacts on your iPhone and show the results in groups.

Delete duplicate

Step 3: To remove duplicate contacts, tap on Delete duplicates. Here you can see a confirmation pop-up message, tap on Delete All to remove duplicate contacts.

Remove all duplicate contacts

Once you tap on it, the duplicate contacts are removed from your contacts list instantly.

Note: Duplicate Contacts Fixer allows you to remove a limited number of duplicate contacts for free. The app, however, demands an in-app purchase of $2.99 to delete all the duplicate contacts. You will need to make the purchase if you want to delete duplicate contacts on the iPhone. The plan is set to auto-renew; but, if you don’t want one, you may cancel it at any time from the Settings page.

Final Takeaways:

Finding a contact in a disorganized contact list is challenging and at times, it can put you in unexpected circumstances. This is what encourages a tidy, well-organized contact list that is free of duplicates. Here, Duplicate Contact Fixer comes in very handy and as we can see in the blog it can easily manage the contacts quickly. It is the best application to merge similar contacts or remove duplicates on iPhone.

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